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3D Box - Template

This is a Photoshop template, using so called "smart objects". It is easy to replace the front, side and top of the box with other graphics. You need Photoshop CS or CS 2!

- Select a layer you want ro replace (front, top, side)
- Open menu: Layer > Smart Objects > Edit Content
- Replace the graphic with your own file (with copy/paste), close it and save it

Let me know, if you use it :-) It is free for private and non-profit use. For commercial use please contact me.

Update 2006-06-14:
- shadows now working for all background colors
- comments added
© 2006 - 2021 Fox82
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can someone tell me what is this and how is work
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Will it work in CS5?
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They are usually backwards compatible, so yes, it will :3
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Thank you for this very ingenious little program
I've been trying to customize smart objects as templates and am havign no luck perhaps a tutorial on how to do somethign would be helpful.
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thanxxxxxxxxx :)
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This is awesome! Thanks!
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great template
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can i use it in photoshop cs3 to?
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Really cool... works like a dream!!
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it's really useful. thaks a lot.
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wooow... very resourcefull... :)

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wooow... very resourcefull... :)

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wow... This is awesome. I tested it, and there are a few things I would prefer to be different, maybe you should make a tutorial on those "smart objects" but you might've already, I still haven't mastered the vector objects in photoshop.

I'm gonna go check your gallery now.
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thanks. there is not much to say about smart objects... they are layers with some extra features an limitations:
-disort only as parallelogram, you can't move one corner
-stretching, rotating for several times does not affect the image quality
-you can always change the source image and it will changed in it transformed state

create a smart object layer: layer > smart object >group into new smart object
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Wow...That easy?That pretty cool consider I wanted a box that was at a slightly different angle.
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thanx for that.would be useful.
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500 downloads... thanks for this first comment :)
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yea u're right :)
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