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PMD Page 56

He was just hungry. :iconteheplz:
I'm surprised so many took it seriously! I guess, he did feel down after that dispute with Team RoughnTough. Who wouldn't want a good feed after that?

I have a twitter now, it's @Vivinkart if you look close enough, you can see that I'm now officially an artist for an indie team. 

I will be posting concepts of the game I'm working on in near future if you guys are interested. : )

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aura how dare you hint that he is in a game, you're not allowed to break the plot's 4th wall

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because if you remembered stuff from your human life things would be harder and easier.

if i were sent in with my memory intact within a span of a month or so i would have a working 9mm rifle and some explosives (with help) and probably lots of home sickness and stress because i would remember my family and how worried they are and i probably might not see them again.
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Look at those faces, so cute :3
popfizzfan7's avatar
4th wall break! XD
chicoARTS's avatar
pfftwahahaha you silly dilly vanilly....
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*ahem* Did she just reference the video games?
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She sure did! She's from our world after all. 

Just in a separate universe where PMD never existed lol
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hey, so im kinda new to here, so do you have like a pattern of posts?
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Hey! Welcome.
Yes, it's usually on a Monday, then another on Friday. But the past few weeks have been really full on with final assessments and whatnot.
However, it was all done and dusted last week so there should be a new page up in the next 24 hours! :D
What do you think so far of the comic?
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sooooo goooood. i like the humor in the comic

keep up the good work!
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Thaat's great to hear. c: C: Thanks, I will do my best haha
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I'm new here too and thanks

I like the comic so far btw!
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Thank you and welcome to the ride. : D
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np and I'm liking it so far!  Very cute style!  Eager for the next page!
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Last page when he was all 'down in the dumps' I knew it was going to be for a stupid reason XD XD XD
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The random reaction faces are probably the best part.
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Dat fourth wall break though XD
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.... wait i cought u shiii.....
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breaking the fourth lol
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