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I Also make teeny little resin/plush critters named Chirrs. these are the ones that I sold at Megaplex this year. But many many more to come. 
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I sooo want one!!! They're ADORABLE!!!
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I actually have them up on etsy! lots of different colors now! c:…
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Oh! This is cool! Thanks! You also said you make custome chirrs right?
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I do Though They are more expensive. But having all the colors I offer listed at least helps people choose. It depends on what you ultimately want how much it will be because some materials are more expensive than others. 
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So, I looked at the site you linked to. I just have one question before I make a final decision. I'm sure you get asked this question alot, but I just have to know:

When it comes to custom chirrs, can you make them any bigger than what's posted on the site about size?

I apologize in advance if I bring up a question constantly asked.
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I cannot at this time. The head and paws are part of a resin mold that I can't size up. They'd have to be re-sculpted, re-cast and there's no guarantee I could get the proper beads for the eyes on the first try. The chirrs as they stand are the result of about a month of trial and error with patterns and resin casting/clay molding. (and currently they'r actually on their 4th iteration of their plush pattern)

When it comes to customs, with the materials I currently have, you can dictate the color of the fur based on what colors are available in the shannon minky line, the color of the resin (and the finish: Normal, pearly, metallic, thermal, UV reactive or UV Color-changing)
And the eye color. The fur doesn't have to match the antennae if you don't want it to.

Making one special to order like this would probably be something around $50

Otherwise I don't yet make custom plush beyond what I'm currently capable of. 
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oooooo O.O they're adorable!
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