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'Clearest Vision' Feather

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Acrylic on a turkey feather, approx. 3"x8".

A chestnut mustang charges through a shallow stream, heading off alone into a bright, moonlight night.

I've been working on this piece for awhile, one of a few feather paintings I want to bring to the 2005 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. I really love painting on feathers, and though I am new to it, I know it is going to be a lifelong love affair with this media.

Prints available! Email me if you are interested.
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I love the design.
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Wow,what a cool idea.and so detailed.I get more excited to see all the talent that is here.
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that is just plain amazing
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Never heard of feather painting before. That's insane :thumbsup:
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That's a really amazing idea for mixed media; I've never seen anyone do that before. It looks so pretty too!
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I have some questions about feather painting:

1. What kind of feathers do you use.

2. Where do you get your feathers?

3. What kind of paint do you use and what brand?

4. How can you stop the barbs from splitting? Is there a technique or practice?
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I generally use turkey feathers, since they are broad and flat, but I have used many types. Anything works, really. Save for down feathers.

I get them from hunters, from wild dead birds, from pet birds/food birds, pretty much everywhere. I take care to clean them before using them, freezing them for some time to kill any possible parasites and using a tiny bit of soapy water to wash off any debris.

I use acrylic paints, generally. I am fond of Golden brand.

As for the barbs, laying the feather flat (or ironing a wing feather to make it so) helps. Also, using very soft strokes and working with the grain of the feather instead of against helps. As you build up layers of paint it becomes easier to work and less likely to split. You also just have to be kind of flexible when you are working. You can spray the surface of the feather lightly with a fixative as well, but then you can't reposition its barbs/fluff after that.
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Thanks so much! :D :D
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very cool idea, to use the hair at the bottom of the feather to mimic water ^^
have you seen *Nambroth's feathers ?
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Ohhhh, this is just so so so, so so so BEAUTIFUL.... amazing. :faint:
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I am just about to jump into feather painting myself so I was looking around at some of the others. THis is a beautiful feather! Wish me luck when it comes to doing my own (in oil...eek). I don't know what I'm thinking. Heehee.

Great feather!!!
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I love how you used the fluffy part of the feather for the splashes and the dark part for the sky - it makes it look as if the feather was meant for the painting.
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On a turkey feather? It's beautiful! I love the sky in particular, and how well you captured the proportions of a horses' head from that angle. Fantastic!
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oow wauw looks great =D
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i always wanned to learn how to do this tipe of art. . .
i dont even know how to begen O_O
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My god, that is just absolutley beautiful. Oddly enough, though i love the horse and all... i think what I like most is the way the feather blends into the night sky, and the moon. Great stuff.

~Nashoba "Nash" Hostina
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Ooh, very beautiful! Any chance one can commission a dreamcatcher of painted feathers? =>
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I do take commissions - drop me an email at foxfeather @ if you are interested. Thanks :)
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OMG !!! That is sooooo awsome!!
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Giving you some feathers paid off big time! This is awesome...I hope you do more of these, especially for MFF this year. Did you pre-spray this feather to prevent splitting? If so, was it with hairspray or a general acrylic fixitive?
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This one I actually didn't spray, I just used a thin layer of gesso underneath the place I was going to paint. It split a little, but wasn't bad. I usually use Krylon clear spray :)
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Great!! Have to love this one!
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Wow, you actually painted on the feather? That's incredible! I really like the mare - she's got a great feeling of movement, and I like the white ring around her left eye.

Are you talking about the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo that tours through Denver? If so, I'll probably come and see if I can find your work!

(Oh, by the way - I came through LJ...Just so this doesn't seem completely out of the blue.)
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