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Coyote Kisses

By foxchirps
I haven't drawn in so long so I did this as sort of an experimental piece <3 I'm really happy with it!
I'll try to upload more often uvu hope you're all well

Art by me, foxchirps 
Please do not use my work or post it on other websites, if you wish to reference my work please ask me first! 
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© 2018 - 2021 foxchirps
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Noxaunu's avatar
this is so gorgeous ;_;
astarphel's avatar
this is absolutely gorgeous!! the fur detail and the shape of the muzzle... so smooth * v *
not to mention the flower shading and those background ornaments jdklh <333
Tel0din's avatar
Im screaming at how astetic this is
foxchirps's avatar
Volinfer's avatar
Nice composition, beautiful use of colours!
foxchirps's avatar
Gosh, thank you so much :heart: It means a lot coming from you, your work is absolutely stunning!
Volinfer's avatar
Noxmoony's avatar
This is really amazing, the composition is fantastic and the flowers go very well with the wolf. Stunning!
foxchirps's avatar
Gosh, thank you so much for your compliments <3
Aesolei's avatar
Nicely composed.
foxchirps's avatar
Thank you so much dear :heart:
rennnchoi's avatar
Ahhhh this is so cute and adorable and it’s so well detailed!!!
foxchirps's avatar
Thank you ever so much ;u; it means a lot to hear
ArcticSnowy21's avatar
Love the fur details!
foxchirps's avatar
Thank you <3 I tried something new on this piece and I'm glad it worked!
syrval's avatar
Oh the fur!  I love the way you did the fur!
foxchirps's avatar
Thank you aaaa, I tried a new technique and I didn't know if it'd work, but I'm glad it did <3
Xayazia's avatar
Ah man this is beautiful! I'm a sucker for everything about it, flowers, eyes, snarling canine, black, and gold. This is really amazing!
foxchirps's avatar
Thank you so much :heart: Wah that made me smile you amazing person ;v;
Xayazia's avatar
Ahhh I'm glad ;; <3 <3
PkingSora's avatar
foxchirps's avatar
Gosh thank you dear ;u; <3 
PkingSora's avatar
*fluffs* it is no problem ;v;/
VinneValentine's avatar
This is beautiful! ;u;
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