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why hello there

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Hello, Princess Luna. Are you blushing? Your wings are beautiful, but it's doesn't matter... We both know what we want, right? You're so adorable, it makes me want you as my girlfriend.
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really cute and awsome.... i love her proportions ... so natural (compared to the oversized ones many artists give them) ... really unique and kinda outstanding :)
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I really loved this drawing man and that's awesome 'cause I love Luna too <3
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Hellooo princess!
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This is really hot. <33 I especially love her wings. And adorable, feisty blush! :D
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So... This pleases you, subject?
To picture your princess in such form?
You are truly a vile, deviant one.

You! Do not dare wander your eyes away anywhere else!

I would have you executed for this
But fortunately for you, this is but a dream...
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This would definitely be something she would say. Lucky I ain't like a pervert
ThatBronyWithAutism's avatar
*gulp* I only promise to not think of you like this EVER again... AND ANYWAYS THIS WASN'T MY INTENTION TO BEGIN WITH! This was just... here. If I could kick my own ass...
RPMaestro's avatar
I'd RP but I'm bz ATM
ThatBronyWithAutism's avatar
You can message me when you have time
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*gapes* i love luna
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i never liked mlp

but furry mlp form, i dont hate ; )
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*x* These are amazing~ Lovin' all your pin-ups! <33
ElementOf-Loyalty's avatar
.:Sokka on Cactus Juice:. -Me likey Princess Luna,she is DA BOMB!
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extraordinary, excellent job. great
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O.M.G. ! really hot and awesome ! 
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The art is well done but a bit too graphic for my liking XD
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I don't generally like anthropomorphosed ponies, but this one is quite well done
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She is beautiful.
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