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Jedi Masters Trixie and Twilight

Commission for :icongrimrubix:

Jedi masters jumping right into action. I actually find ponies fitting to the Star Wars theme. They might as well just be another race of aliens. Idea for a futuristic headcannon, hmmm?

This image might have a follow-up. Expect typical Trixie-Twi shenanigans.


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This makes me think of the confrontation between Bastila and Darth Revan.
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Impressive very imperssive. To me it isn't a surprise Twilight is a Jedi Consular, since she is intlegant and has powerful magic. Trixe same, she is strong since she has the blue lightsaber Jedi Guardiands and the purple since she was a bad guy at a point since well it does mean a Jedi who has Light and Dark side connection, but still good one. Also could you do one of Spike as a Sith that would be great if you could.
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Cool but sadly i hate star wars!! Star trek came first then some guy decided to create the show star wars!!! Star trek came first!!! Sfl!!!!
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Star Wars was not a show. It was a story, an adventure, a movie that inspired many such as Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and other directors to create movies such as Independence Day, Alien, Lord of the Rings and so on. And Star Trek is great too, you are allowed to be a fan of both you know. But if you don't like Star Wars, oh well, you are missing out man.
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Wow, this is a truly excellent mashup. Now I need to pore over your gallery and find your other Star Wars Ponies, as I adore both genres!

Thanks for sharing your work with your fans <3 I'm really enjoying it!

Light and laughter,
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man.. i could look at pictures of ponies with lightsabers for DAYS.
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So awesome! :O And I'm a big fan of Star Wars
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Hmmmm, I expect one of them to go Dark Side...but which one?!
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So very yes. :)
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Fantastic piece!
The amount of lightsabers Trixie has makes sense, at least concerning her personality.

That sentence could have been better... add words... something somethin...
ALCOHOL! That's my excuse... that said I think the words I was looking for was droids... no! Laid out! There you go... maybe.
Heh... laid.
I need more rum.
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Order Number 66. Who watches who die first?
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Shouldn't Twilight use the purple lightsaber and Trixie using the green lightsaber? In your last art with twilight she was using purple color, did you change it based off personal preference?
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Both of them were not my preferences, they are both commissions for different clients, so the lightsaber colour is their choice.

Also, different jedi classes wield different colours, it has a deeper meaning:…
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I know about the lore and how the crystals/colours work with jedi. I just didn't know they were commissions. Anyway, I prefer twilight to have a purple lightsaber, kinda like a mace windu but I guess that's just a personal preference for me. :P

I love the art and how you mix MLP with Star Wars. I really do love the series, just sad how Disney is running it into the ground with SW rebels -_-
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Think Trixie's got enough lightsabers?  Needing a backup weapon is usually a bad sign for a Jedi.
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Ponies make good Jedi, and you make a great artist!
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So, I presume Trixie is Jedi Weapon Master given she have blue and violet sabers plus two in reserve. And Twilight is Jedi Master, strong in the Force.
xxmigizixx's avatar
freaking love this great work
Cookiesaurus-Rex's avatar
inb4 celestia yoda and mace windu luna
xxmigizixx's avatar
so that means spike is jar jar binks right 
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