Black Latex Pants Tutorial

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This is my second Latex project. I wanted to make a pair of latex pants for myself to learn how. The end product fits pretty well, but the next pair will definitely fit better. There are a number of ways to pattern the pants, I chose the simplest til I get more experience.

Note: I made mine a little too short in the waist. Could have used another 4-5 inches worth of material. seemed like I had plenty when I measured it. So if you don't want that creeping down your back/bum feeling, add some extra, you can always trim it to fit later.

Latex: ~2yds of 0.5 mm black latex from
Time: about 3 evenings, 2 if you dont mess up
cost: about $35-45 for latex, glue, and thinner

An evening dancing in shiny black rubber, priceless...
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Wow you made it look so easy :D I want to try when I have extra money.
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Interesting! I might have to try this out sometime.
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How would my girlfriend go about making a top to go along with it?
Same process as taking the leg measurements. take measurements starting just above the hips and about every 4 inches upwards take a measurement (full circumference). Once you have those numbers, divide them by 2 so you have what you need for the each half (then add 1/2 inch to each side for good glued seams). That gives you an idea of the shape needed for the torso.

I'd make a tank top style first as they are easier to get on. after you get your numbers, mark them on paper like the pants. I use a existing tank top to get the shape of the upper torso (over the arms). That part doesn't need exact measurements to work.

Don't just copy a tank top itself, it will be too small to get on (tried that) . I used the measured numbers to get what I really need, and use the tank top to get the right shape.
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Gotcha. Thank you!
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oohh you make me want to do this!
how did they hold up?
so far, pretty well.
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I am doing this one after Xmas is over, thanks a lot!
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Awesome :) Thank you I've been wanting to try latex clothing. :)
Thank you.
It seems that each time I glue seams, it get easier.
Getting the feel of how much to tension both sides as you press together the seams, while simultaneously pulling down the seam to get rid of wrinkles, has been the hardest part.
Pull unevenly and panels dont match up.
pull too little and wrinkles show up.
pull too much and things get out of shape.
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Ugh. Seems like seams are a tedious process. I never knew it was a glue used for it. For some reason i always thought it was melted or something to that effect. So how, and whats the purpose of rolling the seams?
I love rubber but pre-made clothes are Expensive X.x
rolling: when you are putting the seams together, you are using a light touch, just enough to get them to stick together. But not so much that you cant take it apart after a couple minutes (ie mistakes or misjudging your lines). going back with the roller really presses it together.

bond: The cement has a chemical that kinda breaks down the skin of the latex, that why you add thinner, that helps the surface to chemically melt a little bit. the rubber glue cements the 2 halves together. The surfaces stick together fairly quickly, but the actual bond forms over 24 hours - a few days. After 24 hrs its hard to undo a seam.

Expensive, yes. But well made. My hats off to those latex designers out there. Its tough stuff to work with :3
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I see on the rolling part. Like putting a bumper sticker on. if you position it carefully, then rub it on good.

So its kinda both gluing and melting. Like the way super glue effects some plastics. Have you figured out how to make the ends of the seams flush like the 'professional' latex clothing?

I know exactly what I wanna try first, a hobble skirt. :)
I haven't tried a welt seam yet, may have to after reading this :[link]
Here is a link to some best info about seam considerations for latex i've found: [link]
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For some reason the links didn't work but I found what you were talking about and that does seem like something worth giving a shot. I'm working on my first commission right now, then I'd like to give latex a shot. :) Though a tighter corset is calling my name. hehe
Woot! commission.
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