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Does This Look Like The Face Of Mercy

Commission for Ronald

Like the title implies; so cute it kills.


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hi, hum..
can i take this drawing for my base ?
FoxInShadow's avatar
I'm sorry but I don't normally allow others to redistribute my art as bases.

Plus, this one was a commission for someone.
Lycania29's avatar
ha ok, sorry :/
Darkstar1346's avatar
well if theres a m16 in her hooves...i say no
MustacheOfAwesome's avatar
Now to see if she can shoot straight.
Inkwell-0's avatar
I love this one more than I espected.
SaltySamSammich's avatar
i'm not sure, what does the face of mercy look like?
Kyoshyu's avatar
BondoFox's avatar
I know a guy in Tennessee would really like this  :D
Helsaabi's avatar
0///w///- approve cute!
crimsonnodachi1992's avatar
Lady, that wasn't what I meant by shots, but hell, i'm game :P
Darksunrise957's avatar
Dang, just imagine the vibration the recoil would make down there...
Dendris's avatar
No, that looks like the face of sultry.
idislikecake's avatar
:iconak47plz: heav stalintanium bullet
Krazylec's avatar
This looks like the face of booty.
RillaKim's avatar
DJP15's avatar
the hips dont lie
cormy1's avatar
Death is more merciful than life.
Give it to me baby
Rifles125's avatar
First thing I love it and second thing I love it!
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