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Sabine - Initial Design

I thought I would do something a bit different today, and post my initial design for 'Sabine' [link] . When I create my art, I go through several stages, all of which I find visually pleasing. More often than not, what my original plan was, and what the outcome is, are two vastly different things. I try not to think too hard about the end result, and let it unfold as naturally and spontaneously as possible. 'Sabine' was one of those pictures. This was the precursor to my final version...and I almost stopped here. But something get nagging at me to keep going, so I did - and I'm very glad I did. :) But, I figured some people might be interested to see what I have, prior to my final version. :)

So... here it is! Please refer to the original final version of Sabine for all credits, here: :heart: [link] :heart:
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All your work is so incredible. I am in awe.
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That means so much to me! Thank you!
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really stunning colours, lovely work
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Thank you Sean!
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A piece reminiscent of Mucha, one I am extremely fond of.
Interesting that you just let things flow as you develop a piece.
This is one of the most important pieces of information I have gained
over the past few years. I start and go with an enthusiasm,
usually I am aware there is a world around me, sort of. I just immerse myself
and then run into a roadblock. Then I look at what I have done and feel there is no hope,
it ought to trashed. Do I? Heck no, I come back, refreshed and actually finish something rather nice.
Not always but often enough.
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I love hearing how this piece made you think and relate to the process I used in creating it. :hug: Thank you very much!
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A true masterpiece! Everything matches perfectly!

Því bjartara ljósið því dimmari skuggarnir.
The brighter the light, the darker the shadows.
Je heller das Licht, desto dunkler die Schatten.
Waat d'Liicht méi hell ass, emsou méi donkel sin d'Schieter.
Plus la lumière est claire, plus les ombres sont foncées.
Quo clarius lumen, eo obscuriores umbrae.
Cuanto más clara es la luz, más oscuras son las sombras.
Piu' splendente e' la luce, piu' oscure saranno le tenebre.
Ju starkare ljuset, desto mörkare skuggarna.
Jo starkere lyset, jo mørkere de skyggene.
Dess sterkare lyset er, dess mørkare vert skuggane.
Guangxian yue liang, yingzi yue an.
Jo stærkere lyset, desto mørkere skygger.
Kuluma yazeed al dhau sawaad al dhulu yazeed.
Što je svetlo jače, senke su tamnije.
Quanto mais clara é a luz, mais escura é a sombra.
Hoe feller het licht des te donkerder de schaduw.
Hoe feller it ljoch hoe tjusterder it skaad.
Com més clara és la llum, més fosques són les ombres.
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Amazing color work going on here.
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Thank you very much! :hug:
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They are both breathtaking. Love the color. ^^
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I'm glad you posted this, It's fascinating to watch the development of a piece of work :clap:
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Thank you! I may post a more in depth 'development' trail soon. :D
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