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Crossroads by FoxDesigns Crossroads by FoxDesigns
I don't generally submit design work here because I can't really post much of what I've worked on in the past because of a NDA. But, since this is entirely my own work and I am now looking for new employment I thought I would give it a go. Having said that, I don't generally do Design work as most of my experience is in Print Production and Page Layout, but you do tend to pick up a lot as you go along and I've been doing this sort of thing for over 11 yrs now. This was a nice opportunity to stretch my Design muscles.

This was intended to be a Language Arts program for the US education market with an emphasis on developing cross-curriculum learning skills. It was aimed at Grades 4, 5 and 6, with this manuscript being a sample from the Grade 5 text. This was also a chance for staff members to brainstorm design ideas and get input from the Senior Design staff who have over 50 yrs of Design experience between them. This represents my contribution which was actually declared “very good, but too sophisticated for this grade level.”

What I Did:
Complete Design concept, Font selection, Template creation, Page concept development, Page composition, Comp photo selection, Master graphics creation, Image manipulation, Image retouching and close cropping, Montage creation, Presentation of Design concepts to Senior Design staff.

I also thought I would open this to critiques and see what anyone else thinks of it.

The images used in this mock up remain the copyright of the individual image holders and have been used for educational and comp purposes only under the appropriate user agreements. The design, layout, and master page elements used in this mock up are Copyright ©2010 by FoxDesigns (S.Fox), and protected by international copyright law. All rights reserved.

You may not modify, copy, reproduce, use for comp, republish, upload, post, transmit, sell or distribute, in any manner, any image or any part of any image in this gallery without the expressed written permission from FoxDesigns (S.Fox). This is not a stock image. This is not public domain. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
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October 2, 2010
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