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Foxfires Icon by GoodiesForYou  I'm in love!  karemelancholia made this beautiful CSS for me, as a prize for winning her "Maiden in a Lost Land" contest!  It is so pretty, and just in time for spring!!  Thank you my lovely Kare!  You are a true gem! :heart:

Thanks to everyone who has responded to my latest Coffee poll!!  I love the responses!  I'll be posting mine shortly, but it pales in comparison to some of your 'favorite coffee' stories, that's for sure.

I am seriously considering moving all of my actual photography out of this gallery, and into a new one.  But every time I look at it all, I get overwhelmed. lol  Anybody have a little genie they want to loan me, who'll snap his golden fingers and make it all happen instantly? ;)

And now it is time for a breakfast consisting of coffee, yogurt, and a fresh croissant warmed with Nutella on it.   Oh joy, oh rapture!! :coffeecup:



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LunaCstudioS's avatar
wow thats gorgeous
JANGx's avatar
beautiful layout. x)
Cinnamoncandy's avatar
oloferla's avatar
YAY pretty.....she has done a great job.....Go see mine...she did that to....prize since Mill!!
GoodiesForYou's avatar
Dear i'm so happy you like the css.
you're a wondeful artist and making a css for you was a pleasure!
don't forget the stamp tut.. :giggle:
this the top to down movement that i don't know how to do.
Amazonofexeter's avatar
croissant with nutella...i'd not thought of that....thats a very good!! cheers!! oh, and congrats on the css...looks ace!
Foxfires's avatar
Oh you should definitely try the croissants with nutella!! An absolutely stellar way to start the morning. :giggle: :hug:
Amazonofexeter's avatar definately sounds it....makes note - on way home tonight, call in sainsbury's....!!
GoodiesForYou's avatar
I'm glad you like the CSS i made for this wonderful artist!
Amazonofexeter's avatar
:hug: it looks really good...will come check your gallery too avoiding finishing this mermaid piece which is eluding em at the mo!!!
GoodiesForYou's avatar
thanx a lot dear!!!
FrozenStarRo's avatar
FrozenStarRo's avatar
hehe :giggle: well you did a great job with it
GoodiesForYou's avatar
thanx a lot dear!!!
neshill's avatar
Funky and fresh :D
GoodiesForYou's avatar
I'm glad you like the CSS! :flirty:
Fire-Hawk's avatar
Ooooh..very pretty- well done on winning, again..;):heart:
AeneaKeats's avatar
I like too the new journal style! :clap: Compliments to the creator! :D
GoodiesForYou's avatar
thank you thank you thank you!!!:flirty:
djberry's avatar
Foxfires's avatar
*Spoiler alert!!*





I was thinking that exact thing, about them not keeping their heads about them. I was wondering about how much time it would take to put one of those suits on. So tragic to know it could have been done in that little amount of time! PLUS, it seems the one man managed to get the life raft open... I wonder what happened so that he didn't get inside it? But if he didn't have his survival suit on, I suppose being in the raft would have only given him a few more minutes to live.

I was definitely shocked to see both Sig AND Phil getting the lion's share of bad luck next week! Heheh, I bet we'll both come rushing back here to chat about it as soon as it's over. lol We can revel in the addiction together!

(Didn't you just cringe when Edgar did the big no-no by giving a count of how many crab are usually in the pots? I wonder how many of the crew will remember that when bad things start happening in the next episode? lol)
xxGWENxx's avatar
I almost hate to say this but it's a little breathe of fresh air and purple sunshine next to all this drab grey green!
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