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Settling In

By fox-orian
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Here we have a concept of where Maia lives.

After a few days of moving in, she's still trying to get settled. The majority of the space is empty, as she has very little to fill it with. Some of her utilities aren't connected yet, so the TV doesn't even work. She's too new and culture shocked to go wandering outside to explore her new neighborhood. So... she just sits and thinks to herself.

Maia's apartment used to be a greenhouse on the roof of the building. Years before, no one was using it anymore, so the landlord butchered it and converted it into a livable space for rent. It explains the very open living room where the walls and ceiling are glass, the odd ventilation, and the air misting sprinklers still in the ceiling.

The steep stairwell closest to us is the entrance/exit. Those stairs lead down to the roof on the third floor [seen in on page 5 linked above,] where Maia must use an emergency stairwell on the side of the building to get to the street level.

Bedroom through the door in the far back, kitchen through to the left, and the bathroom is the door on the left close to us.
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Great architecture, man! Beautiful!Clap 
shadowedstar213's avatar
This is amazing! Your process shot pages don't seem to work anymore, so I was wondering if you draw these backgrounds all by hand, or start with a 3D model, or what? I'm curious about your work process. I love your work!
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i just love your little scene works. inspirational for home designs.
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Is this all freehand?  Did it start as a pencil sketch and then scanned and colored in PS?   I love this piece.  Very well done.
Kl4pp5tuhl's avatar
For a moment I though these are Mirrors Edge 2 concepts!
Tailed-Fox's avatar
This is probably my favourite illustration of yours. I've been trying to work it out, though - is this in 3 point or 2 point perspective (or did you kinda just make it up as you went along?) :D
fox-orian's avatar
It's 100% normal 3 point perspective :)
Tailed-Fox's avatar
Awesome - something I need to get around to having a go at. Thanks for the help :)
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your coloring is phenomenal 
bink5501's avatar
His work does feel like you're in another world.  I totally agree..
OsmiumMachine's avatar
His architecture skills is even BETTER! I look at all his drawings and I feel like I'm in another world.
PonponPL's avatar
It's so detailed!  Wonderful! I love it! *q*
tomytieneblas74's avatar
Cool ! I could imagine this being my bachelour pad in a few years !
android272's avatar
You did a really nice job on the shadows.
stealthyninja21's avatar
man, nice line, nice coloring especially on window panes. and i like the story behind it.
Amor13's avatar
I agree with endgameRO, I definitely would like to live in a place designed by you
fridouw's avatar
You're an amazing artist.
dynsen's avatar
Great shot!so crisp
endgameRO's avatar
This looks awesome. Man I would totally want to live in an apartment designed by you. :))
K8r-t0t's avatar
I LOVE the dirty windows. It's just a little extra that really made the whole thing real!
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