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*manages to completely miss bottom half of image*
"It's a cute one!"
*sees bottom half*
*hesitates, but favourites it anyway*

Job well done on this. *thumbs up*
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I've spent far too long on 4chan.
The first thing I noticed when I opened this page was not the art, but the set of four dubs in the title.
ZalgoVinylScratch's avatar
Like wat u see?? -Devilious look-
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Hi *FoxInShadow i love your artworks, i thought i would ask you for you permission to use on of your pictures in on of my music podcast background picture. Link:…
Dusk Wishes
FoxInShadow's avatar
go ahead, as long as you credit me
DuskWishes's avatar
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The eyes, the headphones, the sexiness...BEAUTIFUL. Amen.
Quent0S's avatar
The eyes are what sell it for me.
Woona-tic's avatar

Indeed, that stare is amazing and a little scary ^^;

I'm not a fan of risqué artwork but this is cool for those merits.

Hyginustus's avatar
i see what you did there
SubwooferHero's avatar
I want those headphones.
fozcat5's avatar
I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Kapuaokalani's avatar
Wow I love the Music Note on her Hip that looks awesome so do the eyes and body
Jonny-4's avatar
I can't believe how awsome this looks. I love how the streaks of light flow with her body, also the fact how it all looks altogether. Great work :D
zatara123th's avatar
Vinyl!!! Awesome!
Idiot-Warranty's avatar
Someone please make a wallpaper of this. It's just amazing.
thewatcher509's avatar
Well,Vinyl,Looks Like I Have To
*Puts On Sunglasses*
Scratch That Ass.
KyleShepard313's avatar
YEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! *won't get fooled again plays in background*
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