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Previous chapter 107 – Deadlocked
Italics = characters personal thoughts
(*Writers note - Yeeeesshh! it’s been like almost four months since I posted a story, I’ve been pretty busy with life and work, sorry about that and there more about why after this chapter, I hope you find it exciting! :) )
The scene opens up with Bunnie Rabbot (D’Coolette), Antoine D’Coolette, Amy Rose, and Rotor Walrus all sitting around the command room in the FFHQ. Amy Rose wipes her nose as she looks down with a long sad face. While she is with her friends and this should make her happy, she also knows this maybe her last time for a long time. She had punched a tabloid cat reporter who had goaded her with a salacious story about her and Scourge. This cat reporter was Tina M Zine and was going to press assault charges against her, she even had a video drone hovering nearby that recorded the entire event. Into the command room walks Sally Aco
:iconfoxaffliction:FoxAffliction 9 4
107 – Deadlocked
Previous chapter 106 – Big Dumb Mistakes
Italics = characters personal thoughts
(Writers note: Good chill music... "Let it Be" - Blackmill)
The scene opens up with Tails Miles Prower and Fiona Fox in the command room of the FFHQ. Fiona had just brought back Amy Rose who went missing on a misguided quest to capture Scourge and Rosy. During which time Tails helped Nicole deal with a hacking threat that caused communication outages with New Mobotropolis. They had been told to wait together by Sally who wanted to talk to both of them.
Fiona: (keeping an eye on the door) “So Nicole was hacked? I didn’t think that was possible with her”
Tails: “She feels really bad about it and is taking it hard. Be nice to her Fiona”
Fiona: “I wasn’t going to say anything negative, just very curious as to how it happen”
:iconfoxaffliction:FoxAffliction 6 8
Big Dumb Mistakes
106 – Big Dumb Mistakes
Previous chapter 105 – AWOL Chaos
(Writers Note: Big Dumb Mistakes... We all make them  ^.^)
Italics = characters personal thoughts

The scene opens up with Sally Acorn hasty putting on a headset that connects to her Nicole phone. This is a special headset that not only conveys Sally’s voice it also scans Sally head and records it like realtime video. The purpose of this is so Sally’s head virtually appears to Nicole in her cyber world within the New Mobotropolis vast computer system. Often Sally and Nicole talk to each this way as opposed to Nicole appearing in Sally’s flesh and blood real world.
But what is happening today is very different, Sally is in the large computer room that is lined with rack after rack of computers big and small. Sally has tried to call the Holo-Lynx but hasn’t gotten through, but she remembers Nicole showing her how to “jack-in” using a physical connection in the compu
:iconfoxaffliction:FoxAffliction 7 10
AWOL Chaos
105 – AWOL Chaos
Previous chapter 104 – The AWOL Operation
Italics = characters personal thoughts
The scene opens up with Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, and Omega  E-123 rushing down to the cargo area of the privateer hovercraft. Closely behind them come the two foxes, Fiona Fox and Miles “Tails” Prower. Then suddenly Fiona bolts ahead along side the dark hedgehog.
Fiona: (excited) “I’ve got an idea! You saw those two Robians? They are obviously the leaders of the Eggman army bots. If we get them to come in the hovercraft and capture them then we don’t have-”
Shadow: (not impressed) “Save it! I’ve heard enough crazy talk for one day, we do it my way
Fiona: (sarcastically) “Oh yeah because plan “B” isn’t crazy!”
Rouge: “Fi, how you going to get them to come in? Say we have reactor leak* and need a hand to l
:iconfoxaffliction:FoxAffliction 4 10
The AWOL Operation
104 – The AWOL Operation
Previous chapter 103 – Mobius Mobilization Begins
Italics = characters personal thoughts
Just one of the many songs I listen to went out walking and thinking of this story
(Dare You - Hardwell - Feat Matthew Koma)
The scene opens up with Rouge the Bat, Fiona Fox, and Tails Prower in an expensive hotel room in a large city not too far away from New Mobotropolis. There are several solid hard knocks on the door to the hotel room and Rouge walks over to the door and checks through the peephole. She recognizes who it is on the other side of the door and opens it with a smile on her face.
Rouge: (quickly closing the door behind him) “It’s about time you showed up”
Shadow: (quickly scanning around) “What’s Tails doing here? He’s got a faint Chaos afterglow” (*Tails had juiced up on Anarchy recently)
Fiona: (curiously eyes the fox)
:iconfoxaffliction:FoxAffliction 4 8
Mobius Mobilization Begins
103 – Mobius Mobilization Begins
Previous chapter 102 – Dark Dawn on Moebius
Italics = characters personal thoughts
The scene opens up with the twin Star Posts turning on and the circular golden portal energizing. Sonic, Amy Rose, Rotor, and Nicole are all waiting around the Star Posts in the FFHQ. Out steps a blue booted chipmunk in a matching blue vest. She looks very haggard still feeling some effects from Miles stun orb and the battle she had just been through. Sonic sees Sally’s condition and immediately comes forth and gives her a big hug.
Sonic: “Whoa! You look a bit banged up, what happen?”
Sally: (hugs him back feeling the warmth, then looks away) “Oh Sonic, so much to tell”
Behind Sally comes Antoine with Bunnie in his arms and Bunnie gives them all a weak smile. Trying to hide the fact that her cybernetics are wreaked with circuits visibly bubbled, warped, and scorched by the EMP energy of the Mega-D* (*EM
:iconfoxaffliction:FoxAffliction 6 8
Dark Dawn on Moebius
102 – Dark Dawn on Moebius
Previous chapter 101 – Dark Raid on Moebius
Italics = characters personal thoughts
( Such a cool song :D (Big Grin)  "Thunder" - by Imagine Dragons )
The Scene opens up with Tails the fox zipping through the corridors and passageways inside the Legna Floating Mountain on Moebius (Anti-Mobius) held aloft on his spinning twin tails. His mind races with thoughts:
I’ve got to find IONA... get this MEGA-D close enough and hope knocking her offline might at least disable the robots she and the Royals control... got to give the FF and the commandos a chance at planting the bombs and getting out of here alive… who knows if the other Royals are coming back… coming back with huge robot armies... I wish I still had my missiles...saving Weva was a waste... no that’s not right, Freedom Fighters save people, even revengeful ones....
:iconfoxaffliction:FoxAffliction 4 4
Dark Raid on Moebius
101 – Dark Raid on Moebius
Previous chapter 100 – Dark Night Dark Raid Begins
Italics = characters personal thoughts
The scene opens up on Moebius with a line of well weathered open bed large dump trucks snaking down a long dirt road, in each open bed of the truck are huge amounts of ore rocks with a canvas tarp pulled over the top to keep the contents from spilling out onto the road when the truck hits a bump. This caravan of ore trucks are one of many heading towards the Royal’s floating mountain fortress that has an enormous war robot factory complex inside. The raw ore is to be melted down into various metals to be used to build an ever expanding army of robots.
This particular caravan of trucks is different from the others, for under a small layer of ore rocks is a rather large hidden box container. Not every truck has a hidden container as not every truck will be searched, but enough hidden containers are in the caravan for the Freedom Fighters (Sa
:iconfoxaffliction:FoxAffliction 5 7
Dark Night Dark Raid Begins
100 – Dark Night Dark Raid Begins
Previous chapter 99 – Follow Your Lying Heart
Italics = characters personal thoughts
In the dark of the night in a large city in the republic of Acorn, in a warehouse that was once used as a front by the D88 gang, stands two feminine mobians scanning out a second story window onto a parking lot next to it. These two femme fatale mobians are a bat and a fox and they keep the lights off so no one will see them peering out of the window into the darkness, watching for the vehicles that have just arrived.
Fiona: “It looks like the call worked, that’s definitely them”
Rouge: (turns to a mobian sitting on a chair and grins) “Thanks for making the call honey”
The “honey” mobian sitting in the chair just looks at Rouge and mumbles, It’s hard to talk with a gag over your mouth. And it’s hard to take the gag off when you’re tied to the chair by your hands and feet. This
:iconfoxaffliction:FoxAffliction 5 5
Follow Your Lying Heart
99 – Follow Your Lying Heart
Previous chapter 98 – Busted Crazy New Plans
Italics = characters personal thoughts
It’s about noon and Rotor Walrus slowly comes back into the FFHQ very tired. Nicole is waiting for him with a chair and table set with a good lunch for the weary walrus.
Rotor: (smiles at her accommodations) “Oh Nicole, you didn’t have to go and do all this”
Nicole: “It’s the least I can do. I want to thank you for fixing so many of my watchdog sensor towers”
Rotor: “Well I could only fix so many. That Scourge really wreaked a bunch beyond repair”
Nicole: “I really wish he’d get close enough to New Mobotropolis so I could mass enough nanites to make an effective attack on him. I just don’t have sufficient power to project far into the forest, not without reworking the city’s power infrastructure and-”
Rotor: (waving for the hologram to sto
:iconfoxaffliction:FoxAffliction 6 7
Busted Crazy New Plans
98 – Busted Crazy New Plans
Previous chapter 97 – Demolition Women
Italics = characters personal thoughts
The scene opens up with a bright sunny day in New Mobotropolis, near the large city that is the capital of the Acorn Republic is a huge vast forest. Running through the forest is Scourge carrying Rosy and they are heading towards the city. They come across a watchdog sentry tower, these sensor towers were set up by Nicole the holo-lynx to detect intruders coming towards the city. Scourge smirks and lands a kick at the sentry sensor tower as he runs by it. He sends it crashing against a tree destroyed and continues on towards the city.
Meanwhile closer to  the city Sonic, Amy, and Rotor walrus are sitting together in the FFHQ. Sonic is trying not to nap on the couch, he knows Scourge has attacked yesterday and might again at some point, but the couch is quite comfy and he just ate a bunch of chili dogs. Amy is reading next to him in a chair and keeps glancing
:iconfoxaffliction:FoxAffliction 3 20
Demolition Women
97 – Demolition Women
Previous chapter 96 – Desire for Destruction
Italics = characters personal thoughts
The scene opens with darkened skies before midnight, the clouds are swirling in the sky as an electrical storm is brewing. There is occasionally a flicker of lightning far off in the clouds which momentarily lights up the buildings and streets below. There is a crowd of 30 seedy looking mobians with most of them being of feline sub species, they are all looking about and checking their weapons as they wait. Stepping out from around a building are two distinctly feminine figures, one clearly a white vixen in a tight shiny black crop top and form fitting pants, the other mobian is a feminine bat who is also wearing black tight form fitting pants, over the knee high white boots with pink accents, and a form fitting white hoodie covering her head and she is wearing a white mask that covers most of her face except her eyes. Her bat wings sprouting out from behind two
:iconfoxaffliction:FoxAffliction 4 6
Mature content
Good Bad Girls are Hard to Find :iconfoxaffliction:FoxAffliction 3 21
Desire for Destruction
96 – Desire for Destruction
Previous chapter 95 – Seeds of Destruction
Italics = characters personal thoughts
The scene opens up with Sally rushing into the New Mobotropolis Acorn Republic council room. Sonic and the rest of the Freedom Fighters are all there already. Also there are all the council members and they are all sitting in their respective raised semi circle seats, save for one seat. The one empty seat belonging to the council member who tried to cause a scandal with the Acorn Royal siblings of Sally and Elias. The council is holding an emergency discussion on what they have been watching on the TV screens around the room, which is the attack on GUN at their huge manufacturing complex, and the rumor that New Mobotropolis will be next. They all quickly hush as they see Sally come in the room, Elias smiles and is the first to speak.
Elias: “Ahh thanks for coming quickly sis, there is so much to discuss. Nicole said you know what’s going on
:iconfoxaffliction:FoxAffliction 5 7
Seeds of Destruction
95 – Seeds of Destruction
Previous chapter 94 – Plans for Destruction
Italics = Personal thoughts
The scene opens up in a large Mobian city many miles far away from Mobotropolis. In the shadier side of town is a merchant trader who deals with all sorts, a good portion of it not legal. This mobian merchant has particular likes, especially precious items like gold, silver, and jewels of any type. Into his shop walks a mobian feminine figure with an all white form fitting hoodie that is pulled up over her head and covering most of her muzzle with her ears poking out of two slits on the hood, on the back of the hoodie is a couple of strange flaps of fleece that drape down. The figure stands poised and waits until all the customers leave the the store, then merchant trader notices her and comes over.
Merchant Trader: “Miss, is there something I can help you with?”
Feminine Figure: “Yes, I am interested in some particular je
:iconfoxaffliction:FoxAffliction 5 12
Plans for Destruction
94 – Plans for Destruction
Previous chapter 93 – The Build Up
(This is just a song I find very inspirational)
The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - "Something Just Like This"
Italics = characters personal thoughts
The scene opens with Tails walking in through the FF HQ doors with a big goofy smile on his face. His mind is lost in a blissful haze as he had just said goodbye to certain red furred vixen who just left on a mission to track down Hamlin Pig.
Sonic: (leaning up against the wall and sees Tails walk in) <snorts>  “Well it looks like someone got a going away gift
Bunnie: (grins) “Oh my! Just look at tha lil shuga’s face… wonder what she did to giv’em that silly grin?”
Amy: (was standing next to the window) “She kisse
:iconfoxaffliction:FoxAffliction 8 7

Random Favourites

Dammit Sonic! - Tails by AZ-Derped-Unicorn Dammit Sonic! - Tails :iconaz-derped-unicorn:AZ-Derped-Unicorn 127 44 Sally Acorn weirdness by Rotalice2 Sally Acorn weirdness :iconrotalice2:Rotalice2 11 10 A Sly Encounter Part 46 by gameboysage A Sly Encounter Part 46 :icongameboysage:gameboysage 147 85 Artemisia |Commission by Ranisa Artemisia |Commission :iconranisa:Ranisa 135 18 Nicole The Holo-Lynx by OctaveToThink Nicole The Holo-Lynx :iconoctavetothink:OctaveToThink 37 2 COMM: Fragile Alliance by glitcher COMM: Fragile Alliance :iconglitcher:glitcher 468 46 CM.::Studying Chaos::. by Sonar15 CM.::Studying Chaos::. :iconsonar15:Sonar15 28 33 Hero Landing by K4VE Hero Landing :iconk4ve:K4VE 297 39 Emerl in the sky place..... by Tri-shield Emerl in the sky place..... :icontri-shield:Tri-shield 88 24 Collab || Face the Storm by Flora-Tea Collab || Face the Storm :iconflora-tea:Flora-Tea 80 21 Happy Amy by Chauvels Happy Amy :iconchauvels:Chauvels 159 22 Axel and Thunderbolt by Chauvels Axel and Thunderbolt :iconchauvels:Chauvels 101 26 Sally Acorn SKETCHES by Foxxarius Sally Acorn SKETCHES :iconfoxxarius:Foxxarius 19 0 Sonic Duality Arc 1 Issue 1 pg 24 by SkyPirateDash Sonic Duality Arc 1 Issue 1 pg 24 :iconskypiratedash:SkyPirateDash 28 13 Sally Ref Turnaround by Rotalice2 Sally Ref Turnaround :iconrotalice2:Rotalice2 11 0


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Fox Affliction
United States
Welcome to my DA page ^.^

If you look through my favorites and read my stories you will notice quite a bit of Fiona Fox

I first came across Fiona Fox while playing SL (Second Life). I thought she was cute and started reading about her in the Archie comics.

I’ve seen a few discussions on how people think of her going from good to evil. If you read through my journals you will see my opinion on the matter. Even if you don’t care for my opinion you can look at the history of Fiona Fox in my gallery to look for yourself

To me there is something very interesting about that middle ground between the dark and light side... the world isn't all black and white

I've never done fan fiction before and I'm really enjoying writing these stories. I look at this as a creative writing experience and I do hope the stories are interesting. Feel free to leave a comment, good or bad.

Iv'e heard from a few that they liked an idea or character or something I had in one of my stories, if you find something interesting and want to incorporate into your story go right ahead. I don't mind and actually sort of flattered that I inspired someone. If you want you can mention me but I will leave that up to you.

By the way, I like all the Sonic Characters, not just Fiona

Music to read by (Imagine Dragons –Demons)

The Last Hedgehogs Tales will be (unofficially) the last time Ian Flynn will use Fiona Fox.

Think about it, is there any other story since the beginning of Ian’s career like Fiona’s story? How is he going to end it?

Everyone that is a Sonic comic fan knows Ian Flynn is the lead writer, anyone with half a brain knows he turned Fiona evil and played writer matchmaker, making her magically fall in love with his reborn Sonic arch rival Scourge.

Scourge was going to be Flynn’s shot at a reoccurring badass super villain against Sonic, only Sega had other ideas on that. It must have been a “rude awakening” when they sat him down to tell him about how that wasn’t going to happen.

But fans wanted to see Scourge come back, that’s when you know you have a good villain, when the fans want to see them come back. This isn’t quite so with Fiona, yeah some fans are curious as what her fate will be, but a lot of fans (even her former fans) are glad she is gone from the comic. You know you have done a bad job as a writer when fans don’t want to see a character come back at all. This is especially sad when even the writer really liked her.

When I first read through the comics I thought Ian Flynn really hated Fiona with the self destruction he made her do, I realized how wrong I was when I finally read his fanfiction comic. Fiona Fox played the role of “Sally” in his fanfic comic, you don’t just pick any girl to match with Sonic. You either pick a fan favorite (like Amy Rose) or you pick one you yourself like (Ian himself liked obscure characters and Fiona was an obscure character at the time). Ian wrote over two years worth of a fan comic with Fiona Fox as the lead female role. You don’t do that without developing some feelings for a character. Just because you like a character doesn’t mean you treat them right. It just means you treat them special in that you do things to them you would never do normally with any other character. Ian Flynn really treated Fiona Fox special, he did it to the point it made himself look bad. If you look close enough you can see Ian warped (and to me broke) comic reality to make his story happen, it ended with disastrous results for Fiona.

Here’s the thing, turning a character evil from a writers perspective isn’t that bad of a thing as long as the character stays in the comic and the story is good. Ian wanted to keep Fiona in the comic. But giving a character a bad story is a terrible thing to do as a writer.

If you keep wondering why I keep calling Fiona’s story crap you need to look at it from a writer’s perspective. Either conclusion for Fiona story is crap. 

Fiona stays evil: It’s a crappy sad story, besides the Tales heartbreak which I don’t know who could possibly enjoy watching, most importantly we never got to see how Fiona switched to evil. It’s complete writer laziness to make a character flip-flop. The kind of laziness that I bet Ian himself hates. You want a really good example of a good character turning to evil? Go watch “Breaking Bad”. That show is an excellent story of a good man turning evil.  (Alright maybe comparing Breaking Bad with Sonic is a bit silly, but you know Ian was shooting for the Mobius stars with the Scourge and Fiona story)

Fiona redeems herself: Sorry but that’s a crap story too. Why? Because Ian wrote a crappy story in such a way the character looks like she doesn’t deserve to be redeemed, he retcon her past into something blah with nothing good showing for it. I look at it and think how can you expect someone to think this character is worth redeeming and I like the character. Yeah I wrote a redemption story for Fiona, but I took liberties with her, my stories takes Ian’s story and twists it back on itself. If Ian did that he would be going against his own story.

One of the worst things to me about Ian’s crap betrayal Fiona story is how it pitted fan against fan in some really ugly fan arguments about Fiona. Do you really want fans arguing like this? Here’s what I mean by that:

Sonic Vs Scourge: classic good versus evil, that’s a good fan debate. But we all know the hero wins in the end

Sonic Vs Shadow: classic rivalry battle, yeah fans will pick their favorite but in the end they will respect each other.

Evil Fiona versus Good Fiona:  Sorry but it’s all on personal opinion, people get bitter, and it ends ugly.

I don’t think Ian had the foresight to realize that an evil Fiona can’t exist with Tails in the comic. Tails fans will naturally and justifiably want her gone from the comic, if he knew this I guess his whole plan all along was to kill her off. I also don’t think he realized what he was dealing with when he evoked emotions like betrayal, heartbreak, and turning someone into a traitor. Writers make mistakes and emotions like betrayal can easily get out of control. An example of good betrayal control is a character being robotized, very easy to control. Writers don’t want to admit it, but they are human and they do make mistakes.

I’m sure part of him regrets it because it makes him look so dam bad as a writer because of it's awkward confusing alignment transition. To take the character you had as the “Sally” in your fanfic comic and turn her into the fandom's most hated character with a lopsided downward spiral story that is near impossible to fix is pretty cold and harsh from a writers perspective. I can imagine so many have pointed this out to Flynn. Just imagine how it looks, showing your humble comic origins to others and the girl you picked as Sally is so mangled in the real comic and it’s all your fault for being so risky

Ian could have done anything he wanted with Fiona as she was an Archie character, the fact that he could turn her evil like he did just goes to show you how much control he has over Archie characters. This is the starkest example of how Archie characters are treated in their own comic. Sega characters will always come out on top relatively unscarred, Archie characters are the red shirts of the comic. I feel sorry for you if you just realized one of your favorite characters is an Archie character.

I heard Fiona and Scourge were supposed to play a couple of minor parts in the Lost Hedgehog Tales. From what I heard Ian wrote these chapters in mind to play by the bossman’s rules. Since the bossman isn’t going to scrutinize the story now I hope Ian throws that all out the window and rewrites the story the way he wants it. Maybe that’s what he is doing right now.

I feel sorry for Ian Flynn, because no matter what he does with Fiona people will be upset. I really don’t think he ever wanted Fiona’s fate to be the way it turned out. So however the story ends for Fiona, whether it be further heinous acts… obituary… redemption…  It really doesn’t matter. The fact still remains Fiona Fox was special to Ian Flynn once long ago. It’s all up to him how the last chapter will be written and we will just have to wait and see.

Fiona: (collapsed on the floor with tears in her eyes) “Goodbye Ian Flynn
Fiona-Goodbye Ian Flynn by FoxAffliction

Title pic by FoxAffliction
Fiona Fox and the Fanfic Writer

This is some information I’ve collected and some random thoughts I’ve had throughout writing my fanfic stories and wrestling with story ideas and plots that came into my crazy mind. There has always been controversy as to why Fiona Fox was turned evil and I hope to provide some sort of insight as to why it happened. A lot of this information isn’t new to most Sonic fans but I don’t think anyone has gathered it and presented it this way. I freely admit some of this is personal interpretation and therefore subject to error but all I can say is I did my best. This is also kind of part self-therapy for me because I’ve spent so much time on this.

By the way this Journal is going to be long… I hope you are literate  =p
Music to read by –
Cold Play - The Scientist

To those who don’t care about Fiona Fox and think she should have never existed just stop right here and don’t read any further. You obviously can’t empathize with someone over something they care about or even bother to listen to someone just make a case for their argument. Everyone has favorite characters and Fiona Fox isn’t my only one, I understand if you don’t like Fiona Fox and I’m perfectly fine with that because she is a crappy character at times.

I’m going to say a lot of horrible things about Fiona Fox, because the truth is her character really is terrible at some points and does do some horrible things in the comic. I have to be honest even if it means being brutal.

I’ve seen many comments in which people are confused about Fiona Fox, I’m hoping to explain some of the confusion because what happened outside the comic with the fandom is as much part of the story as what happen to her in the comic.

First a quick history of the beginning of Fiona Fox:

Auto-Fiona (Robot Fiona) and was a short series and in it Tails falls in love with her and then sadly loses her. It’s from 1995 so it will seem very outdated compared to what the comic is today. It’s pretty much a straight forward corny story but still cute in my opinion. (You can see it here if you want)
Mike Gallagher is credited with creating Auto-Fiona

Then in 1999 an Archie writer created a one shot story in the Knuckles the Echidna comic series with Fiona Fox but this time the flesh and blood one. On Archie’s website it says Ken Penders owns Fiona but I don’t know if that’s legally true or not. From this journal with Penders it looks like he doesn't claim Fiona Fox(the journal says Ken Penders says Mike Gallagher owns Fiona Fox)

So getting back to Fiona Fox, this flesh and blood character had a lot more depth, story, and purpose than the robot one. A really quick recap would be she was captured by Robotnik (now Eggman) for robotizing experiments and was sadly left behind during Sonic’s attack on the Robotnik’s base. She’s alone and escapes her imprisonment at the base all by herself and meets up with Nic (the weasel) and they become a pair of scavenger/treasure hunters. This story is told as a flashback within a story, as the story arc is really about Nic hiring Mighty to help her break open a door to get a chaos emerald. You can see the story about it here.

You can also find the whole story on youtube and if you have time I suggest seeing it. I think it’s a neat short little story that I found interesting, especially with how the story flows with the characters.

So with that this is where Mr. Ian Flynn comes in.  Anyone who reads Sonic should know by now Ian Flynn is the lead writer to Sonic the Hedgehog series. But back around the millennium Mr. Flynn was just a college student when he found his love with Sonic lore and became a Sonic Fanfic Writer.

This was about 15 years ago folks… back when there wasn’t any DeviantArt… it was before youtube and facebook… if you wanted something on the web you actually built a website to show it. It’s not as easy as you think as there wasn’t any Go Daddy or other web building sites either.

Anyway getting back to Mr. Flynn and Sonic, Mr. Flynn went about creating his own fanfic comic and putting it online for everyone to read. He was not like most fanfic comic producers though. He went about it differently, he wrote the stories and had artists make the art for his stories. This breakup of workload allowed him to create actual comic books as it takes more than one person to put out a decent comic in a timely manner. Mr. Flynn put a lot of time and effort into his craft and as you read it you can see it transform and get better along the way. The very basic premise of the storyline is as the title suggests, an alternate Mobius universe with Sonic in both worlds.

Here is a link to Other-M. There is a lot of comics there (about almost 3 years or about 30 issues)…

I’m not sure if everyone out there realizes the amount of sheer effort that went into this. Mr. Flynn wasn’t getting paid for any of this, this was done for fun and for the fans who wanted to see something a bit more thought provoking than what they were seeing in the real Archie Sonic comic. Most fan made sonic comics fizzled out in less than a year as the creators burned out, Mr. Flynn prided himself on making a self-imposed deadline to get his comic pages out there month after month. If you take a look around DeviantArt at those making Sonic comics and you will not find a single one putting out an entire comic book in a month. Think about how many hours it takes to put in a single comic page and then multiply that by 20-30 pages an issue! Mr. Flynn’s fans were impressed and told him he should go write for the real comic. Mr. Flynn actually finally did go for it but it took time (he first contacted Archie in December of 2002), in fact it took many long years before he was hired in 2006.

I’m sure now some are wondering what the heck does Mr. Flynn’s story have to do with Fiona Fox? Well Mr. Flynn saw that KTE series from 1999 with Fiona and decided to put her in his Other-M Sonic fanfic comic. He based his Fiona Fox off this series and she was cast as a gritty kickass smartass girl and she quickly became Sonic’s girlfriend in his fanfic story line (starts in issue 4). I’m sure some readers are thinking déjà vu because Fiona became Sonic’s girlfriend in the real Archie comics, but remember Mr. Flynn wrote his story back around the millennium (2000-2001) and Archie did the Sonic/Fiona pairing in Nov 2005.

Now six months after Mr. Flynn applied for a job at Archie, Fiona Fox suddenly shows up out of nowhere in the real Sonic comic (July 2003). I’m sure Mr. Flynn showed off his online comic as proof of his comic skills on his application. It must have been very surreal for him to watch this version of Fiona Fox (For the most part Penders) show up and play out very differently than the one he had in his comic. I’m sure Mr. Flynn had ideas swirling in his head about this and didn’t like how it was turning out in the Archie comics.

Now let’s jump into how Fiona Fox showed up in the real Archie comic series. As I said before Fiona Fox was first only in the KTE series and that ended in 1999 so it was about 5 years later when she showed up in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic itself. Fiona shows up right before Sonic dies (STH 125) and then comes back as a Freedom Fighter when Sonic returns to Mobius (STH 131). On Mobius the time passed was one year while Sonic was away. It’s never discussed how Fiona got there or even why Fiona was ever made part of the Freedom Fighter team (And to this day those questions still have not been answered!). The only vague notion for motivation for Fiona is she saw Sonic give his life and his sacrifice affected her. Fiona’s character also went through several iterations of herself and her skills which I’m sure left fans scratching their heads as to what to make of her. (You can see these in my Fiona Fox history journal)
Fiona versions by FoxAffliction

Fiona seemed to have a lot of different skills, she was the medic, some sort of electronics expert, knew science, was a fighter, and was sort of a loner. I know I was confused when I read through this comic the first time. It’s like the Archie writers threw her in the story line without any real plan. This was a total failure on the Archie writers of that time (Ken Penders and Karl Bollers). I read many comments on how fans were annoyed with her being there which naturally leads to questions as to her legitimacy. I think the writers then added the crush Tails had on Fiona to help her legitimacy for being there (STH134).

So during STH134 another significant thing happens in the comic and that is the Sally/Sonic breaks up. Now Sonic and Sally have been a mainstay pairing of the Sonic Comic from the start. The whole comic was made in conjunction with a tie in cartoon from the 90s called Sonic the Hedgehog (or SatAM by the fan base). That cartoon only lasted a few seasons as cartoons are a major expense to produce compared to a comic book. So the fans of that cartoon series easily shifted on to the comic book to continue their desire for more when the show ended and I’m sure this helped the comic sales. The comic and cartoon were all part of a marketing blitz to get American kids interested in Sonic and the Sega game system (back in the early 90s). The Sega Genesis was brand new and the Sonic game was its flagship game for the game console.

Issue 134 appeared in March 2004 which is about a decade after the Cartoon ended. The reason for the Sally/Sonic breakup was because the writers (Penders and Bollers) wanted to try something different. You have to remember that they have been writing this stuff for about a decade and thought they would go in another direction without Sally in the lead female role, a large portion of the Comic fan base was naturally upset over this. I know some fans out there might already be seeing where I’m going with this, saying that Fiona was turned evil to allow Sally back in with Sonic. I not saying that, what I am saying is Mr. Flynn choose that path to rectify the situation. He could have dealt with the situation any number of ways but that’s the way he decided on. There was a lot of comic problems Mr. Flynn was trying to fix in a short time.

Now I’m going to shift gears a bit because we need to explain how Mr. Flynn got the job as lead writer. Ken Penders was the main writer before him, he and Karl Bollers would often fight over how the stories would go. Remember how I said fans were getting annoyed with Fiona and why she was there? I’m sure Archie was getting feedback from the fans on this. Well I guess Ken Penders decided to try to further legitimize Fiona more by making her Sonic’s romantic interest, this sadly is a common ploy in the mostly male comic world. This further complicated things with Tails and his crush on Fiona and fans were further outraged to see their buddy heroes fighting over a girl they thought was there as just there as a pretty face. Fans also didn’t like where the Sonic comic in general was going and found the whole evil-sonic episode 150-151, where he plays with the Sonic girls, quite disturbing. Mr. Penders is quite known for his ego and “difficult” attitude and that lead to problems with Archie/Sega so he was forced to leave and Ian Flynn brought onboard in March of 2006. Mr. Flynn is often described as a walking encyclopedia on Sonic lore, he had a website showing off his comic skills, and lastly seems like a fairly intelligent guy who would do what he’s told by Sega. I’m sure it didn’t sit very well with Mr. Penders that he was replaced by some fanfic writer with a homemade website featuring comics made up of amateur art. But he created a mess and Mr. Flynn was going to clean it up.

Now I’m sure all comic fans know that comics come in arcs in which there are several issues that make up a story. Well when Flynn started in STH 160 he probably hadn’t quite figured out what he was doing just yet. He blended his story in with ones that were already in production STH 162-163 (The Darkest Storm) and then there was STH 166-167 (Mobius 25 years later).

So Mr. Flynn had to create a story to fill in the time before he could get his own version of the story line going. I can imagine Mr. Flynn is very excited and wants to make a big entrance to his new dream job. Can you imagine what it would be like to write fanfiction for Sonic dreaming of actually doing it and then actually getting there? When I found this out I was really genuinely touched by it, this is quite an achievement. I do mean this most sincerely, to write fanfiction about something you love and then go on to actually write for the real thing. That is really a true once in a lifetime achievement that not many people ever achieve. But I’m also aware that this may have been a very stressful time too.

So the very first issue Mr. Flynn does is a pickup from STH 151 with Anti-Sonic and Rouge where they were defeated by Sonic and Locke after attempting to steal the Master emerald. Who knows maybe this story wasn’t originally Mr. Flynn’s but a heavily modified version of Mr. Penders. Anyway Mr. Flynn wants to make his debut as a writer a big one. I can totally see this, when you get to this point you either “Go Big or Go Home” as they say. Thus Ian Flynn created Scourge from what was Anti-Sonic. He had him transform from blue to green while powering up off the Master Emerald on his birthday. Locke interrupts him and gives him a nasty scar in the process.
Scourge beats Locke by FoxAffliction

Then we get a taste of just how badass this reborn villain can be. Scourge beats the crap out of Locke. You just knew Mr. Flynn was making Scourge into a force to be reckoned with and Scourge was way different from what was corny Anti-Sonic. Then Mr. Flynn has Scourge go on to battle Sonic and Shadow at the same time. Even better than that, he had him single handily beat both at the same time. How’s that for a debut for a character you just created? (or sort of created as Anti-Sonic is Mr. Penders).

Scourge beats Sonic and Shadow by FoxAffliction
Not bad… Scourge is just a little winded from the fight

Kidding aside, I think Mr. Flynn had in his mind that Scourge would be a reoccurring super villain that would come back again and again to battle Sonic. Mr. Flynn had control of this Sonic franchise (That being Sonic Comics) and in this world Scourge was going to be a major player and you can tell by the writing Ian had a lot of fun with Scourge. You can see did quite a few things were done to try and make Scourge not look like just a recolor of Sonic.

  • Scars (Scars are badass cool)
  • Red Shades (Every cool dude wears shades)
  • Flaming leather jacket (did I mention were going for cool?)

But when you think about it Scourge is technically Sonic’s “evil-twin” so can’t deviate too far. If you ask me I think Archie may have overdone the “cool” a bit too much… oh who am I kidding there can never be too much cool right? ;p

By the way I found this info in the back of 161 (it talks about how Scourge was created)
Scourge Genesis by FoxAffliction

So Scourge makes his debut in STH 160 and also during the 160-161 story Mr. Flynn starts making changes to Fiona Fox. She suddenly has a checkered past and was associated with a couple of goons that just started working for Eggman (Bean and Bark). Sally suspects something is up with Fiona and both Tails and Sonic don’t like that. (You can see all this in the history journal I made here)…)

Fiona: “Why do people think I worked for Eggman, is it because Bean and Bark have? I have never worked for Eggman. I split up with Bean and Bark beforehand and they just started working for Eggman in STH160)

You will notice in 160-161 that neither Fiona nor Scourge have no subtle reaction to seeing each other even though they supposedly had a fling back in 150-151. In fact I think Mr. Flynn had a different path for Fiona in the beginning but things just didn’t play out as he had hoped so he had to change it up. This change started in 165 with Fiona confessing she was a major criminal to bring up charges on Rouge who had just defected from Finitevus and Scourge and escaped using a warp ring. Mr. Flynn had some time to try and come with something during the “Mobius 25 years later” series that came afterwards.

The Mobius 25 years later series was odd to say the least. A simple recap of that series is Shadow is an oppressive insurgent king with Sally as the queen. Sonic (the rightful King) and Tails try to defeat Shadow and fail. In the end Lara-Su (Who is the Guardian in training) comes in and defeats Shadow. I’m not going to discuss this much but just point out that Fiona isn’t with Tails. It’s Mina Mongoose that ends up being his partner.

Fiona: “Tails ends up with Mina? But fans complain I’m too old for Tails and Mina’s the same age as me. Why do people complain about our age difference yet see no issue what so ever with Sonic and Amy? Oh I get it… if the girl is older it’s wrong because it’s non-traditional…so much for gender equality…and why does everyone’s mind go into the gutter with us in the first place!”

So just why did Ian Flynn turn Fiona Fox evil? I think I should show some of the Sonic/Fiona shipping from Mr. Flynn’s Other-M comic
Fiona Other-M slide 1 by FoxAffliction
Fiona Other-M slide 2 by FoxAffliction
Fiona Other-M slide 3 by FoxAffliction
Fiona Other-M slide 4 by FoxAffliction
Fiona Other-M slide 5 by FoxAffliction
Fiona Other-M slide 6 by FoxAffliction

This last panel symbolizes more than anything that Mr. Flynn had setup a dual world where Fiona and Sally both shared Sonic. But there is more to it than just that, these panels are just the tip of the iceberg of the amount of Fiona Fox was in the comic. Fiona Fox played the lead female role (like Sally) and I think Mr. Flynn really became attached to her. I’d venture so much to say Ian Flynn really loved his Fiona Fox character. But remember that this is 2002, back before Fiona Fox was back in the main comic series.

So my theory is that Mr. Flynn originally planned a storyline in which Fiona and the Freedom Fighters were to have internal drama about her criminal past. Did you ever notice we never saw anyone other than Sonic talk about her criminal past after it was made known? The other Freedom Fighters must have known after the confession. One could make a case that each one could have accepted Fiona’s criminal past… expect one… that’s Sally

Sally Fiona conflict by FoxAffliction

Mr. Flynn had already set up this conflict in STH160 with her questioning Fiona about knowing Bean and Bark. There was a collision course between these two girls. But a lot of comic fans wanted Sally back and Mr. Flynn himself is a big Sally/Sonic fan. Mr. Flynn had already worked himself into story quagmire in his first issue with this conflict.

So Ian Flynn saw himself backed into a corner he had made, he wanted to edge Sally back in her old place and having this conflict with Fiona wasn’t going to help her with the fans. He had it in his head it was either Sally or Fiona and couldn't think of any better solution. He naturally went with Sally. I’m not going to argue which is a better character because in short Sally would naturally win. Sally has been around since the start of the comic, she stands for a lot more “good” things, she’s been a fan favorite (if you ignore Amy fans), she’s a role model in which I’ve seen a lot of girls want to emulate, and the last thing these fans wanted is to see is Sonic and Sally arguing again, especially over Fiona Fox. By the way, in case you hadn’t noticed it I like Sally and I like Sonic and Sally. I know everyone has their favorite pairings so just relax.

So what happened? Why would Mr. Flynn turn Fiona Fox evil?

Mr. Flynn got it in his head that if he wanted to keep Fiona he had to let her go…

I mean that in a figuratively way because he actually didn’t let her go in the comic

Mr. Flynn wanted a way to keep Fiona around. He just became the lead writer and wasn’t about to let one of his favorite Sonic girls get knocked out of the comic storyline. So he concocted this plan to switch her to the evil side. But this was so early in his career as the Sonic lead writer and he was still a novice at planning big. He wasn’t sure how to do it but he knew above all else “Go Big or Go Home”. So in going BIG he chose betrayal for Fiona (after all she’s special) and he matched her up with Scourge (his quasi-OC supervillain). Scourge was going to be big in the Sonic comics and reoccurring and this meant Fiona would be back to fight the Freedom Fighters and still be in the storyline. I think Mr. Flynn was also mad about what Mr. Penders had done with Fiona in the first place. A lot of fans were sort of annoyed with Fiona Fox, she had reputation for being just a pretty face who didn’t deserve to be there. I think Mr. Flynn thought he was going to make Fiona awesome. Now remember from the pictures above Mr. Flynn’s Fiona from Other-M is a kickass smartass badass girl and so that’s what he switched Fiona to (except evil). That’s what I see in 172.

STH 172 was the first Sonic comic I read and I was totally fascinated by it when I first read it. It got me hooked and I wanted to learn and I read more about Fiona’s past only to find this badass girl switched into something else, then as I read more going forward it got totally worse for Fiona. As I learned more about her story I got really confused and so eventually I started collecting panels so I could look back at them, this lead to my Fiona Fox History Journal series. I will give 172 some credit, it had some witty lines, it had some great action, in short it was thrilling to a degree.

Some people call what Mr. Flynn did with Fiona “genius”. Wow, what a warped view of what “genius” really is. True genius is actually using facts and logic to support a creative solution done in way no one thought possible before. A witty action packed creative solution alone does not qualify as “genius”, it’s all style and flash with no substance.

I’ve been over this before so bear with me,

First off all the facts or footnotes for 172 were completely misleading. I can’t believe in a major alignment shift change you tell fans to go find the answer in issues of the comic where the character never shows up at all (the footnotes say Fiona and Scourge met in 150-151). Yet when Fiona and Scourge first actually exist on the same comic page in STH161 they don’t appear to know each other
Fiona meets Scourge for the first time- really by FoxAfflictionFiona fights Rouge by FoxAffliction
Fiona: “ Hey Scourgy, I’m going to pretend I don’t know you right now and charge at you… and then get in a fight with my rival… only I don’t know she is my rival until four issues from now… then strangely I’m never going to question you about her”

Mr. Flynn’s created his own logic flow in his story line with Rouge tossed in the mix here (Rouge is the girl Scourge is shown to end up with after 150-151). Scourge shows up with Rouge in 161 and Fiona and Rouge are supposed to be rivals? Fiona is okay with Scourge running around with her rival? (we found this out in 165). I can’t be the only one who finds this whole timeline of Scourge/Sonic/Fiona/Rogue all messed up and convoluted. (see same pictures above)

I think most of the Sonic base knows this is all screwy and pretty much gave Mr. Flynn the wink-nod “we’ll let it slide, just give us a good story” kind of response. Anyone else not thinking this was probably just stunned and confused by 172 and didn’t know what to think. The older fans were happy to have Sally back and the FF team back to the original members (issues STH 173-174 illustrate this). I do understand this, it’s hard for fans to accept change and they didn’t like where Mr. Penders was going with the Sonic story. It’s too bad because it could have been done a bunch of different ways and you didn’t have to kill Fiona’s character to do it. Fiona and Sally could have co-existed and Fiona could have gotten kicked off the team if need be.

So many Sonic fans say Mr. Flynn found a “home” for Fiona as Scourge’s bad girl. So what? She’s still in the comic. Right???

I sort of see the fan logic there. But that’s based off the fact they didn’t like her, they didn’t like her paired with Sonic. Is that really a good reason to accept someone turning to evil? Is that really fair? I’m a big Sally Acorn fan and I’m betting a lot of Sally Acorn fans would actually agree that this being done in their name makes them feel bad and not something they would have wanted.

I often wondered about the Fiona-Tails slap and Sally-Sonic slap.
Hmmmmm you don’t suppose Mr. Flynn was trying to outdo Mr. Penders?
Fiona Slap by FoxAfflictionSally Slap by FoxAffliction

Who do you think did their slap scene better? Fiona or Sally?
Fiona: “Are you kidding me? Look at the air time I got on Tails!”
Sally: “Bitch please…You back handed him! I got the full hand slap on Sonic and he’s bigger!”
Amy: (excited) “When can I have my chance?!! When can I have my chance?!!”
Sega: “Sorry Amy, you’re our perfect little girl and we won’t let you ever do that”
Amy: (pouts) “Awwww, I never get to do anything bad, no wonder everyone calls me a Mary Sue!“

Kidding aside, in the real world when a girl slaps a boy it meant as a message more than actual harm. Otherwise they would just slug ’em for more damage.

Actually turning Fiona evil while bad isn’t what annoys me. It’s the reasons he gave her for turning evil and the fact he stuck her with Scourge, this quasi-OC supervillain. Didn’t Mr. Flynn realize that sticking your favorite Sonic character with your OC looks so fanfic writer?

I guess I’m old school and to me that’s like a cardinal sin for someone to put one of their favorite characters with their OC as it’s so cliché with fanfic writers. It doesn’t matter what comic fandom it’s in. There is just something so unprofessional about it. I guess I’m disappointed in in Mr. Flynn once he made it to the big time.

I’m also just so disappointed by how poorly planned Mr. Flynn made this switch. If I made a character turn evil I’d give them a Nobel cause to fight for. Something that deeply effects them on an emotional level and give them cause to turn against their friends. Mr. Flynn did sort of give Fiona a Nobel cause. Fiona confessed to being a criminal with Sonic. Confession is a deeply personal act for someone who has something to hide. You put your heart on the line to be judged by others, especially judgement by someone you care deeply about. Everyone has done things in their past they feel shameful of. No one leads a perfect life as everyone makes mistakes.

Sonic forgave Fiona but still questioned her. I think Mr. Flynn was somewhat trying to do this in the story, you can see it here
Sonic-Fiona argue by FoxAffliction

Of course this right before Scourge shows up and Fiona is totally busted. As bad as this is for Fiona I understand this betrayal path from the Comics point of view. This puts all the blame on Fiona and zero on Sonic. This is Sonic’s comic and the hero needs to look like he’s been totally fooled in a breakup scene. You can’t have Sonic looking bad, you just can’t.

So as bad as it is I accept 172 as some sort of rookie mistake by Mr. Flynn of doing too much too fast and all in one issue. I think most people at the time didn’t like what Fiona did in the story but they didn’t quite cast her out as evil yet.

Then the next series with Fiona Fox was with the lead up to Enerjak showing up (STH 180 183-184) and her role was minor and she did her villain part well. The one thing I will point out is that Fiona didn’t seem to know what Finitevus was up to, that being total destruction of Mobius, I think this was done on purpose by Flynn so she didn’t look evil.
Finitevus-Scourge by FoxAffliction

Fiona also joined up with the Destructix, and for some weird reason she was defending their track record even those she was a brand new team member

Fiona 1st time with destructix by FoxAffliction

Ummmm do you think the Destructix were cool with the fact that this chick helped kick their team’s asses not once but TWICE before?
Fiona beats destructix 1st time by FoxAfflictionFiona beats destructix 2nd time by FoxAffliction

Fiona: “I kicked Drago Wolf’s ass twice… you better believe he didn’t bother me when I showed up!”

I can’t blame this Fiona Fox fiasco all on Mr. Flynn, the rest of Archie shares some of the blame. You would have thought someone there would have told Mr. Flynn what he was doing was wrong in bending comic reality around like this.

So moving along we come to the next series (Brave New Moebius) in which Fiona Fox comes back to attack the Freedom Fighters along with Scourge and the Suppression Squad. The first time I read this series I was actually like “Cool! Fiona is going to make fun of her ex-teammates”. Seriously, I love it when villains make fun of heroes because to me heroes actually deserve a “boot to the head” every now and then. What good is a hero that always wins? How can you really call yourself a hero if what you do isn’t a challenge? But as I read through the series I was so completely disappointed with Fiona. She’s doesn’t traitorously stab anyone in the back with personal information about her ex-teammates and some of her comeback lines are just lame.

Fiona lame comeback line by FoxAffliction

I’m usually reluctant to replace lines in a comic as it’s sort of rude, but when someone gets all up in your face being “holier than thou” you smack them upside the head with a twist.
How about these come back lines:

Fiona: “Ooohh little Miss “pretentious” again. Get a grip, I’m just along for the ride”
Fiona: “Awww poor pink piko head still can’t get Sonic? U mad Sis?”

I’m not a great writer like Mr. Flynn but at least both of these lines make fun of Amy and show a more personal connection between the two characters. Seriously Mr. Flynn, does Amy always have to get special preferential treatment?
(We all know the answer to that is “yes”)

Fiona dumb comeback line by FoxAffliction
At least Mr. Flynn gives Fiona a strike on Sally… But while the line after that is personal it actually makes Fiona sound stupid. Can you imagine saying, “You’re not as fast as Sonic?” … he’s the fastest thing alive!

These two girls both know Sonic on an intimate level and that’s the best “smart” girl line Mr. Flynn gave her?
What happen to that smartass Fiona from Other-M? What happen to the bitchy back stabbing one from 172?

Would it really have hurt to put something like this?

Fiona: “Ha! You ran faster after that time you slapped Sonic. Getting slow?”

This one is harder to work with because of Sally’s line afterwards…   but I’m hoping you get the picture that this line at least doesn’t make Fiona sound so dumb and it best of all it gets under Sally’s skin. It just sucks to watch someone look so bad when they have so much potential to do more damage to their opponent.

I understand the whole hero/villain thing and heroes are supposed to get the better lines. But Scourge got plenty of good lines in this series and the villains actually win this battle. This may sound weird but I was hoping for more of 172 where Scourge and Fiona tag team their opponent. Maybe I’m just expecting too much… This series more than anything is about Scourge’s big entrance and he brags about taking over his planet and how he’s going to take over Mobius. I’m fine with that but Fiona just looks like a cliché vampy wall flower who doesn’t seem to do anything significant for this attack on the Freedom Fighters.
Fiona-Scourge by FoxAffliction

Yeah she’s bad, but there’s nothing there that outright says “dammmm Fiona’s evil”!

But maybe that’s what Mr. Flynn was shooting for? Maybe he was trying not to have Fiona so noticeable. One has to remember a lot of fans are speculating if Fiona is really evil and has really switched sides or not. Mr. Flynn was working this guessing game into his writing.

Unfortunately he fails on this on two logic points:

First of all Fiona is attacking her former team and friends. This is evil unless you have just cause. There is no such thing as a half or sort of traitor. You’re either a traitor or a reluctant traitor; a reluctant traitor tells his friends why he/she has turned against them. Fiona doesn’t show one bit of reluctance. When you attack your team you need just cause shown otherwise the audience will look for one on their own. To me this is the reason most of the fans found for attacking her former friends
Fiona Sonic fight by FoxAffliction
Fiona claims no loyalty to anyone and feels burned. First of all Fiona saying she doesn’t understand Sonic’s sense of loyalty is a crappy line by Mr. Flynn.
Fiona and the whole virtuous hero thing by FoxAffliction

Mr. Flynn had Fiona cite Sonic’s “Virtuous Hero” thing earlier in 172. If you’re a person that has an issue with “heroes” you would know one of the things that makes a hero a hero is their loyalty.

Now if Mr. Flynn used his own storyline of the Fiona’s confession to her criminal past in this story it would have been better I think and the fans would have seen Fiona was attacking her former team for getting kicked off the team. But the Freedom Fighters never kicked Fiona off their team. I think this is bullshit; Sally would have kicked Fiona off the team once she found out she was a criminal. A lot of time passed as Sonic was wondering where Fiona was at.  Think about the comic panel above where Fiona kicks Sally. Wouldn’t that have been so much better if Sally had kicked Fiona off the team and Fiona just kicked Sally? The dialog would be Fiona seeking revenge on Sally for kicking her off the team and would be more interesting story over all. I love Sally dearly so don’t think I’m being anti-Sally. I just pointing out that Sally’s character alignment would not tolerate a criminal on her team of Freedom Fighters. Not without some sort of conflict resolution like a big argument.

With this thought, I think Mr. Flynn was hinting at this in SU 15

Sally says not a FF to Fiona by FoxAffliction

You know Archie never did say how Fiona Fox actually became a Freedom Fighter.

During the year Sonic is gone don’t you think the decision on who gets to be a Freedom Fighter would have been Sally’s? She would be the logical one to pick a new member of the team. Say Sally did pick Fiona to be the new member, wouldn’t Sally be even more furious about finding out Fiona is a criminal? Wouldn’t Sally blame herself as she was the one that picked Fiona? Well to me that would be an awesome motivation for why Sally says the line up above. Because she’s pissed that she was the one that picked Fiona, now she’s telling Fiona she never was one in the first place. If this was Mr. Flynn’s aim it was done very poorly.

The second point I want to make in Mr. Flynn crossing the evil line with Fiona is a lot more sinister for Fiona and I don’t think any fans saw it. It’s with the bombing of Knothole. Scourge’s “master plan” for taking over Mobius starts out with bombing Knothole, he kicks back waiting and sends Miles (Anti-Tails) to bomb Knothole alone.
Fiona and Knothole bombing by FoxAffliction

Fiona knows about this attack and is on the planning of it. She’s bombing Knothole and has no emotional reluctance of blowing up her former “home town” as a Freedom Fighter. I can’t begin to explain the level of evil this is. I know the bombing didn’t happen and I think this bombing plot was just a ploy in Mr. Flynn’s storyline to get Miles over to the Freedom Fighters so he can work out his mutiny plan. But again the lack of paying attention to exactly who Fiona is just astounds me. Fiona isn’t just a member of the Scourge’s team, she’s a traitor! Knothole has done nothing but give Fiona a home when she was a Freedom Fighter, even an anti-hero with no loyalty would be disgusted with attacking innocents.

Again I point out that I don’t think Mr. Flynn realized what he was doing here and I don’t think anyone has noticed before as I haven’t seen anyone point it out anywhere on the internet.

I always wondered what Mr. Flynn had in mind for Fiona after the “Bold New Moebius” series. If he was going to cut Fiona loose from Scourge. Remember Mr. Flynn is trying to work the “is Fiona really evil?” guessing game. The more I think about though, the more I realize Mr. Flynn was saving Fiona for Scourge as Scourge was going to do something really big after the prison series and Mr. Flynn wanted Fiona with him. Only it took a long time for Mr. Flynn to get that Prison breakout series published. I think Mr. Flynn was getting delayed by Sega. Remember that Scourge is an Archie villain and Sega gets what it wants when it comes to scheduling what is next in the comic.

The next series (SU 14-15) with Fiona Fox is one that brings me the most sadness about her whole tragic twisted downfall.Tails-Fiona panel 1 by FoxAffliction
Tails-Fiona panel 2 by FoxAffliction
Tails-Fiona panel 3 by FoxAffliction
Tails-Fiona panel 4 by FoxAffliction
Tails-Fiona panel 5 by FoxAffliction
Tails-Fiona panel 6 by FoxAffliction
Tails-Fiona panel 7 by FoxAffliction
Just when did it become a cool and interesting story to take an innocent boy’s infatuation with a girl and turn it into revenge on said girl? Then leave it out there with no resolution? I don’t think Mr. Flynn planned it like this, it just sort of happened. Some may think this drama is cool, but I don’t… In fact I don’t think it should have ever gone this far. Not with any pairing

Shipping and pairing is supposed to be fun in Sonic. Fans get all excited and giddy about it. Yes sometimes there can be drama… but to this extreme level?

Fans are always searching for answers to what’s happening in the comic and the comic writers always love to keep them guessing. It’s a cat and mouse game that every comic does because what good is a story if you already know how it ends. But this sub plot took a dark twist and went too far.

What I think happened is Mr. Flynn wanted to keep the readers guessing about Fiona and so he “doubled down” on the Fiona with the whole Tails teasing scene he had her do. Then gave the Freedom Fighter fans some justified revenge on Fiona with the Sally punch on Fiona. The last part with the team joking around about Fiona I think was meant as just that, a joke.

I saw this series as build up to a confrontation between Fiona and Sally and also a build up to some sort of big dramatic scene between Tails and Fiona in the future. If you haven’t guessed it by now I’m an adult and this story seems more aimed at me than the real Sonic audience.

Most fans just read the story and followed it very literally, most of these fans are young… the inexperienced… still learning how to judge things, still trying to figure how things work in life work, they are also quick to condemn with excessive force because they have little or no experience with it. You would think Mr. Flynn would have known this and written the story with this in mind.

There are so many things that went wrong for Fiona’s character in SU14 and 15 I don’t even know where to begin. I really don’t want to go through them all, I just want to focus on one thing. This is Mr. Flynn setup of the Tails Fiona drama and how it’s never going to be resolved.

Tails punches Fiona by FoxAffliction

Take a look at this picture I found and ask yourself if Tails looks heroic?
Not in the least bit does Tails look like a hero that we know and love

Did you notice in Tails/Fiona panels above that Fiona said “no” to Tails, Fiona never gave Tails her heart in the first place. His heartbreak is for someone that didn’t love him back

If you truly love someone and they don’t love you back. Do you have the right to hate them? Do you not realize how selfish you are if you think that is true?

“She has to love me! They are a bad person if they don’t!”
How immature

There was nothing wrong with the Tails/Fiona ship before Flynn messed with it and even he was shipping it at one point… it was just a boy’s infatuation with a girl… Fiona “really” liked him but didn’t see him in a romantic way… at least not yet… or perhaps never… who knows?

No fan of a pairing should ever end up being mocked by their own fanbase for the result of a writers change in direction in a comic, this is what happen to Tails/Fiona fans. What a way to thank them for their loyal readership. Archie should have done a more professional job with this.


I’ve seen several other pictures of various Sonic characters beating up Fiona for what she has done to Tails. I understand this, it’s a desire to release emotion on what they perceive as delivering justice against Fiona. I don’t blame them for venting and everyone has a right to their own art. After all art is just expression, right? It’s just so sad in this case because a writer failed to see what the consequences were for a “doubling down” gamble on drama he created when he turned a character to the dark side.

Going BIG on something is not always the best approach, because it can blow up in your face and never be resolved just like what happened here.


So this brings us to the last issues with Fiona (and also Scourge) which is the prison breakout series (SU29-32). From what I saw the Sonic fanbase loved it as it was thrilling and sounded like it was going to be huge with that cliffhanger Scourge left us with. This was the best villain series for Fiona. The odd thing is I don’t think anyone really noticed how much she did. Some fans were shocked to see her coming back to Scourge and a good number of Scourge fans were like “dump her” at the end of it.

This is where the Scourge show stopped.

So what happen to Scourge? Rumor has it that Sega said “no” to him. Why would Sega say no to him?

I think the best way to illustrate this is to show the big three Hedgehogs
Shadow-the-hedgehog by FoxAfflictionSonic Unleashed - Sonic Teaser Render by FoxAfflictionScourge the Hedgehog Official Artwork by FoxAffliction
Can anyone see the problem going on here with these three?

Take a step back and look at it through Sega’s eyes. After all they are thinking about the brand “Sonic” and about attracting new fans of Sonic all the time. These young new fans are going to gravitate to what they find “cool”, just looking at Scourge he totally represents the rebel a lot of kids like. At least that’s what Sega is worried about. Remember how I said that you can’t be too cool? Well guess what, yes you can be.

There is real problem when your villain out cools the hero. Sonic already has a problem where Sonic’s being “out cooled” by his own Shadow (that joke never gets old  :) (Smile) ) and now this guy with Shades, Scars, and a flaming leather jacket comes in? I’m not a marketing expert but its plain to see our blue hero is getting outclassed in the cool factor by his own recolors. I personally don’t think they are recolors but a significant amount of the fans think that about both Shadow and Scourge.

Some fans will say “So what”. So Scourge just stays a super-villain in the Archie comics right? Sorry that’s not going to stay the same and here’s my opinion why.

Scourge was gaining a huge fan following in the Archie Comic. The whole villain takes a pounding and makes a comeback was a strategic mistake for Mr. Flynn. Oh trust me the comic fans loved it, I am not arguing that. Even I loved the Scourge prison series, but you think Sega liked it? Do you think Sega wants the Archie comics to devolve into Sonic verses Scourge? The major villains in the Archie Comic are supposed to be Sega villains (like the ones in the games they are trying to sell). Archie villains are fill-ins between major stories with Sonic’s continued battle against Eggman and all other villains from the games.

In fact I think this is probably one of the major reasons why Mr. Penders was let go from Archie. His inability to shift his stories to what Sega wanted and he kept pursuing his own story. That’s why Sega was said “Fine, dump Pender’s stuff”.

Unlike Mr. Penders, Mr. Flynn knows not to bite the hand that feeds him.

So Sega said no to Mr. Flynn and his big plans for Scourge to come back and wreak havoc on both Moebius and Mobius. I have this feeling Mr. Flynn was going to have Fiona be the major focal point for stopping the Scourge’s rampage in this never to be released series. That Fiona would turn against Scourge in some sort of manner. I wonder if Mr. Flynn even got to the planning stage for it?

I think what we will see in the “Lost Hedgehog Tails” is not the original plan but “plan B” for Fiona. Maybe Scourge is back too but he will definitely have a much minor role than he did before in the comic.

Mr. Flynn went big and did it to make the comic exciting again, only to end up being cut off by Sega

As for Scourge and Fiona…

What girl would trade this?
Sonic Fiona together by FoxAffliction

In for this?
Scourge Fiona together by FoxAffliction

Fiona: “I’m not that girl with two black eyes. I’m the girl who gives black eyes!”

If Mr. Flynn was allowed to continue I think fans for Scourge and Fiona were in for a rude awakening. Mr. Flynn was showing us a lot of signs for a breakup. I wonder what Mr. Flynn thinks of all the fan based pairing memes with Fiona and Scourge? Knowing you put this many hints in the comic and some fans are still so enthralled with them together. Makes you wonder about those Sonic fans in how they can turn a blind eye to mistreatment over what is “cool”.


I’m sure most people reading this probably come to think I hate Ian Flynn. I truly and sincerely don’t.

I’m smart enough and mature enough to distinguish between the man and his story. I think he was just trying to make an exciting story for the comic fans to enjoy and the hype caused him to lose control.

I understand why the fanbase enjoyed the story in the beginning, heck I won’t lie it attracted me with its dark twist, I didn’t agree with it but I was intrigued to see more. It was something that was never done before and for sure will never be done again. But looking back can you say what Mr. Flynn did with Fiona really fair? For that matter can you ask what Mr. Penders did with Fiona all that right either? Do girls exist as just something to be paired with the Heroes or Villains and these relationships to be played with to create drama in the comic? It’s no wonder that the shipping was declared stopped with this going on and the fans constant fighting over something that should have just been kept fun and exciting to think about. People just need to relax.

I realize that I am hyper-focusing on one character and it isn’t fair to judge Mr. Flynn in this way. It’s also not fair because Mr. Flynn never got to finish his story.

I’ve read several fan comments that Mr. Flynn wishes he had never done this with Fiona. That it was a mistake. I don't know if it's true or not, but that’s good enough for me as I don’t ever want to bug him about this. Really, what good would it do at this point? I just hope it’s not “damage control” he’s saying to defuse the sadness after the fact. It just went so horribly bad for Fiona, if only Mr. Flynn self-corrected after the Brave New Mobius Series. Things really went bad for her after that.

Life for Iain Flynn has changed a lot since the Pender’s lawsuit. I imagine the lawsuit has brought a greater scrutiny on everything he does. Archie operated pretty independently from Sega before the lawsuit and now I bet they are having to get “clearance” and be told “no” on things they could have done before out of perceived fears Sega has. Corporate people are ingrained to be risk adverse, it’s how they run a business, and they don’t understand that’s not how you run a comic. A certain amount of risk in a comic is golden.

I also feel sorry for Mr. Flynn for having to deal with the Sonic fan base as whole, they are definitely a fickle bunch. On top of all that to try and put on a brave face during this “mass extinction” of characters. The Sonic comic will survive because the fans still care.

Mr. Flynn’s underdog story of becoming the lead writer for Archie is pretty cool in its uniqueness. But at the same time also feel very sad for him for what has happened to him. To make it all the way to become the writer for a comic he so loved so dear and then throw away what was one of his favorite characters in a crazy gamble no one really understands to this day.

Summary: Mr. Flynn turned Fiona Fox evil because he gave up on her, the pressures got to him from the fans and he wanted to fix things Mr. Penders had done. He really botched it up and the dark twist is you can tell Mr. Flynn really liked Fiona but ultimately he ended up hurting himself with this.

To Iain Flynn I dedicate this song (I Had This Thing (Lyrics) - Royksopp ft. Jamie)

The following statements are just random thoughts I would put down every now and then.


Is Fiona Fox Good or Evil? I have come to realize that’s the wrong question because she’s neither. Fiona Fox was special to Mr. Flynn. She’s whatever Mr. Flynn wanted her to be. 172 is solid proof of that.

Not every girl self identifies with Amy Rose, same thing with Sally Acorn or Bunnie Robot. I saw a few that really liked Fiona Fox in the beginning, what did you tell these people? “Shit happens?”

What is it with Amy Rose fans? I saw one Sonamy fan claim the Archie comic is “Twilight” romance of Sonally. Really??? Have they seen Sonamy stories? This is the very definition of the hypocrisy. The thing is I like Amy’s character. She’s cute, funny, and yes annoying. Her obsessed fans are the ones that are truly obnoxiously annoying. The sense of entitlement of these fans cannot be overemphasized enough. Her character is in every Sonic thing ever made and yet I have seen one of her fans demanding to know why Amy Rose was not in a fan-made comic a DA artist was making. Even Sonic fans don’t go around doing that.

To say the Sonic fanbase has vast pockets of simmering angst with flashes of puberty induced raging jealousy would be an understatement.

In my opinion turning Fiona evil was easy from a writer’s point of view. She was very light on the past and it was a shady one to begin with. To turn Fiona from good to bad and then back again would be a real writing challenge.

Flynn dont like that bodysuit by FoxAffliction
Although changing her outfit was a good idea, if she ever was changed back people wouldn't associate her jumpsuit with her bad side.

Some fans are happy with how the comic is more game centric now. There are inherent problems with doing this. Not everything translates well from the game to a comic. The worst is the audience knows what to expect because they have seen the game, the comic world loses its bleeding edge, its thrill of the unknown. That’s what made this comic so different than anything out there like it. It’s wasn’t just some “ad rag” used to promote a game or game system that becomes swiftly outdated by next Christmas. Its stories resonated, enthralled, and best of all RETAINED its readers over 25 years. The Sonic Archie comic has stood the test of time better than any other comic because it was allowed to be creative and now that unhindered creativity is gone

I don’t care if I sound like I’m wearing a tinfoil hat, there’s something going on between Penders and Flynn about Fiona. I will say this about Mr. Penders Fiona, as bland as she was she had potential to be better. What did Mr. Flynn turn Fiona into???… Let’s just say if Fiona was a house she be a real “Fix’er upper” now. Comparing Good Fiona to Evil Fiona isn’t fair, because you are comparing Pender’s bland pretty face character to Flynn’s psycho crazy evil girl. As you might have guessed I like her somewhere in-between.

I understand why Mr. Flynn shifted his story of Fiona in the beginning. I understand why he threw Fiona under the bus with the betrayal to satisfy the majority of older Sonic fans, they didn’t like how things were going with the comic and were fine with putting the FF back to the way it was. Then after Brave New Mobius the older fans probably guessed Mr. Flynn was going to change Fiona back or at least break her away from Scourge. Every older Sonic fan knew Mr. Flynn liked Fiona Fox, they saw his Other-M comic and knew this. Mr. Flynn wanted to keep the guessing game going for these older fans. To me that’s what SU14-SU15 was about. That’s why Mr. Flynn “doubled down”, because he wanted to show up these older fans and keep them guessing, ignoring what the consequences might be for the younger fans. I’m sure those older Sonic fans enjoyed it. The older Sonic fans were probably like “OMG! Did he really do that to Fiona? Ohhhh this story gonna be so good!” Then these older fans got really excited about the awesome prison breakout series. Then Sega stepped in and said “sorry kids, play time is over”. Scourge was stopped and Fiona… Well now her character is dealing with the consequences of Flynn’s writing.

Mr. Flynn’s fans may rally around him and tell him “it’s OK”, but I’m sure any peers Mr. Flynn has are saying “dude, you messed up”. That’s the thing about peers, they tell it like it is.  

Every Sonic franchise (that how I view Archie, Sonic X, SATAM, Boom) has its Tails pairing and Mr. Flynn in his infinite wisdom had to screw around with the Tails one in this franchise. He shot himself in the foot with this to the point it’s a running joke now. “Well I hope Flynn doesn’t turn her evil like Fiona”

I bet Mr. Flynn thought Fiona was going to look “cool” as a villain. But the things that made her villain cool weren’t any of the things she’s remembered for, all she is remembered for is cheating on Sonic, hurting Tails, being Scourge’s mistreated girlfriend, and turning traitor. None of this is “cool”.

Fiona Fox was a fall girl for the comic. Mr. Flynn had her self-destruct and take all the blame.

You may think I hate Scourge when the truth is I sort of like him in a way, he somewhat loosely reminds me of Lobo from DC comics and I collected that comic for a few years until I grew tired of it. The animosity I have for him stems from the fact that Fiona was literally sacrificed to him to try and make look him great when he really didn’t need it. Fiona was a fierce independent smart girl before Iain twisted her into a Scourge fangirl.

It’s funny how fans complained that Mr. Penders just made Sonic and Fiona magically fall in love. Did they think Mr. Flynn was clever for making Scourge and Fiona just magically fall in love too? The level of hypocrisy is amazing. There’s no thrill in this fake “magic”, I guess I’m surprised to see Mr. Flynn stumble like this when you can tell from his Other-M comic he knew how to show relationship chemistry.

Curse you Mr. Flynn! You robbed me of a redemption story! Redemption stories are some of the best stories. IT’S NOT FAIR! I wanted an ending so bad had to write my own flipping one… I just couldn’t just walk away

Fiona's story is one of tragedy

All artwork is owned By Sega and Archie


So I have been researching the issues of the Sonic Comics with Fiona Fox in them for a fanfic story I am writing. She’s been around a long time and has gone through a lot of changes throughout the comic series. If you read my other journal you know that I didn’t like the betrayal path Archie chose for her, I felt what they did to Fiona was just part of a poorly planned cleanup effort to fix problems some fans had with way the comic was going at the time.

I know some people like the bad Fiona and others prefer the good one. I’m an odd one that I happen to like aspects of good and bad Fiona, it’s just the way the writers hacked her character to advance the story was such an injustice to everything in her past and what I think she was meant to be, and on top of that they saddled her with betrayal which is a discussion I’m saving for a future journal.

I just feel so sorry for her as I felt she had a lot of potential for character development and what happened was all such a tragic waste.

So I’m going stop my opinions right here, actually I want you to think about it for yourself. I am going to show you all the pictures I’ve collected with Fiona Fox in them and show them in comic issue order as it’s important to show what has happened to her over time. This way you can look through her past and see for yourself. I may make some observations for each grouping of issues I show.

I’m doing this for posterity's sake as I find it so sad that she’s not in the comic anymore and her story was never finished. As time marches on and new readers to the comic (and maybe others who have never seen the old issues before) read the comic story line they may wonder about this sudden abrupt change in Fiona as there is a lot of stuff assumed to happen behind the scenes for her betrayal. I realize these readers maybe few but a few is better than none. And these few can learn about her whole story and come to a better understanding of who she was.

If I somehow have missed an issue with Fiona Fox in it please let me know and I can add it.

Auto Fiona Fox

Fiona Fox History STH 28 - 29

Fiona Fox

Fiona Fox History KTE 26 - 27 - 28

Fiona Fox History STH 125 and 131

Fiona Fox History STH 133-134 and 138

Fiona Fox History STH 146-149

Fiona Fox History STH 152

Fiona Fox History STH 153-156

Slide11 by FoxAffliction
Slide12 by FoxAffliction
Slide13 by FoxAffliction

Fiona Fox History STH 160-165

Slide11 by FoxAffliction
Slide12 by FoxAffliction
Slide13 by FoxAffliction
Slide14 by FoxAffliction
Slide15 by FoxAffliction
Slide16 by FoxAffliction
Slide17 by FoxAffliction
Slide18 by FoxAffliction
Slide19 by FoxAffliction
Slide20 by FoxAffliction

Fiona Fox History STH 172

Slide11 by FoxAffliction
Slide12 by FoxAffliction
Slide13 by FoxAffliction

Fiona Fox History STH 180 183-184

Fiona Fox History 188-190, 192, 194

Slide11 by FoxAffliction
Slide12 by FoxAffliction
Slide13 by FoxAffliction
Slide14 by FoxAffliction
Slide15 by FoxAffliction
Slide16 by FoxAffliction
Slide17 by FoxAffliction
Slide18 by FoxAffliction
Slide19 by FoxAffliction
Slide20 by FoxAffliction
Slide21 by FoxAffliction
Slide22 by FoxAffliction
Slide23 by FoxAffliction
Slide24 by FoxAffliction
Slide25 by FoxAffliction
Slide26 by FoxAffliction

Fiona Fox History SU 14 and 15

Slide11 by FoxAffliction
Slide12 by FoxAffliction
Slide13 by FoxAffliction
Slide14 by FoxAffliction
Slide15-0 by FoxAffliction
Ian Potto Interview by Srol, 12/25/02
Slide15-1 by FoxAffliction
Slide16 by FoxAffliction
Slide17 by FoxAffliction
Slide18 by FoxAffliction
Slide19-2 by FoxAffliction
Slide19-3 by FoxAffliction
Slide20 by FoxAffliction

Payback Fox

Payback (Fiona) Fox History - SU 26-28

Slide12 by FoxAffliction
Slide13 by FoxAffliction
Slide14 by FoxAffliction
Slide15 by FoxAffliction
Slide16 by FoxAffliction

Fiona Fox (chronological publication order)

Fiona Fox History - SU 29-32

Slide11 by FoxAffliction
Slide12 by FoxAffliction
Slide13 by FoxAffliction
Slide14 by FoxAffliction
Slide15 by FoxAffliction
Slide16 by FoxAffliction
Slide17 by FoxAffliction
Slide18 by FoxAffliction
Slide19 by FoxAffliction
Slide20 by FoxAffliction
Slide21 by FoxAffliction
Slide22 by FoxAffliction
Slide23 by FoxAffliction
Slide24 by FoxAffliction
Slide25 by FoxAffliction
Slide26 by FoxAffliction
Slide27 by FoxAffliction

Well it’s almost a year now since I have been writing these stories on DA and I think I should shed some light on why anyone would write all these stories about a comic character (Fiona Fox) that’s not even in the comic anymore. The short answer is the writers of the comic decided to force her character to the dark side to advance a story plot and I felt it was done in a rather cruel and unfair manner for a character that has been around for such a long time. I felt I should somehow continue the story that they dropped and put my twist on it. I’ve never done anything like this before but heck this is DA so I thought I’d give it a try.

But that’s too simple an explanation… here’s the long version:

First I feel I must state the obvious, Sonic Comics are meant for a younger audience. The characters are furry and cute and stories are usually pretty straight forward. However, in the background they do delve into the darker side of human nature on a certain level:  with war, extermination, slavery (Roboticizer), child soldiers (seriously these are kids fighting), and last but not least love (Yes love has a dark side). But we all know this is just a comic so try not to take it too seriously.

I didn’t read Sonic comics until about a year ago and the first Sonic comic I read was issue #172. I read it and thought WOW what a dramatic story line. It had action, it had some witty dialog, it had a lot of drama, and most importantly introduced me to the Sonic cast of characters. On the surface it looked like a story of betrayal caught red-handed and our two heroes, Sonic and Tails, taking the brunt of a heart wrenching breakup and betrayal. Betrayal is a VERY strong emotion and if you ever felt its sting you instantly know how deep it cuts. The end result being that Fiona defected from good to evil and joined the recently created major villain of the comic series as his girl. I was naturally very curious as to how this came about so I went on to read the rest of the story line (backwards and forwards). I dissected the details of this issue and I found its logic convoluted, left to interpretation and some of it downright wrong. This spurred me into thinking about writing a story, just as a creative writing experiment, to see if I could tell a narrative for Fiona’s side which would fit into the story but show this in a different light. After all there are always two sides to a story in a love affair gone bad.

I don’t think any of this information is new and groundbreaking, although I haven’t seen anyone who has collected it and put into a format analysis like this.

First I like to go to the footnotes for the comic #172. Footnotes are supposed to be irrefutable concrete evidence of the truth

Here is Sonic’s big moment where he catches Fiona Fox in her betrayal.
172 Sonic point 1 by FoxAffliction
Let's go back to issue #150 and #151 as it states. We all know the hero speaks the truth, or least we are led to believe it. First of all Fiona is not seen once or mentioned at all in #150 and #151, Sonic (or Anti-Sonic) hits on Mina (who spurs his advance), Amy (Which later in #151 she alludes to having “TLC” with Sonic), and Bunnie (who he ends up sleeping with, but not in that sort of way ~.^ ). In #151 Anti-Sonic eventually ends up working with Rouge. So here we are looking back for that special moment that Fiona falls for Scourge (then Anti-Sonic) and it’s not there. I find it very odd to footnote something like this; it’s like sending someone off to find nothing. Later on we do find further reference to Fiona and Scourge meeting.

  150 Bunnie and Sonic by FoxAffliction
From #150, we see here Tails catches him with Bunnie. 
  155 Tails saw Sonic kiss Fiona in 150 by FoxAffliction
From #155 where Tails catches Sonic in the bushes again, but this time with Fiona Fox

So this means it did happen right? Not so fast… that is until you see this footnote from #153
  153 - Evil sonic tried moves by FoxAffliction
In this scene Sonic is trying to tell Fiona about Tails and Fiona tells him he should have thought about that when he tried to make a move on her. Did you catch that? “*Evil-Sonic tried to make a move on Fiona.” If I told you I tried to do something that would mean I failed at my task. So basically this says Fiona rebuffed the romantic advance by the then Scourge (Anti-Sonic).

So which footnote should we believe?
***The correct answer should be #172 of course… after all the writers are trying to turn Fiona evil, remember?

This brings us back to Sonic’s point in 172. Why no interest in Sonic until after 150-151? Well just maybe that repulsed kiss (I’m assuming it was a kiss as once again we don’t see anything in 150 and 151) spurred Fiona into thinking that she could become the real Sonic’s girlfriend. Is that really all that bad? Is it that so wrong of an idea?  After that statement you can see Fiona is left thinking, of course we have no idea what’s going through her head as it’s supposed to look like her betrayal has been found out by our blue hero.

Now let’s look at some the dark and witty statements Fiona Fox made during #172
  172 Scourge wasnt the real deal by FoxAffliction
Fiona’s statement says that she found attraction to Scourge in #150 and then she tried to find the same in Sonic. This is the opposite of what she said in #153 when Scourge tried to put the moves on her. I guess the writers just ignored #153

 172 Fiona - hung up that hero thing by FoxAffliction
I like this line from Fiona, basically it says Sonic is hung up on being a hero. I’m not arguing against it… he is.
(On a minor note the footnote says Sally slapped Sonic in #132, that Slap really occurred in #134)

  172 Fiona left behind by FoxAffliction
 (Yet a another footnote mistake - says it was recalled in STH #28. It was actually in KTE #28)

This line I do find an issue with, why would she say this when she also said this below in #153?

 153 - FIona forgives Sonic 1 by FoxAffliction153 - FIona forgives Sonic 2 by FoxAffliction
Once again the writers seem to have forgotten #153 and continue pushing Fiona to the dark side.
I don't know about you but the words in #153 seem a lot more genuine than #172

 172 Fiona -  the way you hold back by FoxAffliction
I like this line about the survival of the best (or fittest). However it’s a philosophical statement that she never ever hinted with all the fights she has been in with Sonic or in the comic series before for that matter. So to me this statement is coming out of the blue for the first time.

When I first read these lines I thought “whoa” this girl is a bad ass. The problem is, when you look at in the context of the story line before #160 it doesn’t work, this sort of thinking doesn’t happen in a vacuum or overnight and should have manifested itself somewhere along the way in the story before we got to this point. But it’s obvious the writers were going for the “Duh, Duh, Duunnn!” moment with the whole Fiona betrayal thing so that’s why it was played out this way.

 Then we must not forget the big slap scene, this is the moment Fiona really goes to the dark side.
     172 Tails pleads with Fiona by FoxAffliction
172 Tails says try harder to Fiona by FoxAffliction172 Fiona - You can't trust anyone by FoxAffliction
172 Fiona slaps Tails by FoxAffliction
 Poor Tails…
I wouldn’t want anyone to say I glossed over the “shock and awe” the writers put in with Fiona’s betrayal.

Here’s a couple more mistakes in #172 (These are minor but they do point out the over all sloppy work)
172 Amy confronts Fiona 2 by FoxAffliction

Why does this say #167? It should be #165…   #167 is a “Mobius 25 years later” issue
172 Amy hairband by FoxAffliction
This line by Amy is pretty much a “branding” statement, it clearly states what the writers want the readers to think of Fiona as. I find it sort of funny as we all know Amy doesn’t have a bias opinion on the matter… 
FoxAffliction: Ahhh Amy…. Aren’t you the one wearing a hairband? Fiona wears a yellow bow
Amy: “Hey the writers told me what to say, it’s not my fault!”
FoxAffliction: “I see, must be the same ones that forgot about #153”

That’s enough about #172 lets’ move on to few points I’d like to make to support the little twist I put on this story

    161 Scourge arrives by FoxAffliction161 Fiona attacks Scourge by FoxAffliction161 Fiona attacks Scourge 2 by FoxAffliction
These are from #161 where Scourge shows up and announces he was Evil Sonic, Anti-Sonic, and is now Scourge

A couple of interesting observations

    ·         I find it interesting that Fiona is one of the ones leading the charge, I guess maybe Fiona doesn’t recognize him even though Scourge says it himself he’s the Anti-Sonic. If Fiona really liked Scourge then why would she be one of the first to attack?

    ·         I also guess Fiona sees no problem that Scourge is with Rouge, the rival who beats her all the time. Wouldn’t you think this would make Fiona a little bit upset if she really did like Scourge? I mean Rouge has been running with Scourge (then Anti-Sonic) since #151 and Fiona does or doesn’t know about this? The whole time line with Scourge and Fiona Fox is just so sketchy.

    165 See you later sweet thing by FoxAffliction
165 What Scourge Said It Was A Lie by FoxAffliction165 Its cool Fiona by FoxAffliction
These are from #165, so we get the feeling Fiona and Scourge have met up at some point recently. But you can see Fiona isn’t exactly winking at Scourge, in fact she looks more annoyed really and then she tells Sonic that what Scourge said was a lie. After this issue Fiona goes missing until #172

So here’s where I decided to be creative and switch this around a little and tell it from Fiona’s view. I’m not trying to make Fiona look completely innocent, she is still guilty of slapping Tails and defecting with Scourge as the story goes.

Here is the narrative:

    1-      Fiona rebuffs Scourge’s (then Anti-Sonic) romantic advances in #150-151 as #153 said so

    2-      Fiona then starts thinking about Sonic in a boyfriend/girlfriend sort of way after that but with the real Sonic. We don’t know who initiates the relationship, but with the way Sonic is I’m sure flirtation turned into something greater, after all Sonic is trying to get over the break up with Sally that happened in #134

    3-      #155 - Fiona makes out with the real Sonic in the bushes. This is a kid’s comic so let’s just say it’s kissing. Tails catches them and then Sonic feels all weird about the romance

   4-      Sonic decides to slow the relationship down as evident in #158 (below)
  156 Take It Slow by FoxAffliction
    5-      Fiona agrees to this but in her mind this sends up a red flag that the relationship went backwards. From this point on all we see is Sonic and Fiona holding hands and talking. No more making out.

*** I don’t know about you but if I went from making out with someone to just holding hands and talking… well I would be getting upset too. I’d want to know why but if I really like the other person… well I would be reluctant to bring it up in case it would cause a breakup. So the feeling of doubt about the relationship would slowly build up.

    6-      Issue #160 happens and Scourge is born and Fiona starts getting questions about her past. These questions along with her doubt about the relationship cause her to seek time alone to think.

    7-     Issue #161 happens and Fiona helps to lead the charge as the comic shows above. Fiona barely knows Anti-Sonic (remember she rebuffed Anti-Sonic back in #150) This Scourge guy looks like bad news so she battles him and Rouge. Scourge runs away with Rouge and escapes with the help of Finitevus.

    8-      Scourge comes back later on, but it’s when Fiona is alone and in a non-threating manner. It’s not instinctive for boys and girls to fight, it’s more instinctive for them to ask questions and Fiona questions him. Scourge is a lot more polished in his approach to Fiona than he was as Anti-Sonic, he’s talks about himself and how he’s changed. Like Sonic he’s a smooth talker when he wants to be and even tells Fiona that he secretly hates Rouge and wants to dump her. Secretly, Scourge wants to hurt Sonic so what better way than try to steal his girlfriend. He knows it won’t be an easy task so he takes it slow. Fiona knows she shouldn’t trust him and keeps her distance. At this point in time people are questioning Fiona’s past so she feels she shouldn’t report him because someone might just think it a bit odd. She rationalizes that it’s just a onetime encounter after all and no one needs to know.

    9-      Scourge stalks Fiona again and this time with Sleuth dog secretly in the background. Scourge brings Sleuth along and lies to him, telling Sleuth he’s seeing Sonic’s girlfriend behind Sonic’s back. Fiona gets annoyed with Scourge’s presence again but once again doesn’t report him because now she’s seen him twice and there would be even more questions. Scourge once again uses the topic of Rouge and tells Fiona about made up stories of stupid stuff she has done and Fiona listens because who wouldn’t want to hear gossip about your rival. But she still doesn’t trust him and in the end and she leaves. Sleuth, who doesn’t hear the actual conversation, sees this discussion as proof Fiona is cheating on Sonic with Scourge (especially since Scourge gets a small visual laugh/smile out of Fiona about the Rouge gossip). After all, Sleuth wants to believe this to be true because he wants to hurt Sonic too.

    10-      Issue 165 and Fiona confesses to her criminal past to help put Rouge in custody, but it really tears Fiona up inside because she thought she left that life behind her. Scourge shows up and Fiona is blackmailed into an agreement with Sleuth Dog as she is caught off guard as to how Sleuth knows about her meeting with Scourge and can’t explain it. Sonic gives her the look of distrust. Tails doesn’t say anything because he’s unsure himself.
165 Sleuth Dog - you call me traitor by FoxAfflictionFrom #165 (Where Sleuth Dog calls Fiona a traitor)

    11-   Fiona seeks time alone again and spirals deeper into depression because of the distrust from Sonic. Scourge shows up again but this time he tells her about how Sonic saved the princess (#156). Scourge asks Fiona if Sonic would save her the same way, this re-ignites Fiona’s thoughts about abandonment by Sonic. Fiona, like a lot of girls, wants the fairy tale ending with the hero. She feels her fairy tale ending slipping away and feels its Sonic’s fault for because they never kiss anymore. Scourge says things like, “The dude is more into being a hero than into you. Can’t you see it?”  Scourge tells Fiona how special she is and that if they were a couple they would go super, Fiona thinks the idea is crazy but the idea of changing oneself is appealing as her current situation is spiraling with the distrust in the already stalled relationship and her past coming back to haunt her. She tries to keep her feelings in and just avoids Sonic.

    12-   Issue 172 - Fiona runs into Amy, who has always looked at her relationship with Sonic with envious eyes. Amy accuses her of infidelity and it annoys Fiona that this brat is about to make her accidental secret public. Can you imagine the humiliation that you were found out by Sonic’s wannabe girlfriend? So she toys with Amy.

172 Amy confronts Fiona 2 by FoxAffliction172 Amy confronts Fiona 3 by FoxAffliction

Then Sonic himself comes in and starts to grill her on trust and their relationship. She gets mad as the whole thing about her past and their relationship is falling apart and crashing around her. Then Scourge shows up and Fiona knows she’s just screwed. She does what a lot of people do during a break up, they go nuclear without any thought to what the aftermath will be of what they do. She does whatever she can to hurt the one she sees now as causing the relationship to fail and that someone is Sonic. In the end Fiona runs away with Scourge and finds out he is working for Finitevus. She stays with them because she knows she’s now a traitor and secretly wonders if there is a way she could change like Scourge… change by going super. I felt that would at least be something for personal motivation as the writers gave her nothing, nothing but “she likes bad boys”. That’s a horrible motivation and basically says she is stupid. While I might be persuaded to think Fiona could be fooled for a little while her relationship with Scourge would never last.


While this isn’t the greatest story it at least attempts to explain Fiona’s betrayal in a more mutual failure on both Sonic and Fiona’s part, not to mention Scourge’s involvement. Please don't take what I'm doing here as defending the betrayal story at all. I'm just trying to work within it to continue it on how I see it would play out. I understand the writers wanted to bring Sally back to Sonic’s side and give Scourge a girl but did they have to do it this way? They could have just easily broke Sonic and Fiona up and Sally moves back in. And as for Scourge's girl, why not invent one? Is it really that hard? FionaXScourge really makes no sense, the guy is such a douchebag that people refer to him that way constantly. 


We know Sonic doesn’t really love Fiona like Sally

  171 where is Fiona 3 by FoxAffliction
(from #171) That’s not something you say about someone you really care about and basically foreshadows the big fight Sonic has with Tails about Fiona in #179

 179 Sonic confession by FoxAffliction
(from #179) I know a lot of people really didn’t like these issues and rightly so. It’s a very bad look for Sonic. So Sonic confesses and is exonerated because after all he is the hero.

Oh man this journal is ridiculously long...

I’m not Anti-Archie, for the most part the comic is good, I just think they did a real bad job with Fiona only because the writers put so little effort into her turning to the dark side. At least Geoffrey St. John got a backstory of a trial for his betrayal. I really hope the writers didn’t do this because she’s a girl, I know it’s a boy oriented comic but it has a huge female following.

For the record I don’t hate Scourge, I just don’t see Fiona running away with him. Of course if you make a comic where Fiona turns all evil like the writers did well I guess I can’t argue with anyone who says they can see it happening that way or they may even like the comic. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about it. Once again, if you like FionaXScourge that’s fine with me, it’s a big universe with plenty of room for all of us.

I also must confess a part of me does like the bad ass mentality Fiona has gained. However the flip flop was executed so badly once you peeled back the first layer and actually started looking where the footnotes led you. If you are going to brutalize a longtime character like this at least put more effort into it. It’s like the writers didn’t think she was worth it and if the writers don’t think a character is worth it why should we think any of their other characters are worth it? Does Fiona make a good villain? Of course she does, but it’s how they did it and who they had her run off with that was such a misjustice to her character. Then the arc ended and nothing else happened, I really wished they finished it.  I found it sad that Fiona will spend the rest of eternity stuck with Scourge with no resolution.

So in conclusion anyone coming across this DA account in some future time and wonders what was the madness behind these stories. This is basically it: I thought the writers did a horrible disservice to a character who started life with some major issues happening to her and then makes it all the way to become something special. Then she just throws it all away for a bad boy for no rhyme or reason? I guess I just had to fulfill that reason and give it a better ending.

So if I haven’t lost you already with this long winded journal, please enjoy the stories I wrote if you wish to read them.


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