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August 19, 2008
Wacom Photoshop+Painter Guide by =fox-orian is designed specifically to give new Wacom artists the information they need to jump right into getting the most out of their tablets.
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Wacom Photoshop Painter Guide

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chani14's avatar
Can Wacom tablet can be used in paint tool sai
shinakazami1's avatar
Tablets aren't just for Photoshop, so fell free to use it!
chani14's avatar
Oh thank you so much~!^U^
shinakazami1's avatar
No problem :> Hope I helped
whitneymorris's avatar
I just started using a tablet and I'm having a strange issue! My lines aren't tapering off to a point like they should. If you look at this sketch I did recently(, it's really obvious in the hair strokes. The ends look like nibs. I don't get what I'm doing wrong. Someone please help. ;.;
Anyone have negative feedback on Intous Pro for Mac?
AliceSacco's avatar
I didn't know that, I always forced myself to work with 33% zoom because I though it would increase my hand-eye coordination. Maybe is this the reason that make me improve in one week at the start and then after one year I'm still not use with graphic tablet (even if I can navigate easily on the web with the pen)
Daantjo's avatar
Thanks i love your guide! Im planning on buying a wacom intuos pro small version soon (first tablet) and i hope i will enjoy it, thanks for the recommendation anyhow haha!
mariam-mahrous's avatar
i would like to thank you for being awesome :D
Eredien's avatar
This is a fantastic tutorial and just what I was looking for. Thanks so much!
ArtistWarriorz's avatar
I'm so grateful for this. thank you!
dtgray12's avatar
I love your tutorial. Until now I could never paint or color in photoshop.
Biapaws's avatar
You are amazing, I cant wait to try out all of your tutorials, thankyou very much ^-^
babzcraig's avatar
really helpful. just got a tab yesterday and I've used the info here to set up. Thanks dude
fox-orian's avatar
You may want to check the updated version of this tutorial in my gallery as well. It contains some valuable information for newer tablets and operating systems like Windows 7.
Sunnygo101's avatar
Thank you, I just got my tablet today so this was very helpful! :)
POSEIdOON's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial! I actually like to use both programs, but i prefer painter :)
Merry Christmas.
gorch's avatar
123satsuke's avatar
I love this.. Thanks so much! Thanks a billion!!
what is best way to switch back and forth between phoshop and painter?
ShillMynara's avatar
thx for info, very helpful source. im mouse artist and still in considering phase if i wanna buy a tablet :p
MajorasWaker's avatar
Very handy guide, many thanks!
EclipsiumRasa's avatar
This is very helpful, thank for making this! :)
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