CC License - Terms of Use

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CC License - Terms of Use

All artwork and photography found in this gallery or otherwise created by me is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License

My work may be displayed on your blog or website if the following terms are followed:

You must receive my permission to post any of my work outside of DeviantArt, due to the fact that many of my pieces are made in collaboration with stock artists who do not wish their stock and/or their likenesses posted on the internet without their knowledge.  I have already made an agreement with my stock providers that I will inform them if these images are to be used outside of DeviantArt, therefore you MUST notify me before doing so.    If you notify me, and you are given permission to post any of my works, then the following rules apply:

The artwork and/or photograph must not be changed in any way, including brush work, color changes, watermark removal, or any other derivative application. This includes sites which give away free glitter graphics, layouts, stamps, blinkies, or any other form of journal/myspace/blogger/wordpress decorations.  

Credit must be made to me, Aimee Stewart or Foxfires at Deviantart. Underneath each picture you use, a link must be provided to my Deviantart gallery and/or the original picture in my gallery.

My work must not be used for any commercial work such as book covers, banners, website designs, layouts, cd covers, magazine illustrations or covers, etc.  unless you have contacted me and arrangements have been made for such use through a contract and payment.

By reading these terms you agree to adhere to the following conditions regarding all works created by me. If you misuse, or fail to follow the above conditions, legal actions can and will be taken.

*If you are a member of DeviantArt, and wish to use my artwork for something here on DA (such as stamps, DA journals, etc.) then please send me a note, and we can chat.

**Thank you for your cooperation with this.

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© 2007 - 2021 Foxfires
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hi, i was wondering if i could use 20,000 leagues to make icons from for use on with full credit to yourself.
I'd like to use this, [link]
on a layout I am making for a non commercial game. I'd mostly be using the carousel, and this will be linked back to you and the rightful owner of the stock images as well ^.^
--I see that you haven't updated your DA account in a while so I've made a preview of how it would be used and where;
[link] @ [link]
Please let me know if this is a problem :)
©'s will be added in the notes, and bottom of the layout
Lilia-Ariana's avatar
Hello, I was wondering if it was okay if I used your Joy Faith Hope Love picture as four separate book marks for personal use only, I will put your name and website at the base of each.
Please and Thankyou
kaeleers-heart's avatar
Hello! I have posted this picture crediting you (and linking to the picture on you account) on Tumblr.


If you would like me to take it down, let me know. It's no problem.
Foxfires's avatar
That is very sweet of you!! I appreciate the add to Tumblr! I love Tumblr! :D Thank you!
kaeleers-heart's avatar
It's my pleasure! Tumblr is full of beautiful photos, and I thought yours deserved to be amongst them.

If you have a Tumblr, may I edit the link and point the picture also towards your Tumblr? Or is your DeviantART account alone sufficient?
Foxfires's avatar
the DeviantART account is perfect, but here is my Tumblr anyway, in case you'd like to follow me there, and vice versa!

HI! Love your designs so so much. My college is organizing a Masquerade Prom Night, and if you could let me put your design in our poster it will be like, swell! I swear I'll credit you, but I hope you can gimme the one without the watermark. Hope to hear from your reply soon!
Hello Ms. Aimee Stewart. I was wondering if i could use one of your masquerade pictures?
SasuNaru4evahh's avatar
yeah i was wondering can i use the picture fox haven(heaven) as my background on my desktop this pic is really awesome
Foxfires's avatar
of course! *hugs!*
SasuNaru4evahh's avatar
so how do i do it??
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