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The Mabon, the Son/Sun and the Modron, the Mother, in the Celtic theology.

I am submitting this piece into *mizzd-stock's All The Colours Contest, *EarthyBeginnings' Goddess/God Contest and ~Pagan-And-Proud's Mabon Contest.

All the Colours: I chose goldish/brownish colours, because of the harvest/grain connection Mabon has.
God/Goddess: Mabon is a Celtic Harvest Son/Sun god. Modron is the Mother/Bride. (Celtic theology is big on archetypes) ... Quick story: At Winter Solstice, the Mother Goddess gives birth to the Sun God, and either dies in childbirth or is ill, and rests for a while. The Maiden Goddess takes over and raises the child and cares for him and teaches him. In the summer, he is a man, and he and the Goddess marry, and she becomes pregnant. The God dies at Autumn Equinox (also called Mabon), and the Goddess gives birth at Winter Solstice ... and so on ...
Mabon: A God/Goddess contest with a harvest theme. The Mabon is a major harvest god of the Celts.
I originally began creating this simply for the Mabon contest. I knew I wanted *mizzd-stock for the mother/Modron, and I was looking for a slightly older child/young teenager to be the Son/Sun, because it felt right. But then I saw this boy, cupping his hands and looking very excited about what he was holding, and that was the inspiration for this entire piece. The whole thing fell together, including the idea to kill three birds with one stone, and enter this into three contests.

*mizzd-stock: the Modron
*flaviacabral: the Mabon
~SilvieT-Stock: Sun
~AutumnsGoddess-stox: Texture
The background was created from three images found at Growing, Reaping, Harvesting

Mega thanks to all stock providers and contest hosts! You rock my world.

About 5 hours (I kept rough track this time! woot!) in PS6. The first part, the Modron/Mabon part was originally 2750x2000px, as I didn't need a background. The figure stocks complemented each other well: I didn't need to resize either one to make them look the right sizes. The background ended up being 5576x4237px, and I needed to shrink that by quite a bit. There were 26 layers when I was finished.
Please full view, it's worth it.

edit: This recently got featured in MABON & FEATURE news article by ~MoonDaughters. How awesome! (Thank you, guys!) Check it out, there's awesome art there!
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I used this image in a discussion about the holiday Mabon in my cult, TheMagickCircle, on VampireFreaks.
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so beautiful, featured in my journal:[link]
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Well Done! Beautiful color, design and composition.=)
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This is so beautiful, I love the story of Modron. It's especially neat since the Winter Solstice is coming up. I love the idea that from death and darkness, light and life are born once more.
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Hey, thanks! You seem pretty cool, I think I'll be checking out your gallery ...
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ooo, gives me goose bumps! this is sooo cool, you've captured the childlike wonder of Mabon so well, I was looking for his rebirthing aspect on DA, and this comes close
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Wow! I'm so glad my piece inspired goose bumps!
Thank you, you've made my day!
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We have featured this beautiful work in our news article [link]
If you want to support the article please fav it.
If for some reason you don´t want to be featured please only note us.
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Oh, thanks so much for featuring me! You have no idea how flattering that is! I favorited the article, and glanced through it quickly. When I have more time, I'll read and probably comment.
Thank you!

Goddess Bless!
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thank you for this masterpiece. I will marry my fianceé this year on the Mabon celebration in vein of asatruan ritual. Have a nice day and thanks for enlightening mine one.
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Hey, congrats on the marrying! (Hmm, an Asatruan marriage should be fun/interesting!)

And, Thank you! I'm very glad you like my piece!
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You've done a wonderful job!

Blessed Be~
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I remember reading a story somewhere where he was trapped in a castle under the water of a lake. That is kind of how I imagined him and the castle - full of flickering rivers of energy....
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Oooh, cool!
I'm glad I was able to remind you of something cool like that.
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Okay, this is really awesome. However... the back of her head... a little too cutty/pasty. Other than that, this is a beautiful piece of art! You are a wonderful artist!
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Thanks so much. Especially for the cutty-pasty. That's not actually what it is, either. I gave her very dark shadows on a separate layer (so I can get rid of them or change them later if I need to), and then when I transfered the Mabon/Modron part to the background, it didn't come out placed the way it should, it pasted in the denter. So I had to move everything. And somewhow, the shadow didn't align perfectly. I'll go play with it more, because I don't want it to look that way, but I'm not sure how much good it will do.
Thanks for pointing it out, though.
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hehe, no problem! I normally wouldn't have pointed something like that out, but you're getting SO good at these manips, and I figured that it would do you a disservice at this point to NOT tell you how to improve, etc. So thanks for the thanks!

Oh, and have you heard The Decemberists? I have a BIG thing for them now, and I think you'd enjoy the tunes too. Lemme know if you're interested and I can send you some MP3s. :)
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Oh, you're so sweet!
I have not heard of the Decemberists. Are they good? Maybe you should send me one or two ...
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They are damn good. I'll have to make sure to send you some when I have the time.
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