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I am pleased to announce we have a few hive shares for 2014 left - you can find more info on my bee website here: ofbees.com/hive-shares/
It's a fantastic way to get honey, support bees and beekeeping, and be involved without the work (or chance of being stung!)

Thanks to  the wonderful generosity of people who supported our Bees & Trees project in 2012 my husband and I were able to establish an apiary (place where you keep bees) on our farm.  Our interest in the bees has flourished into a passion and we've gone from two colonies our first year to our current five colonies of bees and are planning to expand the bee yard a bit next spring.  We are trying to use the most natural, organic methods possible in bee management, not using any chemicals or feeding honey substitutes from our bees.

If you're interested in our project or want to learn more about our bees and beekeeping, we have a blog on our site: ofbees.com/

Thanks for looking. And ... Beeeees!
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I'm allergic to bees but this is just so tempting. I would want to name all the cute little bees ^o^