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Doctor Whooves went steampunk

Travelling through time and space has turned the Doctor into steampunk pony, but no worries: ponies are cool. Ponies in bow ties are 20% cooler.

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this one helped me making my first SERIOUS art with Photoshop, I still need a sketch behind made by someone else to make my "art"works
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Ya this is time turner not doctor whoovs
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No, this is Doctor (W)Hooves, they changed Time Turner to DW/DH Because the fans kept theorizing that he was THE Doctor
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The steampunk doctor is Time Turner I believe.
But hey, I could be wrong. But this, THIS is the literal, steampunk doctor with an actual tardis.
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jesus i love this. its awsome. 
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This is amazing!
steampunk + doctor who + mlp = awesomeness :D
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my three favorite things have been combined! Amazing!
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sooooooooooo adorable - great work!
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three of my favorite things in one. everything is meaningless now... lol good work.
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Hey, is it cool with you that I use this picture over on this wiki: [link] ?
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YES! Just yes...
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I play the Doctor in pony form on and I've been trying to decide what sort of style his 12th incarnation would have. I think this would be perfect! Though I might add a rainbow-striped tie. I've wanted to incorporate some of the wackiness of his older outfits like the fourth and sixth.
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I should go back in time and fave this sooner.
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Steampunk, Doctor Who, and ponies. Does it get any better than this?
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Yes. I drew it again :D [link]
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