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A piece of fanart for :icontailsrulz:, on of my long-time favourites among anthro artists.

Cassandra © is his. Unfortunately. Unf ;___;
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© 2013 - 2022 FoxInShadow
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I think she have blue eyes, not green. But Is more beautiful with green eyes. Or not?
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What in the name of jesus is the white stuff, don't tell me too much, if it's what i think it is.
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Please say it's an ice cream or lollypop or something.
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What kind of pony is this? O wait... :iconfoxylaplz:
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A foxy. Finally. :nod:
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Probably one of his better characters, sadly he doesnt update more often. :C

He's worse than me.
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I'm glad to see someone on here is still making art of Tailsrulz's characters. He doesn't seem to get on much anymore. Also, :jawdrop:
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Nie rozumiem jak można robić fan art dla komercyjnego śmiecia jakim jest tailsrulz.
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ohh! I love her :love:
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do I even want to ask what she is eating or doing something with? lol
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Mayonnaise. Definitely mayonnaise.
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I know it may not very well be what you thought I was implying it was, but I am still curious :)
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Vanilla Popsicle/ice cream....definitely
GSHgunner's avatar
heh, maybe? lol
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*tongue falls out on it's own and drools a bit*
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. . . .O.O . . . god damn.
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i bet she had some fun at ur place by the look of that white stuff on her.
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you're getting better at drawing, erm well... "feminine" forms? Yes, we'll go with that. :)
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That color is killer!! Also love that tail ^^
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