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Inside my studio...

By Foxfires
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...on a cold, snowy winter's night.

EDIT x2:  Holy cats - I got a DD?!? LOL  THANK YOU!!!!  I just now saw this!!!  I will make sure to get back to everyone ASAP!!  

EDIT:  Wow I had no idea I would receive such a wonderful response to this!  Thank you, all!
Here are a few things about the room:  I used sarees from India to drap and create the tent ceiling.  You can find vintage/used sarees like this on eBay for excellent prices, and since each one is about 5 or 6 yards of fabric, each one covers a LOT of space!

I am a thrift store junky, and always have my eye out for a good deal.  Probably 90% of what you see in this photo was found at thrift stores, or bought on super clearance.  Some things I repurpose, paint over, make into things they weren't originally meant to be.  That's what gives it the eclectic look.  I then mix in my personal artwork (the pillow on the chair is my art), and some precious things I've purchased over the years or bought when I was traveling.

The scale of the room is a bit deceiving.  Everything except to chest-of-drawers is meant to be reachable when sitting on the floor.  The little table is only about 10 inches high.  My desk is made out of long planks of hardwood sitting on top of planters that I filled with books that I wanted to store, and it too can be sat at with just a cushion.  The chair I found has very tiny legs so that works perfectly for when I am working for long periods of time.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!  Thanks for all your lovely comments!  
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You have a lovely eye for decorating. Thank you for the tip about the vintage sarees and the fact that they cover a lot of space. I will definitely look into acquiring some when I decorate my new room...after I move....eventually.

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You've inspired me with ideas to make my living room (my creative space) into something more creative. Creative space equals creative inspiration?

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Thought it was a tent at first, which is to say, super cozy.

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Feels like you're inside a comfy zone.
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I like your set up

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I really like the lights!
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Just... wow.... Feels like an awesome tent-ish design and so classic. The only out of place object is the computer and that pink cup. You have achieved a perfect room design :)
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Studio, haha. What are you creatin in this studio? Sweet dreams of opium, or even dope ;) Great studio anyways!!!! :)

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Amazing  office!! 
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This is a sanctuary. Red Snow Globe Red Snow Globe Red Snow Globe 
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Beautiful office. :)
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Love this idea but I do have 2 questions for you:

1. How did you attach the sarees on the wall/ceiling?
2. Fabric tends to collect dust so do you take them down every few months to wash/refresh them?
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The saris are attached with stainless steel thumb tacks.  I chose lightweight saris (some of the more ornate ones are very heavy, and would not do well with this sort of treatment), and it works perfectly! :)

Actually these saris do not collect dust like you would think.  Fabric such as curtains near windows suffer the bulk of dust that comes in, but saris which are pressed up against walls and ceilings have very little if any.   Once a year if you take them down and give them a shake, let them air out - that is just fine. Even then, so little has collected that it doesn't even 'fly' when they are shaken.   Dust tends to fall to the carpets.  My throw rugs have to be taken out every couple of weeks and given a good beating out in the yard. ;)
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Ah okay, thanks for the info :)
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Oh my goodness~! This room is absolutely beautiful, and it looks so comfortable as well <3
The colors certainly add a lovely atmosphere to the room that I simply cannot describe with words, wonderful photo and wonderful job~!
Once I have my own place I certainly will have to give a try at making such a beautiful space to work in ^ ^
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Oh thank you!!!   You absolutely should!  It makes everything dreamy ;)
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Success! I've been trying to find this again for entirely too long. When I first saw it, barely an instant passed before I wanted to walk in and sit down with a book. Everything about this place is soothing and inviting. I think you used just the right small amount of cool colors, like the blue saris, to keep the reds and other warm colors from oversaturating the eye.

I agree with some of the other comments. Might I move in and spend inordinate amounts of time reading here?
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haha aw thank you!!!  That made me smile.  I'm sitting in the room right now typing this as it snows outside!   Come on over.  The reading cushions are all fluffed up!!!
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I hope there are enough cushions for a proper pillow fort. The fortress of books and reading shall resist all intrusion.
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Always!  One must never be without enough pillows to build a proper book reading fortress!  
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Love your studio!  Very colorful and happy!!
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