P+C Pt.3 - For What its Worth
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I'm throwing in the towel on this one, guys.
Perspective & Composition Part 3 just proved to be too big of a beast to tackle in one go. The sheer scope of what has to be covered in lighting, how it works, shadows, how they work, and how to effectively use them in a scene is just too much to handle. What I got done is what you see here.

It may not be incredibly useful information, but it may still be a little enlightening to some.

Sorry that it never got finished, guys. I'd recommend looking up books on the subject and possibly doing a lot of your own field research by looking -- REALLY looking -- and playing with light to see how it works in relation to the small bit of information I have listed here.
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Aryia-Tskaha's avatar
Aryia-Tskaha|Hobbyist General Artist
Your tutorials are amazing! Very easy to follow, very clear. 

I hope you don't mind I'm adding multiple of your tutorials to the group Art-Education-Center :P

I'll probably join skillshare as well! :D <3
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RikkuShiraishi's avatar
The 3 tutorials are so usefull, thank you very much. It's evident that you put a lot of effort in them :)
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Mitsukai-Aka's avatar
Mitsukai-Aka|Professional Artisan Crafter
It's weird how you think you understand shadow and how it works, until you try to draw something. 
Thank you so much for this tutorial, even if it is technically incomplete. It cleared up a lot of questions I needed answers to. :) 
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Renmiou's avatar
Lots of interesting information, and thanks for noting down some things to look up to make our understanding more complete! I'm still hoping one day you'll make the complete thing (maybe in paid video format?), but I'm also pumped to do my own research with the groundwork done! Thanks!
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umbrella4c's avatar
this is helpful 
thanks so much ^^
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chrissyanaa's avatar
chrissyanaa|Professional Digital Artist
Even though it's incomplete, I find it veeery useful! Thank you very much! :D
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Cykiaaa's avatar
Your art really is the BEST one here in deviantart in my opinion... i think i still got 15 yrs. more to catch up to you....
i feel pathetic whenever i see your art :(
but i will never give up :3
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Ramani-Rayne's avatar
Even though you didn't "finish" it, I still found this helpful, and I think it has given me an idea of where to go with the lighting for a drawing idea I've had in my head for a bit. So thank you!
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Critical-Potential's avatar
Critical-Potential|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the tutorials you broken down perspective down to a T and made it very understanding thank you so much.
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Cr2O3's avatar
thanks for doing all the work
and for posting this anyway
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Velvetrose51012's avatar
Velvetrose51012|Student General Artist
thank you for the first two tutorials especially, this one is great as well, you may have thrown in the towel but you've got me looking for more :)

thank you x
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SxxN's avatar
SxxN|Professional General Artist
you're the god of perspective n composition on DA!

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bladepso's avatar
bladepso|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for taking the time to put this together
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BreIndigo's avatar
BreIndigo|Professional Digital Artist
Its like everything in the world makes sense now :iconmindblownplz: Thank you!
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fuegokid's avatar
fuegokid| Filmographer
Thank you for making this~
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skyramiel's avatar
Just a quick question:

Is there much difference between Spot light and Omni light?
I mean how their shadows affect them and stuffs...
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Kamui85's avatar
Maybe it was for the better, maybe this motivates us to keep investigating on our own, I’m extremely grateful none the less, and hey, if you do finish it one day, I’d love to finish reading it!
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Archiemonty's avatar
I don't see anything?, I found this thru a favorited by someone. BUT when I click on it to come here I don't find anything
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pentene's avatar
pentene|Hobbyist Digital Artist
For me, as someone who has still a long way to go, your tutorials are such a great help. I especially loved you series on perspective and composition and although I still haven't mastered all of it, I always try to use the things I learned whenever possible.

I faved all parts, and let me just say thank you for such comprehensive and well-written "tutorials" (in reality, your tutorials encompass whole art classes) that I often recommend to friends and acquaintances.

Thank you, fox-orian, and thank you for putting up the last part even though it is not finished. Even for something unfinished, there is a wealth of information.
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IVbenjamin's avatar
IVbenjamin|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is soooo detailed! why didnt this got a Daily Deviation?!
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UsayFudo's avatar
UsayFudo|Student General Artist
Very helpful :D
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Forta-Verity-Amity's avatar
Forta-Verity-Amity|Professional General Artist
Thank you for going as far as you did. These are things I've always thought were neat when I noticed them happening, but never really thought about when they weren't
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Suijin-Studios's avatar
I was wondering where part three was. It's too bad you couldn't finish it but that goes to show why light dynamics are one of the neo-banes of the modern day artist; it's too g-d complicated.

But this, as well as your other two perspective tutes, are hands down some of the most insightful and useful things on dA. Rest assured you effort is not in vain.
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Neoconvoy's avatar
Neoconvoy|Student General Artist

I'm doing some scenery and backgrounds, and this is really useful.
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