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Hey all ;; I know I haven't been on recently, I have been working on my species project as well as trying to get a new job.
I am in dire need of £10 to pay for my bus pass, it gets paid in today, and as a result I either have to find someone willing to lend me money, which I don't want to do, or I take some commissions.

Willow Sprite by foxchirps
Sprites like this - $8-$15 depending on the complexity of the character

Bloodborne by foxchirps Coyote Kisses by foxchirps
Experimental bust/headshots like this - $15 - $25 depending on the complexity of the character

Willow reference sheet 2018 by foxchirps
Simple reference sheets like this - $15 - $25+ depending on the complexity of the character, if you want extras like accessories and headshots then the price will go up <3

Help me name my grem by foxchirps
Cell shaded full body without background - $20-$25+ depending on the complexity of the character

Freckle Foxes set 1 - OPEN - by foxchirps
Custom designs - $20+ depending on complexity

Please, if you could share this I would greatly appreciate it, I feel awful for asking, but I really am in a tough situation right now

1 - OPEN
2 - OPEN
3 - OPEN
4 - OPEN
5 - OPEN
Hey everyone! Recently I've been in a bit of a pit emotionally, and I've only just rediscovered the motivation to draw again. I'm working on an original species, and I literally lost my job last week, I'm not at all okay with this. I'm going to be in debt and my only way to fix it is by either magically getting a new job in a week, or I start drawing my ass off like I used to when I was on dA before.
I'm gonna try and do both, because 1 I have the time to draw again, and 2 I've missed this.
I'm working on a design, and the species blueprints are done (I finished them a while ago, I just need to apply myself to actually writing the lore I had in mind and making the official reference sheets)
To start the species off I'm going to be making a free raffle design where only my watchers can enter, I would really appreciate you guys spreading the word if you're interested when I post it, and also I'd love to hear your thoughts on the design and species itself!
Here's a little preview ;u;…
The sketch is really messy but
I'm gonna make him a cool boi
Dog Quills? (RAFFLE CLOSED) by MrGremble
MrGremble is hosting a raffle, if you click the picture above you'll be able to see the rules :heart:
I love this lil fella ;; Here's hoping <3 
Hey guys <3 I'm back, sorry for such a huge delay - I've been very busy with irl stuff but everything has calmed down and I'm getting back into drawing again.
I'm making myself some new OCs and I'm so hyped to post them aaaa, it's been ages since I've done anything like this!
New account :heart:

I have a lot of plans for this one, I'm in the process of making a lot of new things and as I'm not at uni until next September - I'm planning on squeezing as much art into 2018 as I possibly can!
Happy Christmas, and here's to a new start, new style, and just general greatness ;v;

You're all the best!