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Luna and the Squid

By foxestacado
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Why did I suddenly have the inkling to paint Luna...and the squid? I was composing my business card, and I knew it needed to portray my strengths in painting, which is the human face. And it needed to be an *attractive* and whimiscal and beautiful human face, because I don't want to scare away potential clients with my portrayal of dark, moody characters. They might think *I* am a dark, moody character...which might not be so good for business.

I actually wanted to design my business card so that it looked like a book cover. I am fascinated by book cover design, because of the way it integrates a large centralized visual picture, with typography that fits it (for the book title, author name, etc). And while we are all told we shouldn't judge a book by its cover, frankly, we do. We're all visual creatures. And I wanted to apply that same logic to my business card.

Anyway, I was looking through archives of notable book covers, and I saw one particular cover that really captured my attention, the cover for Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro. It features the face of a child, with wide blue eyes, looking towards the upper right. It is absolutely stunning. I had also pulled a Rococo-inspired photograph of a woman, and I'm not quite sure when "big blue eyes" and Rococo-female translated into Luna in my head...but I think it might have been some time after I started painting.

At some point, I was thinking: why is the blond, blue-eyed girl looking over her shoulder with a slightly mischievous and innocent-looking smile? What is she looking at? At the same time, I thought the painting was missing something, and I was entertaining all sorts of ideas, but I was mostly thinking in terms of contrasts. Beauty and the beast. Perfection and the grotesque. Light and dark. At some point, I was thinking of adding in part of a machine, but I hate painting metal, so that kind of went out the window.

I don't know when the idea came to me, but when the idea of a reaching squid tentacle came to me, it was so obvious and immediate to me that this innocent, slightly mischevious-looking girl-woman *must* be Luna.

It was just one of those perfect moments of utter clarity, the kind that excites me with its simplicity yet complicated perfection. Luna is the ONLY blond, blue-eyed female I can think of who will look absolutely naive and curious and almost otherworldly, with a tentacle reaching towards her chin. It also *works* because there IS a giant squid in Harry Potter fandom. And it also works because she is almost certainly going to seek out creatures and entertain their attentions without the least inhibition. AND, because Luna and the Squid makes sense is probably the ONLY time I can get away with putting a girl and a squid together in one painting without it being interpreted as wholly perverted (*ahem*Japanese tentacle porn*ahem*). Of course, it can still be interpreted that way.


Sold for $250 at the Azkatraz charity auction in July 2009!

Only a few more limited edition 11x14" prints are still available! Please email me at to inquire about pricing.
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Globin347Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice picture, but anyone who knows anything about cephalopods will tell you that this is clearly an octopus.
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This is so so beautiful, you are talented.
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letskickittHobbyist Writer
This is stunning. There really aren't any words to describe how truly gorgeous this piece is. As a Luna fangirl, I can definitely see her there. It's truly magnificent - great job!
Eavis's avatar
This is /Luna/! It simply is. her.
foxestacado's avatar
Thank you! Thank you for all of your lovely comments.
SonjaFruge's avatar
I am completely and utterly in love with my Luna and the Squid pouch I got from you today at Whimsic Alley! Thank you so much for your art.
foxestacado's avatar
I am so glad you like the pouch I created! It was so lovely of you to drop by my table at Whimsic Alley. I will be back at Whimsic Alley for their November Craft Faire!
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InnsmouthFishwifeHobbyist Photographer
Simply put, this is gorgeous on many levels and feels 'realistic' in the right ways. Even without the Potter fanart level to it which I love, it is stunning. Cheers!
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LuckyeaterStudent Filmographer
Red are roses
Violets are purple
This poem is crap
You and I know where this is going to lead.
MyPaperSoul69's avatar
I am amazed my the limitless extent of beauty you have created here
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kevinzabboHobbyist General Artist
Congrats on the sale!

She's looking at Mr. Squid as if she loves him. I like that.
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2wingoHobbyist Writer
Did you know that Japanese tentacle porn goes back to, like, the 1600's?
foxestacado's avatar
Yup! I do indeed know that little factoid. In fact, I've seen some of those old prints. Fascinating art.

The original intention of this piece is not tentacle porn, but as always, my pieces are open to all interpretations :)
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2wingoHobbyist Writer
It seems to me that it's more like a pet, sort of an "Iron Giant" thing.
foxestacado's avatar
That's one! I intended it to be the squid from the Giant Lake. If Luna can befriend thestrals, she can befriend the Giant Squid. Beauty with her Beasts.
2wingo's avatar
2wingoHobbyist Writer
And with her giant squid minion, Luna Lovegood instituted a reign of terror that even Voldemort considered "a little much."
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I am in love with this.
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this is so are so talented. i would love to have this hanging up on my wall.
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unknownXartistHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is pretty amazing. Great job!! :]
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x-xSpitFirex-xHobbyist Photographer
I featured your work here > [link] :)
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I love it!!
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FeffafeeHobbyist Photographer
This makes me SO happy :D
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LetsLaughStudent Traditional Artist
I simply love this. It captures everything. I was wondering, what do you use to colour the picture and any tips for me?
foxestacado's avatar
Thank you for your comment!

I painted this in Photoshop, using very similar techniques to painting using oils or watercolors. Sorry if that doesn't really help. I would recommend becoming comfortable painting on canvas, because really, brushes in Photoshop (you can download better brushes from DeviantArt users that mimic real paintbrushes) operate very similarly to real paintbrushes.
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