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Fox and Wolf TF by foxgamer01, literature

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The Wonder of Dreams by foxgamer01, literature

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Hello, I'm foxgamer01. I'm a amateur writer and photographer who cannot draw without a ruler. I like foxes, history, video games, reading, pokemon, dragons, wolves, coyotes, kitsunes, The Beatles, music, and all of my families and friends.

Main theme: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Secondary theme: Fight Inside

Third theme: Drifting Soul


Life as a Ninetales-Being edited (It was for a group story thing less than a decade ago and the one in charged of it never got back with me about it. I think I'll start my own Ninetales TF piece in the future.)

Ho-Oh TF-Done

Lugia TF-Done

Fox and Wolf TFs-Done

Fines Malum-Done

Dragon TF-Done

Werewolf TF-Done

Fur Trade-Done

The Wonder of Dreams-Done

Husky TF-Done

Corbyn and Meteo Valentines TF Story-Done

Midday-Mew Request-Done

The Story With No Name-Done

Griffin TF-Done

A Camping TF - A V8 Request Story-Done

Califox TF or HILTSWAHAE-Done

Their Furry Fate-Done

Ty s Pirates and the Cursed Treasure-Done

Jackal TF-Done

Ashes and Portents-Done

The Pokémon Prometheus-Done


A Thief in the Night-Done

The Pokémon Prometheus - Maya Story-Done

Dragon Warrior TF-Done

Mewtaur and TwoMewtwo TF - A Midday Art Trade-Done

Daren and the Temple of Pancakes-Done

A Big Braixen Problem-Done

Daren and the Temples of Embiggening-Done

A Lion to Remember-Done

The Dragon Knight-Done

Aleph's Foxy Adventures-Done

The Dragon Mage-Done

The Legend of Machamp-Done

A Name More-Done

The Pokémon Prometheus 2-WIP (Pretty sure it'll be at least triple the length of the first story by the time it's done.)

Snivy TF-WIP (Maybe, this will be written. And start a three-part short story storyline.)

The Demise of O-Ren and the Return of Daren-WIP/Being Rewritten (I want to do this, but it won't be a short story. >.|.>; )

Deviant Reunion/Battlefield-WIP (One day, I'll write this story down. Maybe.)


The Room-Done

The Flight-Done

Nuclear War-Done

Faith's Twitter Story-Done

A-Fox Ranks Up-Done

A Kitsune Thief-Done

Saria's Walk-Done

A Kitsune Thief 2-Done

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
How To Train Your Dragon
Favourite TV Shows
Doctor Who / Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The Beatles
Favourite Books
The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
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The Legend of Zelda series and Xenoblade Chronicles series
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Laptop and Notebook
Hey there, everyone. Just as the journal said, I'm opening story commissions. Unlike last time, I'm just going to open for four slots. That is because the last one is reserved for A HailFire Change 3. Yes, there will be a third one, along with a fourth one. Here is the ToS: As a reminder, I did a couple of updates to the ToS, which I'll list here. I must receive a $20 down payment before I start on a paid commission. My short stories are usually 4-5K words, so it should be fair. I have trouble getting money from commissioners (I’m far too nice), so this should make them more honest about their financials and ability to pay. I’ll be honest when I say grammar is one of my weak points in writing. If I get fixing suggestions, I’ll be happy to receive them. If it gets super nitpicky, that’s when I’ll call it. Again, I don’t mind criticism or suggestions. If you get to that point, I’ll do my best to warn you. OK. Here are the slots. Aleph B424 Tofubread TyVulpintaur [reserved for A
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I know I’m late on this one. I got lazy and had work the last couple of days. Plus, I was finishing the Frostborn book series by Jonathan Moeller. I mentioned this author before when I once recommended books to read; he was the one who wrote the Silent Order series. I also recommended the Frostborn series. It’ll be rough and episodic at first, but it improves with each book. Plus, there aren’t enough books involving Christianity as a good force. >.|.> In any case, what are my thoughts on 2023? To be honest, I’m still not sure. This year wasn’t as bad as the start of the 2020s. I also can’t call it good; in fact, I feel as though it’s like a frog slowly getting boiled to death. In many ways, I fear that’s what will happen for the next decade unless something drastic happens. Even then, it would likely not be a good thing. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Overall, I feel as though I become stagnant. It’s not as though I haven’t been pushing myself in writing since I wrote stuff that
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Hey there. Happy late Halloween. Or Howlween. I hope that you all had a lot of fun. Still, that is not the main point of this journal. The main point is that I am doing another Macro Writing Drive. This time, it’s: Macro March Adventure with A-Ninetales!!! This time, I am going to do something a little different. While it will still count for Twitter/X and Blue Sky (also, I have a Blue Sky account and three invite codes), I will also post each part here. Outside of today, each part will be posted on the fifth, tenth, fifteenth, etc. Each one will show him growing. By how much is what you, the viewers, can decide. The premise of this Macro Writing Drive is that A-Ninetales has worn himself down, though he tries to hide it. So, Saria recruits Glaurung and Glorfindel to help him relax through the one thing he loves most: growing. Glorfindel helps hide them while Glaurung brings Flame Orbs made to explode upon A-Ninetales touching them. Much like the last writing drive, this one will
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I am doing OK. How are you doing?

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