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11 people, creative folks of all sorts. We're going to Africa, and we wanna make a book about it. Will you join us?…

I am super excited to announce this project and trip I'm a part of -

I am offering a few pieces of custom/original art for sale (watercolor or ink wash paintings) and the book itself is going to be amazing!! I don't usually offer smaller custom paintings like this, so if you are interested now is a great chance to get one. :)

There are so many fun, crazy, awesome, talented people taking part, and we'd love to share it with you. Check it out!
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I will be at MFF this year, in the main dealer's rooms, so if you're attending please come say hi! :) 

I've also got a little bit of honey left for sale - the gift jars make wonderful holiday gifts :)   
There is one hive sponsorship (adopt bees and get honey!) left right now as well:

Aaand last but not least, I've got a whole bunch of really fun holiday gift ideas on my website: Tagua totem animal pendants, animal stack prints, a large variety of t-shirts and more!

Here's to hoping FA gets fixed soon!  I really miss seeing all the art, my inbox has basically been empty for a week or so.
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I will be attending Furry Migration - a newly established convention here in Minnesota!

Sept. 12-14th
They have invited me as a guest of honor, so I will be running a few panels including one on beekeeping (with a free wildflower honey tasting included, from our own apiary here in the southern part of the state!).

If you're local and/or plan to attend, please stop by and say hi! I'm really looking forward to having a more local convention and meeting more people in the area as well :)
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I have been making tagua totem pendants for fifteen years now (since 1999!) and I want to give everyone a sincere, direct-from-the-heart thank you for all your years of support which has allowed me to make a living out of my passion for artwork and animals!

I have now over 110 unique designs of animal glyphs and an extensive animal symbolism dictionary available online - and I am planning to continue adding new species to the list and accumulating more entries in the symbolism encyclopedia - hopefully extending my writeups to include more information on mythology,  symbology, and natural history of each animal!

If you are interested in supporting my animal glyph designs and encyclopedic endeavors, please consider checking out my Patreon campaign - where for as little as $1 a month you can help me keep making new designs, win a chance at a free pendant of your own, and some other nifty reward options as well. :)   

Thank you so much for your consideration, time, and supporting my work! I look forward to keep making more!!
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A few years ago my husband mbala and myself took up the sport of Scuba Diving. In the last two years we've finished our Advanced Open Water certification as well as an Ice Diving specialty - with our sights on eventually getting Cave Diving certified (full cave, I hope, but we'll see how the training progresses). :)

I just wanted to share a few videos from our adventures, for those of you who dive or are interested in it!

Ice Diving in Lake Wazee this winter:…

Swimming with Manatees in Homosassa River, Florida:…

Drift Diving on the Rainbow River, Florida :…

There are a few other videos there on my Youtube channel as well. :) We've had some incredible adventures underwater, including night diving with Manta Rays in Hawaii, introductions to wreck diving in the Caribbean, and our first tastes of caves/caverns in northern Florida. There isn't a whole lot of dive opportunity here in Minnesota (we're not in the great lakes area) but there's a wonderful local dive club and we're looking forward to pursuing our Rescue Diver training this summer. It keeps us busy in the farm off-season, for sure!

Have you ever been scuba diving? I love hearing everyone's stories and adventures - the underwater world of 'inner space' is really like nothing else I've ever experienced in life. An addictive hobby... for sure!
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