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March 19, 2009
Painting via Adjustment Layers by =fox-orian is an extensive tutorial that not only explains the uses of adjustment layers and masks in photoshop ,but will guide you through this flexible process of coloring your image with the ability and freedom to edit whenever you wish.
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Painting via Adjustment Layers

Updated description written in April 2013:
This is a funky tutorial I made back in the day before I learned how to paint with straight-up color. These days I'd recommend using these filters for COLOR CORRECTION ONLY, not painting an entire image with them like I do here in the tutorial. Still, the tutorial serves its purpose to introduce you to how powerfully helpful adjustment layers are.

Enjoy all the same!
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FrenchGentleman's avatar
That's incredibly smart, and useful. Thank you so much for sharing !

Bye !
RiseDarkMoon's avatar
you got the MOST amazing tutorials..I love you ,thanks for sharing
KandaHaruka's avatar
Would this work for Photoshop CS5?
Alice319's avatar
Thanks for the tip!
Thank you! Your tutorial was super helpful
IbugZ's avatar
Very helpful tutorial Thank u very much<3
Kamihanaki's avatar
My jaw hit the keyboard with this... this is incredibly helpful and informative. I'm new at photoshop, so a lot of tutorials kinda go over my head, but this one was right at my level (especially with that helpful 'basic' part at the beginning)
TamashiNoHana's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial >.< .. this really helps me!!
mitablue's avatar
Thanks so much for your GREAT tut <3
catna2012's avatar
This is the exact tut that I have been looking for for a long time! Thank you so much Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) 
IVbenjamin's avatar
I MUST TRY THIS!! thanks!
ShanghaiSlave's avatar
So this is how you get those vibrant, energetic scenes! damn. I salute you! 
fox-orian's avatar
I used to! Years ago. Today, I do straight-up, regular painting with color and pure color theory. The last time I used this coloring technique was like.... 2010 XD
ShanghaiSlave's avatar
lol. well it seems like a good starting point at least.
shiori2525's avatar
I just know there is a process like this from your tutorial. superb and very helpful. Thanks a lot
a3sthesia's avatar
AWEsome. love it. Thank you very much for sharing ^_^
Alleilin's avatar
This is very helpful! Thank you so much for this! The final image here looks fantastic.
andava's avatar
SealNap's avatar
you are an absolutely amazing artist with a very intuitive tutorial! :D
J4ne-d-C4t's avatar
I love you for making all those tutorials!:love:
mikokur's avatar
Very VERY helpful. I love how detailed this is, and how easy it is to read and follow. Thank you so much!
Pepisa's avatar
My lord, no wonder this became a Daily Deviation. I've learned so much from this!
piesn's avatar
This is such a helpful tutorial! Thanks!
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