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Stamp Share by mourning-dreams
You can reshare my work all you want, in fact I'd love you to, BUT you MUST share with a link back to the original image where I posted it, because that's how people find my work. Plus it's just plain rude not to post the original link for people to find, rude for the people and rude against the artist. So please, reshare, but with a link back. If you want to use my work for a cover image or something ASK FIRST!

I also do not allow random commissions/works with my sona in them, unless I've known them for a while and you already have my permission, if it involves another character that is not mine. I'm fairly particular in what my sona is in. I have several other characters available for this purpose if you'd like to choose one of them instead, here's a link to them. If you discuss an idea or something with me first, I may or may not be up to having my personal sona in it:…

Be Kind Stamp by Southrobin
Seriously, don't be an ass on my page. I mean it doesn't hurt to be nice, and try to be understanding, everyone is different, and has different opinions, that is how the world is.

Favourite Movies
Secret of Nimh, Harry Potter, Star Wars, scifi, fantasy, nerds stuff...
Favourite TV Shows
Trek, B movies, anything on Scifi
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
don't make me pick
Favourite Books
Don't make me pick
Favourite Writers
Brian Jaques, Dahl, Jane Yolen, Timothy Zahn
Favourite Games
shadow the hedgehog, bloody roar, star wars and more stuffff
Favourite Gaming Platform
Gamecube, it's old but had the best
Tools of the Trade
pencil and pens are always the best
Other Interests
I'm a Warsie, a Trekkie, and a scifi retard
Remember, if on the public Discord, we have raffles to participate in art and patreon stuff. ;3 It's super fun!
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It's been a bit. Things happen everyday that change everything and it's absurd the amount of things that happen right after another. My kids are suddenly back in town, along with a lot of other issues and details that complicate things. However, hopefully, starting in the next few weeks, things during the day should become more stable, though I've said that before for it to unravel and such. So take things as they go, do my best, and keep on trying! I am working everyday, and getting as much done as I can. I have mods on my discords that are helping me keep up and manage things. On my commission server on discord, I have a scheduling channel where people can set up times to get things done. It's a server for patreon or regular commissions, so if you have something in the works/on the list, and you want an invite, let me know, and I'll send you one. Comms are still open, as usual, and I'm probably going to do more YCH auctions to try to supplement my income and such, since I have a
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I've only updated really on my twitter, FB and discord, but my elderly cat died this morning. Not everyone heard about it, so it reminded me that I need to try to get back on social media. I used to be on instagram, twitter, and even FB business page more. Since all the crazy things happening in the last several years one right after another, every time I try to get a grasp on things to get back to being a proper artist with work, I get smacked back down again. But I have to keep fighting, and trying. Like in Mononoke with the forge woman, I'm still alive, I'll manage. It's been very difficult, and I don't share EVERYTHING on here, and on only certain channels on my other places, so people miss a lot of things, because I keep quite a bit more private then I used to, after the stuff with the courts and what not, I have to. Anyway. My new phone is better at things, but my internet itself for work is not as good as it once was. I'm still struggling, as always, but I'm gonna have to try
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Do you take art trades or collabs or requests?

I'm not surprised. The same person was posting the same things here on DA. It's insulting that they do this, but there isn't really much I can do about it.

Hi there i saw someone who stole your art and painter over it. you can see your watermark in the pictures. 
His name is Doggie2008