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Perspective + Composition Pt.1

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EDIT 12.2013: I am now teaching a SkillShare class all about the subject of perspective and giving your illustrations dimension!

Edit 01.2013:
- This tutorial is a bit old by now and my understanding of perspective has developed quite a bit over the years. After giving this a re-read, most of information here is still sound and makes sense. However, I'd like to point out in particular that the section labelled as "Objects with Unique Vanishing Points" is a bit off. I don't think the concept is wrong, but I do think it's both written and presented wrong. Still, what's talked about in this section is something I never do in my own work, because once you've mastered 1, 2, and 3 point perspective, you should be able to draw objects that conform to different vanishing points completely on intuition alone.

------------------------------------------- [end edit]

Part 2 of this tutorial now available!
- Perspective & Compostition Part 2 -

View my other tutorials here:…


This is part one of a potentially two or three part tutorial series all about compositional theory, perspective, and how it all comes all together to allow you to make totally kickass pictures.

In part one we look at all three types of linear perspective with dedicated step-by-step examples and LOTS of advice to read. I hope you guys really get something out of it! The information covered in this is equivalent to what they actually teach you in just about any art college/institute. 'Cept this is free.

Special Thanks: !windlab for helping me proof read this monster. It's now typo and grammar error free!
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MayeruHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the tutorial! : ) perspective is always hard to get but these tips will come very handy. 
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ThystynHobbyist General Artist
The last section on triangulation was an 'ahhh'  moment for me.  So that's how you do it!  Thank you :)
DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
Very  beautiful.
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pelcogoHobbyist Digital Artist
This biggest problem I have is I can never tell where I should put the horizon line and how far apart I need to put my vanishing points for 2 and 3 point perspective.
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erineclairHobbyist General Artist
this is a great tutorial! jampacked with info (i ain't even complaining!) i'm so excited to try this <3 
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So helpful! I could have used something like this a couple of days ago.
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mmchavesProfessional Digital Artist
Great tutorial very helpful.
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Solana29Hobbyist General Artist
This is an awesome tutorial regarding perspective (my WEAKEST skill in art).  I loved how simplistic it was in the explanation and yet detailed.  Was easy to understand.  Thank you for sharing.  
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I have a question. How do I print this without it being too small and indecipherable?
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Man, u just saved my life, really, a holy light.
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AbysmalSecretsStudent General Artist
I have a question...
Whenever I look at drawings or photos of rooms, and short hallways and all the like, I always feel like there's a vanishing point or two that's on a random standard, rather than on a set axis. This usually goes for any point perspective picture. It just may be my brain confusing over the lines, however I believe I can also see it in some of your examples, where there aren't any grid lines for guidance.
Is it normal to use a vanishing point that's like an outlier compared to the others? Or are they always configured onto one axis?
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lichtsturm93Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you so much this is really helpful!!
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progressivelydianHobbyist Digital Artist
thank u very useful!
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SakuraofchaosStudent Digital Artist
fox-orian what program do you use?
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NeitheramHobbyist General Artist
Oh I tired to enroll in the skillshare class to see more. But it seems the class is no longer available... D: 
Is it going to be available on the future?? Or is there another way to get access to it?? 
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RSH26oct88Professional General Artist
This tutorials are great
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DeviantDanny2000Student Digital Artist
Thanks :)
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Alice319Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the tip~
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Dee-ArtistHobbyist General Artist
Really helpful tutorial.  Thank you! :)
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IceLawsHobbyist Digital Artist
Tremendous-By-Design's avatar
Tremendous-By-DesignHobbyist Digital Artist
So helpful.
But so much to do..;o;
WolfoftheDarkDepths's avatar
You have saved my life! Thanks for sharing such a helpful and simple tutorial. Now perspective doesn't feel so daunting. 
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thanks =)
ShinigamiRyuku's avatar
Amazing tutorial.
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