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**OLD** Daniel Tracy by Foxdog-Express **OLD** Daniel Tracy by Foxdog-Express
The deer bab finally has a ref.


Daniel was found abandoned near the dock of London when the captain of a pirate ship found him. He was a wolf named Lucien Tracy, and took the deer under his wing out of sympathy. Daniel and Lucien had a strong father/child bond, and the deer grew to love pirate culture and accept it as a part of him. Unfortunately, when Dani was 8, Captain Lucien died, and his first mate Thornlocke became the new captain. Thornlocke always disliked Daniel, because ever since he was adopted onto the ship, Thornlocke felt as though he was growing distant from his best friend Lucien. Now that he was making the rules, Daniel became the “punching bag” of the crew and was used to all the dirty work for them, giving Captain Thornlocke satisfaction. He is used as a “garbage boy” who disposes waste, forced to dance for the crew’s entertainment, and is usually given the hardest or most embarassing parts in a mission. Besides that, he is often bullied for his shifting gender identity, sexuality, scrawny body build, and interests. He has developed a low self esteem since, and it’s what drives his grumpy, bad attitude. 


Daniel is a quiet, stubborn genderfluid deer. As a male, he is called Daniel, as a female, Dianne, and as genderless or androgynous, Dani. Overall, he usually appears as a pretty grumpy person, whether he is actually mad or not. His expression is aloof most of the time. He’s a polite deer, but can quickly become sassy and rude if he’s talking to someone he doesn’t like. This isn’t always the case though, as sometimes he’s too scared to stand up for himself against certain people (such as his crew). He can act pretty childish in “rude” mode. As long as he’s with his crew, Dani’s a pushover, but he’s surprisingly tolerant of the way he’s treated, even though he hates it. While he's normally aloof, he can be quite enthusiastic about things he likes. (Such as anime.)


Because he’s genderfluid, his gender and pronoun preference is unpredictable. He tends to be male the most, but of course, that isn’t always the case. He prefers to keep his biological gender hidden so nobody forces a single gender identity on him (plus, he just thinks it’s funny to mess with people). The only person who ever knew his biological gender was his adoptive father, Lucien. 

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