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Bored mostly and the comic is kind of behind at being posted here on DA. There's a little under 900 pages to the comic so far with no sign of slowing down so If you like long reads I highly recommend it. 'Course it also helps to like sci-fi-fantasy.

For those of you just jumping on the Comic's bandwagon first let me implore you, start from the beginning. It's not a comic that is easily picked up in the middle there's a lot of information in the comic that's shown as it goes on.

"Well Fox, before I invest my time in a 900 page comic, what's it all about?"

The comic's official name is "Isla Aukate" It's a sci-fi/fantasy slice-of-life comic about a struggling overlord Fox as she tries to rule the island chain she lives in and eventually the world. The comic mostly focuses on the lives of her minions and agents as they butt heads with the invading Darnathi Aliens who have similar (albiet slightly more peaceful) global domination goals.

If you want to read the comic in an easier fashion than here on DA go to it's website: where you can even see glimpses of the final version (though the sketch version is much much longer)

Tonight I will be streaming on Tigerdile at 5pm eastern time and drawing more comics and dual-streaming with my friend and Gamer, Genesis whitmoore who will stream games while I draw. It's lots of fun come drop by:…
I had thought that I had burned many a bridge in my lifetime. The mistakes I'd made in my youth would haunt me forever as a harsh but needed lesson learned. And While I would prefer some bridges to remain smoldering piles of ash, there are apparently people who are either willing to forgive me or weren't all that upset with me to begin with. 

I am not the same person I was 3 years ago. I have come to terms with a lot of flaws problems and issues and have worked to correct them. I can only keep moving forward and be better as a person. Along the way if old familiar faces return, well then. There's a wonderful journey ahead. 
It's nice to be able to Sprawl back out into other Galleries like Deviantart again. While I adore FA and usually pay it much more attention, it doesn't have the organization options DA does. Which is just sad really. Heres hoping Fa gets up to speed on that. In the meantime, however I am hoping the people here are enjoying the crazy stupid little comic I have going among other fun stuff I post here. 
All comics are now up to date to current and will now update on schedule once a day. I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far. 
A little over half of the comics have been submitted now, along with ALOT of artwork related to it in my general gallery now. This has been an ongoing project since march of last year so I figured along with my clean slate I'd start getting more relevant artwork up from the past year relating to the project. I should have the rest of the comics up by tomorrow, hopefully. 

In the meantime I suppose I should also tell all of you that I stream regularly on Tigerdile, and tonight is a comic night where I essentially bang out 10-14 sketch comics to be posted through the week so if you enjoy the comic so far and want to come join in on watching more of it be produced go here at 5pm EDT today:…

The comic is run on Donations and while donating isn't required to come and watch it really is nice to have a little donation or two thrown toward it. Actual currency only. Please. I do not accept DA points for comic donations. If you want to donate and support the comic you can go here.…
There's basically 454 comics in this series so far that I'm trying to get up on DA. One of the biggest issues with The overlord Comic is that on my gallery on FA it's in a mess on my gallery and not in it's own folder (since at present FA doesn't have folders) So I decided to post the comic here as well as FA so it could at least have some semblance of organization. Anyway hope you're enjoying the pages so far. 
I'm baaaaaack.

Did a lot of cleaning up around here lately. I want to move forward for one, past previous projects and onto a new project. If you people follow me at all on Furaffinity (same name as here) you're probably aware of that project already. 

Over the next few days I'll be uploading the rough drafts of a comic named officially "Isla aukate" unnofficially everyone calls it "the overlord comic." It's a fun little romp though fantasy scifi and slice of life I hope you guys who don't watch me on FA enjoy it.