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February 15, 2010
SYNTHESIS - Now Arriving... by `fox-orian reminds of those wonderful days when you just set out to travel. The destination never seems important, what seems wonderful is the feeling and the enjoyment!
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Now Arriving

... at Aricee Hills South.

Maia [link] stepping off the train to her new neighborhood.

SYNTHESIS is an upcoming online graphic novel project!
See it at the website here:
[It's just a placeholder for now. It will launch soon!]

Influences: Boston MBTA, Tokyo Metro, Swedish graphic design.

Special Homage: Mirror's Edge for the much-needed influential boost it gave my work during late 2008. Marked by the runner's bag on the suitcase :) There was just something about the visual approach that game had that made me think differently about everything. It really helped pull me out of a huge artistic rut. So a big special thanks to DICE studios! [Also, the mark on Maia's arm isn't a reference to Mirror's Edge. This has been a part of Maia's design since about 2001. It's supposed to be a scannable QR code -- also visible here [link] . In the past year though, I've slowly phased out of drawing this from her design.] I'd also like to add, that though Mirror's Edge was an influence on me during this era of my work, not everything with a primary color scheme is automatically Mirror's Edge related. XD Prime real-world examples are IKEA and Legos, which are two other things I love!

Check out the process for the drawing of the image: [link]
[kind of a big image]

Also, see how this image was colored in a step by step process here: [link]

Wacom Cintiq 12WX
Adobe Photoshop CS3

*** "Now Arriving" has been awarded the BFA Juror's Award for the graduating class of 2009 in Illustration. It has been further selected to be hung in the university president's home gallery. [which is basically AIB's Hall of Fame.]

Yee! A DD! My first one on an actual artwork! XDD Thank you so much ~Brosa and everyone else who likes it!
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RazorbillAnimation's avatar

brings tears to my eyes how truly inspirational that game is, I couldn't agree more :shakefist:

SantanaCaviedes's avatar
Good choise of colors, very relaxing!
RamileGodon's avatar
Nice!Amazing!Beautiful exprecion!
RamileGodon's avatar
Nice!Amazing!Beautiful exprecion!
umlando's avatar
I love the way the light and color interact.
Laslo22's avatar
ohoh these light-shade-line I die
Stormrazor's avatar
This is beautiful :)
amedrops's avatar
Adore the atmosphere in this! :)
One-Percent's avatar
The details. The scratches on the ground, the adds, the lovely kid, the light and those wonderful colors.

I really love this so much! 
LovinaYavari's avatar
this is absolutely stunning! the colors, everything is so memorizing. Beautiful job! also congrats on the DD ^^ 
JJ-Was-Here's avatar
Man, I absolutely love this. It reminds me of the BART system back home.
Commander-jao's avatar
Really cool, I get a kind of mirrors edge vibe from it
SynaXs's avatar
not downloadable? damn, I'd like to use it as the background of my Galaxy SII :/
Kuki-chan7's avatar
White-Rose-Brian's avatar
I found this on Comics Alliance.  Impressive. 
otakubhogs's avatar
SonofZion-JLM's avatar
Flashed back to Black Mesa Reasearsh Facility for a second.
juantomajok's avatar
nice colors, man!
Circus-of-Dreams's avatar
Thank you for posting this and your process. It was inspiring to read the journal which references this breakthrough piece.
13wishes's avatar
Loving the mood! :D
HeroLoverFoolVillain's avatar
It feels like a great new beggining... of something... for some reason xD

It looks very pleasant and hopeful.

Both the lineart and the colouring are great but I think that the scene it self, as captured and expressed with much skill by yourself, are what make this work stand out.

+fav, congratz ^^
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