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Applejack Pin Up

5/6 Commission for :iconkyle-0529:

Oh, you know, the cowgirl. It's been a long time since I drew her.


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EJFireLightningArts's avatar
AJ is my favourite sexy pony
HazzardousEco's avatar
Who says you need to be naked to pop boners? =)

Lovely (and sexy) draw V-_^
jmkplover's avatar
gorgeous. very sexy without being overly sexual. give a little more for the imagination.
Isn't her legs a little bit short?
Darkmega07's avatar
Dante-Wynter's avatar
There's just something about a cowgirl.  Or ponygirl.  Cowponygirl.  Whatever.
SKPQ's avatar
Hasil42's avatar
Woah, she looks AWESOME.
K4nK4n's avatar
I like this image, AJ looks cool in it.
Explonova's avatar
So sexy! Applejack makes me hard every time!
waterspirit12's avatar
those boots!
That hair!
masterfully done!
gundamfan2's avatar
RynkaWorks's avatar
Wow, such a readable silhouette!
VahallaDice's avatar
I'm going to close my eyes tightly... And when I open them.. This won't be here... Ready? Gosh dang it life! Why do you torture me so!?
L-MASTER's avatar
RamenWolf1485's avatar
Im a sucker for a sexy southern gal.... And this fits the bill~
Jonot's avatar
Looking good AJ.
hamstap85's avatar
Oh god, just realized you left Rarity for last. This is gonna be intense...
Anubis-13's avatar
very beautiful I like
KaoKay's avatar
Y'know. There's something that bugs me about your style, just some constructive criticism here. The style of the faces and the style of the body just don't match at all. I've noticed this in a lot of your work, especially with anthros. Your ponies have very angular, sharp-cornered faces that looks very stylized, while the body looks more realistic. Soft curves and proportionate. It just looks off to me. It almost looks like you traced a reference for everything but the head.

Your coloring is very nice, though. 
TheElusiveBadger's avatar
I like the juxtaposition myself, if only because it draws the viewer's attention from the face down. Iirc humans tend to notice angles before curves, thus we get a nice look at Applejack's expression as we look down to her nice little body.

But that's my latent pretension talking.
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