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Novus ordo seclorum

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Commission for :iconshinafterlife:

An example of what comes out when I'm given artistic freedom. The only direction I've been given was "epic Luna and Celestia", and so I've made this painterly piece with a historical twist to it.

Open to interpretation. There is no "right" or "wrong" meaning.

And if you decode every hidden message, I tip my hat to you.


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Artisitc freedom is the best freedom! Mainlt cause my only suggestions are usually that, but heeeyyy, this is awesome!
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This is a really nice piece, I saw it on this video from CiderParty on YouTube >… I think the music fits the image perfectly.

Also nice touch with the LL atin Luna's banner "IAM REDIT ET VIRGO, REDEUNT SATURNIA REGNA, IAM NOVA PROGENIES CALO DEMITUR ALTO. ETERNA MALSATO" Translates to Justice returns, returns old Saturn, a new breed CALL demands Alto. ETERNAL HUNGER" Though, you missed out a letter so it should have been 'CAELO' making it "Now a new generation is deducted from RAISE"

Celestia's Banner reads "The final era has now atasa great cycle begins anew Sacli" (Yes I literally just spent ten minutes of my life translating Latin from a piece of pony art...)
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Blue277Hobbyist Digital Artist
im not sure about Tia´s  side but at Luna´s  side on the banner i guess there is something like "now girl, is the return of Saturn, new generation is injured by heat (probably Celestia´s sun?), forever lasting/ eternal darkness (?) :DD
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kimmygirl8Student Artisan Crafter
Is this Illuminati or Freemasonry?
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This is some epic art! (illuminati confirmed)!
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exfodesHobbyist General Artist
Whoa! Did you see that? In the middle of the artwork, between the pillars and above the morse code? That's right. It's a wing. Wing rhymes with Beijing. Beijing contains 7 letters. We all know that seven eight nine. Nine take seven is 2. There are two princesses in the artwork. Coincidence? I didn't think so.

There are four pillars in the artwork. Four plus two is six. The mane six contains six ponies. six take six is zero. Zero is shaped like the moon. There is only one moon in the night sky, and the illuminati contains one eye, and one is equal to one, so...

This artwork is illuminati confirmed.
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Ooh very very well done there my friend. So we have the obvious 'all seeing eye' or eye of horus in the middle there. But then, we have the less obvious Boaz and Jachin pillars, but not just slapped in there, but placed rather perfectly in reference to this particular masonic tracing board:… With Celly on the left, the eye in the middle, and Luna on the right. Celly is a simbol of the sun, and so is the Jachin (left) pillar, the name of which meaning many things including 'Yah will Establish', 'Light', the sun, etc, with Luna standing at the Boaz pillar that symbolizes the moon, darkness, strength, etc. All this is symbols of duality. Looking at the door, we also see binary code, another symbol for duality. Now lets look at some faces here. Looking at Celly and the two guards on the farthest left, we have authoritative and aggressive, with an air of domination. On Luna's side we have her looking quite yielding and submissive, with her guards also looking slightly less dominant than Celly's, even though they are more numerous. In the middle we have the duality reversed with the pony on Celly's side looking to be not-to-ok with the confrontational attitude of the opposing forces, looking like he wants to stop a fight almost, and with the pony on Luna's side looking serious and pretty much ready for confrontation. This reminds of the Yin-Yang where a bit of white is in the black and a bit of black is in the white. Now, if I really felt like it I could go look up the latin but I've got a feeling that it should follow the same duality theme...
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NetherheimHobbyist Artist
this kind of reminds me of Warhammer 40.000 with ponies o-o
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Woah, this is pretty great! I wonder if there's a hidden message on the Latin texts below the princesses. I only understand a few Latin words. I don't really get it why "I AM REDIT" (or something like that) is below Luna.

Also... Ilumminati confirmed.
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Ruzi-the-SpiderHobbyist General Artist
Naaaah it's only BILL CIPHER invading Equestria. :D (Big Grin) Although Wikipedia says:

The phrase Novus ordo seclorum ("New order of the ages") appears on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States first designed in 1782 and printed on the back of the One Dollar Bill since 1935.
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soooooooooooo nice ! *_*
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mirtar34Hobbyist Digital Artist
theres a number of hidden codes actually 
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New order of the ages
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This looks amazing! *-*
I.. just wanted to ask: is this latin?
It looks like it. ( I´m learning it at school so... yeah xD ) 
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JacobellingerHobbyist Writer
so then ponies are the new world order?
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Wow, I like it!Foxy loves 
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J25TheArcKingHobbyist General Artist
Very creative artwork, it's like Equestria history. The two Princesses are there and other ponies.

Messages, codes, everywhere!!!

Wooohhh the middle above... All Seeing Eye...
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that all-seeing eye is illuminati m8
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ToastyTopHobbyist Digital Artist
The message means "New order of the ages"
Soooooo yea.
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Truth Conquers All!

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