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Sorry for the lame title, my mind went completely blank with that one xD Cute lil' commission for :iconrealboser:


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I love your art! Your my new role model!!!
MoppyPuppy's avatar
This is how you meet mares.
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The way you draw characters is just so appealing^^
BernardDK's avatar
They look soooo cute together !
Airidesi's avatar
*cries happy tears*

So beautiful, best gift ever. Thank you Fox and :iconrealboser:
Jjholic's avatar
Soooo cute!
I love the colors and textures!
Araselis's avatar
So adorable ;D;
pezzhippo's avatar
I really do love the way you paint eyes! They seem deceptively simple at cursory glance, but there's something about them I can't really describe, that brings so much depth and expression to your characters~ Emoji32 by Emoji-icon
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Lots of color from you sir.  Still has your trademark muted tones though.  I can recognize it as your work without even looking at the subject.
WILIZIN's avatar
This is really adorable. Too much cute I say. :D
Matt-Flame's avatar
they look so fluffy (  .o.)
ZeroZi's avatar
excellent work
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