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Hope and The Frog Wizard by foxesdemonica Hope and The Frog Wizard :iconfoxesdemonica:foxesdemonica 1 0
Which Neinscape Nurse Are You?
1. Let's get this question out of the way, alright? Favorite color?
     a. Green
     b. Red
     c. Purple
     d. This question is stupid
     e. Pasta!
     f. Like, totally pink!
2. What do you think of short skirts?
     a. I don't like them, but the alternative is s-scary….
     b. Aiya! Why do they make them so short?
     c. Well, at least people see me in this…
     d. Short skirts are stupid and all the doctors here are damn perverts!
     e. They're fun to eat pasta in
     f. They totes show off my fabu legs
3. Doctor Kolkol is…
     a. *shaking* A great doctor! Really! I have to go now!
     b. Creepy, aru.
:iconfoxesdemonica:foxesdemonica 28 213
Mature content
The Kids Are Finally Alright :iconfoxesdemonica:foxesdemonica 39 152
Hanging On For Dear Life by foxesdemonica Hanging On For Dear Life :iconfoxesdemonica:foxesdemonica 4 157
Dukes of Hetalia
England was dead. Dead and in Hell. That was the only logical explanation for why he was currently laying in the back of an unfamiliar car, wearing a cowboy hat, a pink shirt, and a pair of what appeared to be America's old jeans.
Not to mention the sun was in his eyes.
That detail gave England pause. Last he checked, there was no sun in Hell. Just lots of fire and brimstone and torture. Ok, so he was still alive. But how did he end up here?
Thinking back, England remembered being manhandled to America's birthday party by a certain Frenchman. After America had screamed a greeting at him, England had headed straight for the bar. He only had a drink or two. Ok, maybe three. Four. Oh hell, he got shit-faced beyond all reason.
That solved part of the mystery. England always woke up in odd places after he got drunk. Like broom closets or that room in Germany's basement that the intimidating blonde had made him promise not to mention to anyone, ever, on penalty of becoming an experiment.
:iconfoxesdemonica:foxesdemonica 26 91
Artist as a Maiko by foxesdemonica Artist as a Maiko :iconfoxesdemonica:foxesdemonica 16 38
End af all Hope
To say that nobody saw it coming would be the understatement of the century.
Prior to that day, if you had asked any of the countries who they thought would try to take over the world and cause World War 3, they would have said America.
The war with Russia had done something to him, something no amount of treaties and peace agreements could fix, and it was a secret the whole world knew that he had kept storing up nuclear weapons long after he was supposed to have given them up.
Looking back, many of the nations would blame this surety for what happened. The whole world had simply been too busy watching America to even consider any other threats. And that made it the perfect time to strike.
Switzerland was the first to go. All the guns in the world were useless against an attacker he refused to see. And with his arsenal available, the rest of Europe was quick to fall.
Germany tried to fight, and Italy stood by him, but in the end, it was their bond that tore them apart.
Surprisingly eno
:iconfoxesdemonica:foxesdemonica 4 24
Happy New Year Intro
Ivan sighed wearily, patting the small box in his pocket. It had taken him most of the summer to find the perfect one, but now he was ready. Or not.
It had seemed so simple back at home, but now, standing outside Yao's front gate, all of his courage, liquid or otherwise, seemed to desert him.
Just as Ivan was about to give up and go home, a small, black-haired form ran into him and bounced off his chest and onto the ground.
Ivan starred impassively at the fallen form, trying to remember which one of Yao's siblings it was. It didn't take him long to remember after the other nation stood up, however.
"Falling was invented in Korea you know?" The overly happy nation cheered, eying Ivan with obvious suspicion.
Ivan nodded quickly, not wanting to deal with his boyfriend's crazy family right now. However, Im Yong Soo apparently had no intention of letting him go unmolested, as he planted himself firmly in front of Ivan, putting his "interrogation face" on.
"Why are you standing here da ze?"
:iconfoxesdemonica:foxesdemonica 16 76
Mature content
My Little Dove :iconfoxesdemonica:foxesdemonica 8 92
Worth It
B had never experienced a longer plane ride in his life then the one back to Whammy's that cold winter night.
As long as he focused on the raven sleeping on his shoulder, it didn’t seem too bad. L would make it okay. L was worth it.
“Is he really B? Is he worth the memories, the pain, the stress?” A questioned from his seat across the aisle.
B sighed and turned away from the A-hallucination, choosing instead to stare out the window at the lights of England passing quickly under the plane. L was worth it. There could be no other way to think.
L awoke just as the plane was landing, gracing B with a sleepy smile before leading the copy through the airport to where Roger was waiting for them.
B trailed behind L, A hopping around him, giggling madly and taunting him with doubts at every step. He wouldn’t let this control him. Not when he finally had his Lawli-pop and a future to share with him.
Ignoring A’s whispers of how it wasn’t much of a future, B hurried
:iconfoxesdemonica:foxesdemonica 2 8
Mature content
Confession :iconfoxesdemonica:foxesdemonica 4 28
Doubt Resolved
                                                      11 Years Later
“Pepi! Hey, Pepi, over here!”
Pepito glanced up at the call, smiling as he caught sight of his one and only friend, Todd Casil. Not that Pepito ever called him that. As far as the Antichrist was concerned, Todd would always be Amigo or Squee.
Wandering over to where the other boy was sitting with his lunch, Pepito dropped into the seat across the table and immediately set about making faces at the mysterious goo the cafeteria lady insisted was food.
“Glaring at it won’t make it go away Pepi.” Squee joked, taking a bite of his own mystery lunch and swallowing happily, giggling slightly at the disgusted look on his friend’s f
:iconfoxesdemonica:foxesdemonica 7 1,217
The darkness. Ever since I’ve born, it’s been with me. Father says it’s my destiny, to take the darkness from around me and conquer the world. Sometimes, I almost think I actually want to do this.
Other times, when I’m with him, I don’t.
Mother always said that everyone had someone out there, but I never believed her. Then I saw two big brown eyes staring at me from the zombie mass at school. I had to have him. He had to be mine.
I remember the first time I invited him over. He was so scared, shaking in his little shoes, but he never gave in.
Father threatened and promised, I screamed, but still he said no. He refused to join us in darkness. That was when I first began to doubt.
Is the darkness so grand, when the one person who has made a place in my heart rejects it? What is eternal power and eternal life without my Amigo?
His eyes the first time I called him that. They got so wide, even wider then usual. Like no one has ever shown him affection before.
I don&
:iconfoxesdemonica:foxesdemonica 14 1,282
Mature content
Mimes :iconfoxesdemonica:foxesdemonica 5 18
Fella Valentine Contest entry by foxesdemonica Fella Valentine Contest entry :iconfoxesdemonica:foxesdemonica 3 43
Little White Riding Hood
Once upon a time, in a village far, far away, there lived an incredibly intelligent little boy named Near.
Near lived in a small room above the toy store his parents had left him when they were killed a few years back.
The killer had never been caught, but the police believed it was the work of a serial killer that had been roaming the area, codenamed, The Wolf.
Despite being alone in the store, Near wasn’t unhappy. He had unlimited access to as many toys as he wanted, and the villagers brought him food and clothes.
Besides, he had never liked talking to people, so living alone really was best. Not that he didn’t miss his parents. He just didn’t miss talking to them day and night.
One day, Near got a call from his grandfather, who lived in the forest near the village.
The old man had suffered a heart attack and had used up his supply of food waiting to get well enough to gather more.
Since the old man still wasn’t well, he asked Near to bring some food to him, as we
:iconfoxesdemonica:foxesdemonica 8 12

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1. :iconsaxitlurg:

  McFishy in a Fish Suit by saxitlurgIt's McFishy. Wearing a fish suit. What about this could possibly not be loved?

Dance Lessons by saxitlurg I just love the punchline in this one. I must find a way to use it in my life!

Happy Holidays by saxitlurgThe only thing better than adorable personifications of countries, adorable personifications of holidays and seasons. I want to be BFFs with Fall and Thanksgiving

2. :iconanime-youtube-jpop:
~APH~ First  SuFin  Pic by Anime-YouTube-Jpop Fanart of my favorite Hetalia couple. Love the heart.

~HETALIA~ Happy Independence Day America! by Anime-YouTube-Jpop Happy 'Murica Day!

~HETALIA~ Nyotalia - Canada by Anime-YouTube-JpopNyo!Canada is so gorgeous

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