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Lights In The Sky

By FoxInShadow
Quick warm up. Composition practice bla bla bla I'm lazy ass and need to practice moar :'3


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nov1design's avatar
amazing job, I love it
drachona's avatar
Pretty cool. I'd love to see something like this is a movie, as long as they don't make the mistake of crowding it with explosions. I'm looking at you ID4 Resurgence and Michael Bay.
Kujiiro's avatar
I can't believe this wasn't in my favorites. This is fucking gorgeous. New wallpaper.
macietate's avatar
g-master-artist's avatar
that cottage oddly reminds me of courage the cowardly dog
drachona's avatar
Stupid comment! You made me look bad!
g-master-artist's avatar
oh nyessssssss *cowardly squirms intensifies*
Zyberpoo's avatar
This is amazing, what program do you use?
It looks like photoshop, but it's hard to use I think.
I'm using SAI so I hope you can do things like this in SAI too
FoxInShadow's avatar
I have sad news for you, this is indeed Photoshop. The only program I use.
Zyberpoo's avatar
Do you think it's worth learning? I'm not that much in to SAI yet.
How much do you use the different brush' in Photoshop, I don't expect that it'll only be with one brush type, and do you use filters / effects?
I know it's not an Q&A but you're really a great inspiration to me! (Even though I haven't uploaded anything yet, but I will at some point)
FoxInShadow's avatar
worth learning but harder than SAI, I think

most of my drawings can be made using two basic brushes but there are many fancy and useful brush packs around dA, worth downloading

filters and effects are used by me almost each time
Zyberpoo's avatar
Thanks man, you're awesome!
Time to learn all the shortcuts.
Adalbertus's avatar
This really reminds me of a reaper from Mass Effect =P 
BernardDK's avatar
Oh dear maker, you are my pinnacle of worship <3 
FullmetalRainbowDash's avatar
That's one hell of a practice, I'll be honest.
Norcinu's avatar
Man your mechanical works are insane, I can't believe people still commission you to draw ponies when you can be dishing out godly stuff like this! (Is that an insult? idk, I just really like your landscapes and alien figures).
SubwooferHero's avatar
I agree a lot, I hope he keeps drawing things like this.
TypicalGib's avatar
Wait, you called yourself lazy ass and made so often good prods ?
FoxInShadow's avatar
Need. To. Make. Moar. *no sleep*
TypicalGib's avatar
I know that feel, but take care of ye health, mate
LukeTheRipper's avatar
Lol... why was my first thought "Courage The Cowardly Dog?" |D
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