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The loveliest lies of all

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Bache by FoxInShadow, visual art

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Freelancer. Independent concept artist and illustrator, occasionally hired in game design. INTP. Hello.

Worked for Paul Kidd, Barking Muffin Games, Simplication Games, Equestria Epic and Magic3W web design

Made cover artworks for Gilead, Aviators, Carbon Maestro, FlutterRex and Ale Shores. Contributed art to Friendship is Witchcraft abridged series

If you happen to be interested in my older works, they are still available in my Scraps folder:…

Before you comment, please bother looking at the FAQ:

I also made a separate FAQ about commissions:

I have a secondary deviantart account for non-furry and non-pornographic material, maybe you'd like to check it out:

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Bonus prints still available! by FoxInShadow, journal

Hello all, I'll try to get right to the point I had recently received news that this lovely platform is tightening its grip on content that they allow on the site. I've actively participated in deviantArt community for over a decade of my life. If there ever has been one platform that I could call my internet home that would be probably this one, honestly. Deviantart had helped me find footing in many communities in which I participate to this day, so I'd be deeply saddened to see it go the corporate path, but over the last few years we've seen it getting worse and worse, hence why by that point I am very jaded by all the issues arising on the platform. I very rarely speak on such matters because I don't feel like there is even any need for me to speak up, when you can see for yourselves all the attempts of dA staff to introduce many failed new venues of bringing more monetization schemes onto the site, first with NFTs and then later with AI art and so on and so on, from which dA
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Simply put, the entire output of 2022 had been compiled into one big art pack available now for cheaper than the sum of its parts; if you haven't been up to date with our exclusive monthly content or you'd like to simply show your support for mine and @Kukseleg arts and get a big hefty bunch of goodies, here you go! And for some earlier content, here's the same kind of compilation for the year 2021:
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If you have these you need to schedule your next doctor's appointment, older people require regular checkups ya know
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Always so happy whenever that happens, thank you guys 😌 SO ANYWAYS DID YOU VOTE YET?????
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Hey errybody, Kuki got a bit busy with life and we can't start a new animation projecto for the time being, so I thought I'd step in with a lil CYOA voting poll, and I happen to know just the right succubus to put through some fun times 😈
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Happy Birthday birthday cake

I love foxes too they're beautiful and smart animals

Oi tudo bem me desculpe incomodar você aceita pedido de desenho

You are epic!!!

aside from how in da blazes dood got 6k profile comments, i was shocked when the VSHOJO popped up lewd in DA, i thought that'd be something in the Zone-Archieve or E621. well mostly because Zone-Tan doesn't like Brony yiff because she is afraid of encouraging little girls to engage in... i mean i don't sexually fantasize about Cooksie anyways, i'm just science fiction fan and Zone is into Batman because of the Teen Titan Hentai & He-Man. Grrr, it just surprised me because i got jealous...

Hello, I'm unsure if your commissions pricelist is current as it was posted some time ago, but I would like to enquire about your commissions if possible.

Hello hello there, commissions are closed at the moment, however I might plan on having some limited openings after summer if my schedule allows it; I just must note that the current commission price sheet is slightly outdated and might be a subject to change, so please look forward to any updates regarding that~

I also must note that there are a number of people waiting on my client backlog already, so it's taking me a while to get back to every incoming request 😅 Thank you for your patience and please keep a look at my social media for any info about commissions opening!