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My Little StarCitizen: The Zebra Merchants

2/4 commission for :icondax-rattler:

Hey I'm back from my vacation! I'm just uploading works made in advance

Anyway, here is the second one from the series of StarCitizen crossovers. The zebras represent Banu aliens in this universe.

Rest of the pieces in the series going on since September:

My Little StarCitizen: Solar Empire by FoxInShadow My Little StarCitizen: The Zebra Merchants by FoxInShadow My Little StarCitizen: New Lunar Republic Squadron by FoxInShadow My Little StarCitizen: Xi'An Crystal Pony Empire by FoxInShadow My Little StarCitizen: Recovery Operation by FoxInShadow I sell ships and ship accessories by FoxInShadow


For more stuff, please follow me on:

foxintwilight on tumblr
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Epic! thats the only Thing which cames in my mind =D
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This is a beautiful piece, great job.
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I love the lighting.
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You make mlp look good.... TOO good.

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Any chance of higher-res exports?
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Do I have to repeat every single time that full resolutions of commissions are for clients only?

Please read the description next time. If it's a commission, I'm not allowed to share the full size =P 
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There is nothing in the above description, except mentioning the fact that this a commision. I don't go out of my way to hunt down every little thing about every artist, I don't have the luxury of time to do so.

Lovely work, though!
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Oh My Striped Butt *o*
That's really fine! I love the lighting, the fog, angle... pretty much everything about it.

I'd love to see some gryphons in a good hard-SF setting like that.
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The crossover-ing has begun.
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Aaannnnnd Star Citizen gets cutsified before it's even ready. XD
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As a Rear Admiral, I approve of your rendition of the Banu Merchantman. 10/10, would Zebra again.
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Ooooh, awesome! Can't wait to see the rest of these. Somehow I always though the Zebras would make a good Mercantile faction, they do match the Banu society quite well.
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Gorgeous work! I have a friend who loves this game, but sadly does not love ponies.
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Awesome! More Zecora!  :D
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the design of that ship is amazing
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Dawww I love Zebras ! :D
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