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Commission for :iconartiicun0:

Might be the first time I got to draw an anthro gryphon

Also, there's a NSFW edit of this work available on foxintwilight on tumblr (I can't link my tumblr directly because deviantart loves to block me for being naughty)

The NSFW version is also up on my FurAffinity, which haven't got blocked yet :D…


For more stuff, please follow me on:

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Gilda :D That chest!
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that's not gilda, it's my oc Charlene^^
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Oh... So You have a cool OC :)
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It's beautiful.
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reminds me of the avian from starbound
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thank you <3 *^* 
i just love it sooooo much
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ow this one is really beautiful, I love the colors
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this is great! youre on fire lately fox!
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Doing the best I can before the heat death of the Universe finally takes us all back home!

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i believe in you 
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Not really seen much anthro griffon works (in the mlp look of things) looks pretty nice~
id get anthro art of my humanised griffon girl but with her hair it'd look so wierd
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