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Quick Lighting, Fox's Way

[Edit 2020] This isn't really good advice in hindsight lol
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Thank you. I'm still using this tutorial even now!
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i love you for posting this!! thank you so much C:
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Did the tutorial. Really love it. The in deep understanding of light really makes life easier.
Here's my result. A little bit goofy. Not used to working trough adjustment layers.
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Man this is super useful!! Thanks for posting C:
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ohhhh... shadow = absence of light, not inclusion of darknessssss!!!
i think something just happened in my brain... like, learning or something.. heh.
thanks for sharing this!!
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very usefull trick ! :D
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Never though of doing shadows like this, thanks!
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This is so cool! Thanks for sharing :D
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Fantastic tutorial and thank you for recommending Power Nap in your tumblr :D
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i bet you good at lighting in say maya or 3ds max :)
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This is so fantastic, thank you so much!:heart:
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Thanks for sharing!
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It blew my miind!
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Hahaha, I love the "NOW GET TO WORK" part of the tutorial! :D
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this makes it almost sound easy... :D
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Thank you very much for the tuts!
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I never thought about drawing in perspective... digitally. I imagine it's easier, too. Damn. Why didn't I think about iiiittt. Eugh. Awesome tutorial. I'm going to have to try this.
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wow, really nice tutorial :love:
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Thanks for that Fox-Orian :D i'll use that the next time i do some colouring :). i¡I wish i had time to complete my colouring on your LineArt :(
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