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Interrogate: Twilight Sparkle

Commission for :iconloyal2luna:, XCOM: Enemy Unknown crossover, based on this fanfic:…

WIPs available on my tumblr, if you're curious about the process:


For more stuff, please follow me on:

tumblr (NSFW)
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Wow. You sir are going to hell.
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Oh, geez. This got REALLY dark.
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X-Com didn't know it yet but they had finally found the thing that would end this war in their favour and humanity its greatest friends.

The Etherials knew only that these two new species had taken a step closer to ascension.
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Best picture I've seen in a while! Well done!
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This picture, and the linked story, are pretty much single-handedly responsible for me now having a fimfiction account.
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Great work for a great story!
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Did you know that interrogated aliens never survive? Hehehe.
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I finish reading the fiction,i must admit is very good, the one that write it, capture both the escense of the series and the game, love it, is a pity tha the other parts i didnt enjoi them but the first storie stardust was awesome both capturing the escense of a encounter the ponies and the humans and the diferent of the cultures, and this image capture the most posible escenario, love the storie and there are a lot of more good stories and i plan to read several of them, thanks for sharing
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"Zee subject has shown considerable psychic abilities that appear to extend to and beyond telekinesis, but more... profound and disturbing... are its ability to reshape matter itself on an atomic scale."
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Any chance to get a higher resolution to use it as a wallpaper? :D
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:icontwilightrape-faceplz::iconsays3plz: Let's put our cards on the table; you're scared of me because you can't control me. You don't and you never will, but that doesn't mean i'm your enemy.
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Twilight doesn't possess the secrets of psionic powers, silly humens.
You know what's worse?

humans discover magic.

Wizards are more deadly than psykers.
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Who cares? I never played X-Com:EU, but in original UFO:EU most interrogations were done for lulz, because they awarded no practical benefit, just some fluff text.
MuddyFudger's avatar
Yeah, I know that. The original is the only game I can play on the PC, and I still get bad frames. Though I have played the new version and it is shit, skillwise since it relies entirely on luck. It's essentially a $20 board game.

And anyway, that's called the lore. Don't be disrespektin' the lore, even of it is woefully lacking in scientific accuracy.
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I'm disrespecting the lore of UFO:EU? Ridiculous! I have a screenshot of every single Ufopedia page stored on my PC, and i filled the damn thing myself, with no savescumming and such. Also, i have the game itself installed, it still kinda sorta runs even on Windows 7 if you use UFOLoader.
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Heh. My PC struggles to run it.
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I just went and read that fanfic in one go. Wow.
Larger versions available for download?
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Considering she can teleport, the possibility, nay, the inevitably that she will accidently find herself somewhere she would rather not be, is pretty much a forgone conclusion.


Imagine if the trolls from the previous generations where introduced as a alien advanced tech warmongering race.


The pony-vers version of Star Treks Klingons.


And using Tech to cancel Magic would be a great counter to pony powers.


War Tech Trolls versus Magical Ponies.


Ahhhh. The Possibilities.



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This is pretty sweet! Great cover art for a great story!
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Your pony art is (in my opinion) some of the best on the web. It always tends to convey a sense of dread, yet at the same time, whimsy.
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