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July 1, 2011
Suggester's words: Wacom Starter's Guide 2011 by `fox-orian is wonderful! Helpful, pleasing to the eye, and totally thorough--It is a total life safer to the tablet curious.
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Wacom Starter's Guide 2011

Edit: This is old and obsolete knowledge. Now we all god iPad Pros, Surface Pros, Wacom is scrambling to stay competitive...
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JatZio's avatar
Nice guides!
Apostle-of-Dawn's avatar
You don't know how much helpful your articles are for a newbie like me... thanks a lot.. :)
PrettySkitty16's avatar
I just got a tablet to replace my older one, but now I have an issue where I cannot get the strokes smoothe again and no one really is answering the issue I have. I have the intuos pro medium .
SyazzzOneniy's avatar
Thank you sir, this is very obliging!
Amacdesigns's avatar
awesome! great tutorial
Mayeru's avatar
Wait, in that case, which tablet PCs do you recomend now?
Corgbyte's avatar
I'm moving from a Bamboo to Intuos pro at X-mas :D My bamboo only costed 40 GBP and getting a 150 GBP tablet 
SAR500's avatar
Thankyou for a very informative and useful tutorial, this has enlightened me thankyou very much :) (Smile) =P (Razz) 
Origamimacaron's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial! I've been thinking about buying a wacom for a while, and this is the perfect guide! 
LucidKitsune's avatar
While outdated, I think this still contains a lot of useful information! I'm about to purchase my first Cintiq after using the regular ol' Intuos for years. There is a lot of useful information in here that I did not know I didn't know. Thanks for this, even if technology has outgrown it now! :D
OmarArRTs's avatar
What program should I use?
Laugh-Butts's avatar
drion4's avatar
Thank you. I've been struggling with these till now. Please continue making such helpful infographics.
AffinityShy's avatar
Thanks for making such a detailed, in-depth tutorial! This will help me streamline my workflow so I can focus on drawing and painting - the fun stuff - rather than doing everything the painstakingly slow and difficult way that I'm, unfortunately, used to.
grenader1's avatar
Great tutorial!
sweetlacie's avatar
yes it's out of date but still is useful! :DDDD thank you!
Flightx's avatar
Anadia-Chan's avatar
This is great, thank you.  I made the first mistake you listed, about buying a professional tablet with no experience whatsoever.  I ended up spending my entire summer's pay on a cintiq (the 22hd one . . .).  I felt like a complete idiot at first, but luckily I'm serious enough about art and I LOVE using it.  Still learning, but it's going great and this is very helpful. :)
xobybr's avatar
i love you for making this guide. i got an intuos pro small for my birthday and i have used tablets a little bit in the past but this guide has been so helpful. thank you so so much!!!
NADreamer's avatar
I had a really hard time getting my head around layers but I think I finally understand their importance and how to use them to my advantage so thank you. Also I will keep your advice on drawing and painting in mind when I get my tablet soon.

Thanks again for this guide. :thanks:
AzaSket's avatar
Thanks for sharing!
BlackFlyBird's avatar
Thank's so much!!
Really helpful 
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