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Perspective + Composition Pt.2

EDIT 12.2013: I am now teaching a SkillShare class all about the subject of perspective and giving your illustrations dimension!

Edit 01.2013:
 - This tutorial is a bit old by now and my understanding of perspective has developed quite a bit over the years. After giving this a re-read, most of information here is still sound and makes sense. However, I'd like to point out in particular that the section labelled as "Objects with Unique Vanishing Points" is a bit off. I don't think the concept is wrong, but I do think it's both written and presented wrong. Still, what's talked about in this section is something I never do in my own work, because once you've mastered 1, 2, and 3 point perspective, you should be able to draw objects that conform to different vanishing points completely on intuition alone.


New to this tutorial? Check out part 1!

- Perspective & Composition Part 1 -

Value is important to an image! Check out some of my work in grayscale to see examples of value studies:…

Part 2 of Perspective & Composition. Part 2 is PURELY about the aspects and theories of composition in art and how YOU can make better work with them. Due to this fact, this tutorial has a LOT of writing in it, and a lot of reading, and less "step-by-step" technical examples. You can think of this as more of a free lecture on the subject.

While the subject covered in this tutorial may not be as interesting as Part 1 where you learned the technical aspects of drawing perspective, REMEMBER THAT COMPOSITION AND CRITICAL THINKING ARE IMPORTANT SKILLS THAT ALL ARTISTS MUST BE FAMILIAR WITH.

I will repeat that.


Give it a read, you could end up thinking about how you approach your next work a little differently.

Special thanks to !windlab for giving me a complete proof-read on the tutorial.
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This is so helpful <3
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This is exactly what I needed.
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this is such a great effort , thank you !!!
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really great thanks a lot
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I'm just gonna say that whenever I "murdered my darling", I learned something new about drawing.
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very insightful, this will definitely  help me improve my drawings :)
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Thank you for the tip.
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this is simply brilliant! much appreciated.. thank you!
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Thanks for the article, will help me with my composition I think. Love the 1/3 grid trick, and the explanation on the foreground was good i realised i never put foregrounds and its a big miss!! Pretty good reading I had there thanks again!!
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what a great tutorial! it's easy to read and really helpful, and the images illustrate the concepts you're talking about very well. now i feel inspired to draw more scenes xD
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Thanks for putting this together.
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I think this series of tutorials is really good! COngratulations!
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Loved both tutoriols. Thanks for sharing!
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Again, thank you for taking time to create these wonderful tutorials!
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Such an amazing tutorial, extremely helpful as well!
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Awesome tutorial!
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wheres part III?
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It's in my gallery. But it was never fully finished because it's too complex to explain in one of these tutorials. Also it was waaay to time consuming to talk about at the time I was making it.
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I feel like this helped me improve by leaps and bounds. Thank you <3 <3 <3 
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Best tutorial I ever saw on deviantART!
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i'm so bad at this thank's for sharing :) 

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Just Pure AWESOMEness !!!
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