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Commission Price chart

By Foxenawolf
I'd like to forward this by saying the subject I chose for this is simple on purpose as it allowed me to show better the depth of detail I'm able to acheive for each layer. The Top layer are my usual commission prices, they will not change. 

Disclaimer: If you think these prices are too high, good for you, I'll never have you as a client. moaning about it being unfair will not garner sympathy from me to lower them. I DO NOT TAKE POINT COMMISSIONS. GAIA GOLD, or any other currency besides what can pay my rent, utilities and groceries. 

Art is a Job for me not a hobby.

Further more I've had these prices on FurAffinity for almost two years now, and I still have commissions lined up every night.
I'm not expecting people to jump on the higher-priced items but they are an option for the people who DO want something a little prettier than my usual fare. No-one is forcing you to buy my stuff there's plenty of other artists on Deviant art that will do arts for cheaper, I'm not one of them I take pride in my work as I do it for a living and wanted to offer my awesome clientele the option of something more.

Edit: updated with most recent price sheet. 
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I swear I'll get enough money :3
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And the day I have the money to get a commission with my Giant OC and a bunch of other ponies, is the day I commission you.   Holy shit, I need some money. I'll be back.