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Hi all, been sooooo long since I posted anything. I was watching my house mate play Star Citizen, so I wondered if I could draw a space ship in their sort of style, this is what turned out.
Annnd people are wondering where I've been I guess? Nowhere, just doing Engineering Researchy stuff. Hope everyone is doing well.
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Ohhh, i need to build something like this as a small explorer in Space Engineers! XD (Especially since i got the "Star Trek Jump Drive Lanes" mod!)

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If I had to give it a BattleTech weapon loadout, I'd think it has four Medium Lasers of some sort, two Gauss Rifles, and two LRM10s.

Very spiffy.
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I've actually never played the Aerotech side, so I'll take your word for it. :D
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The weapons are all the same as standard BattleTech, on fighters anyway.  It's just the vehicles that change.  As such, the rules are mostly the same, with the obvious exception of movement.
Looks like from tv cartoons, "Saber Riders" starship. Pretty cool, tho!
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I loved this design!
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Sophisticated beast! Wow, we'd crash any alien race with this one ;-)
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Welcome back!
excellent work!
Does it transform???? It looks really cool.
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Um, somewhat. Had rough pics of it swapping out it's smaller top and bottom(hidden) ion thrusters (4 units). Ie: you can put in swiveling energy cannons instead, and pretend to be a battleship. The rear lifts up like a door, or you can totally replace the entire aft section with a standard space container (4x4x8.8m). Hard point front (side of nose) for other weapons. Oh, and the front bits with triangle orange stripes lift upwards for full engine reversal, otherwise they point down for hovering.
If I end up update the drawing, I'll put the config pictures.

that would be really cool....your a great artist.
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your very welcome friend
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I have to admit, your description reminded me of a toy (plastic model) that I had as a child.  The bottom part came off (it was meant to be a tracked research APC, I think).  The nose would also come off (personnel shuttle?) and it had another ship that piggybacked on top of it.  I forget if those were the only four parts, or if there was a fifth.  It was really cool and I don't know what ever happened to it... I haven't seen it in more than 30 years, though I'm pretty sure I didn't sell it or throw it in the garbage.  It's probably somewhere in the hidden depths of my closet, right next to a Lego that I haven't stepped on yet.  ;-)

I haven't yet gotten into Star Citizen, though I love what I've seen so far (no surprise; it's a Chris Roberts game.  I cut my teeth on Wing Commander.)  Basically my problem is, I keep getting distracted by the latest OOH, SHINY!  Most recently, Metro Exodus.
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*Nods* Wing Commander... Mmmm. Loadsa fun that was. Executing Kilrathi... Mmmmm.
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A fellow citizen?!! o7
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Ah, not me, housemate is. I gave up on space games after Elite Dangerous, for some reason it was unplayable and sullied the genre for me. I'll hang out for something else. Ah, Star Citizen, ready for release in the year 4099..... Maybe....
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welcome back! any more super mechs in the future?
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Just added one a minute ago. -> The Razorjaw.
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