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For the herd- ACEO

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Commission for Michael
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Is that a KV-2 with the "derp" gun?
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Lightningflash-55Hobbyist General Artist
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CoolWashingtonHobbyist General Artist
idk why but this looks like something I woud see on a Battlefield 3 dog tag... Just me thinking out loud... *shrugs*
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I wonder if there are any guns that embody the "derp" spirit better than the 152mm gun that your KV-2 is sporting... Maybe the 380mm StuM RW61 L/5.4 on the Sturmtiger?
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For the Herd! :D That is soo my new battle cry. XD
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TempestwulfHobbyist General Artist
Derpy in a KV with *scratches head trying to think of gun calibre*

Do you play World or Tanks? Boy, you can get some great skins for the tanks including a Derpy KV
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HOLY FLANK! DERPY HAS A TANK! were scrwed, well tahts nothing new (oh crap im rhyimg, im a sap, now im whining!) your pic made me rhyme its so good!
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Why can't it be a T34?:(
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That a KV-2?
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Code-EStudent General Artist
So this is who the bronies are talking to when they say "Fire the friendship canon".
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Derpy and Derp Gun on the KV-2 - a winning combination ^^
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You couldn´t say it better - this gun hit everywhere, but NOT the target xD
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My thoughts exactly :P
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"this here is a prototype cannon that 'fires by sight'.
. . .
*and there were many deaths*
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your signature went so well with your comment :thumbsup:
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Toreo-oHobbyist General Artist
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KiyoshiiiHobbyist Digital Artist
That's gonna be a combo breaker! Love it x3
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hoodie22Hobbyist Artist
Chill man, its not like she can properly aim with those eyes
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Finally, I've been waiting for Derpy to get a tank.
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