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Hey everyone! Recently I've been in a bit of a pit emotionally, and I've only just rediscovered the motivation to draw again. I'm working on an original species, and I literally lost my job last week, I'm not at all okay with this. I'm going to be in debt and my only way to fix it is by either magically getting a new job in a week, or I start drawing my ass off like I used to when I was on dA before.
I'm gonna try and do both, because 1 I have the time to draw again, and 2 I've missed this.
I'm working on a design, and the species blueprints are done (I finished them a while ago, I just need to apply myself to actually writing the lore I had in mind and making the official reference sheets)
To start the species off I'm going to be making a free raffle design where only my watchers can enter, I would really appreciate you guys spreading the word if you're interested when I post it, and also I'd love to hear your thoughts on the design and species itself!
Here's a little preview ;u;…
The sketch is really messy but
I'm gonna make him a cool boi
King--kun Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2018
I remember you showed me these back when you were working on them!! Best of luck with their launch ;o;/
I also wish you the very best of luck at fiding a new job and hope only good things will come your way. I'm sure this is all very stressful for you ;;; 
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Submitted on
April 16, 2018