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LAB Color Mixing and You
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Published: July 20, 2011
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Unlike Perspective & Composition Part 3, however, here is a real tutorial today.

Ever wonder what LAB color sliders were in Photoshop? Here's a little bit of enlightenment to help you figure out what the hell they do.

A note about this tutorial: This is MIXING COLOR with LAB Sliders -- NOT speaking about the LAB Color Space which your open document can be converted to. You need special monitors that can show LAB color space -- something more useful to professional photographers. With LAB Sliders, you can use RGB and CMYK color space, both work just fine since we're using this for the purposes of choosing colors for painting/coloring -- NOT color correction.

Also: Adoption of the new "ORIANART" name. I believe I'm leaving the name Plastic Shards behind, soon.
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IvikN|Professional Digital Artist
Tnx that was valuable information. 
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V-Shane|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for this helpful tutorial. Only just getting into colour theory! Still battling on the whole 'colour changes with temperature'. RGB sliders are pretty intuitive when you get the swing of it, but really you gotta know whats going on under the hood of 'why' rather than 'how'.
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Catrojan|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Question! When do we know which type of shadow to use? 
In your example. It's a warm light with warm shadow on the walls. ( unless I mistaken white for a warm light instead if a cool light) when does cool shadow come into play? 
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Skaera|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not sure why I just started trying this two years after seeing this initially, but IT IS FUCKIN MAGIC. THANK YOU. SO MUCH.
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thank you!
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SaraV-Art|Student Digital Artist
I, personally, never liked the RGB sliders. I tried using Lab and felt confused so I developed around the HSB sliders. Thank for sharing this. I will give Lab another shot now that I understand it better and with the use of HSB the possibilities are endless =D
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Very helpful.Thank you very much!
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Thrangisthered|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've never really looked at the LAB setting before, but wow. It seems like a great deal of untapped potential and actually helps puts some color theory concepts into perspective. Thanks for this. :)
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Freedom-the-batxD|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your tutorials help me more and more every day. thanks a bunch. :clap: ^u^
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thx finaly i hacket "the lab"
ps: is this legal?
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Thanks for the information!
I'll admit, I'm more interested in the CIE Lab color space because some papers in the Cognitive Sciences literature report stimuli colors in Lab coordinates for some experiments. Although this wasn't exactly geared towards someone with my interests, your explanation did give me some new insights into the Lab color space. Thank you very much for that!
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Very informative, thank you.
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kyle-culver|Professional Filmographer
very useful! Thank you!
(just tweeted it. hah)
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Yon-kitty|Student General Artist
can I marry you?
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UsayFudo|Student General Artist
Awesome :D
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Thank You For This AWESOME and MARVELOUS Tutotrial!!! Thank You Master!!! You Help Me Very MUCH!!! ThankYouThankYouThankYou!!!!!
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Riftcat|Hobbyist Writer
Hope you don't mind the favspamming. ;)
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sandipboral|Hobbyist Digital Artist
awesome tutorial thanks
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Thanks for the great tutorials.
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This is interesting. I've never thought to touch these sliders, since I was so comfortable in HSB and didn't even know what LAB stood for. Thanks for explaining it so well and giving painters a reason to try it! :D
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lalocoon|Hobbyist General Artist
"Unlike Perspective & Composition Part 3. Today's lesson: LAB"
Each one of those tutorials are just great... belive it or not I'm learning a lot of color tricks with them... Thanx a lot.
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DangerPins|Professional Digital Artist
I honestly had no clue what Lab was for. Thank you for posting! :)
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Azzen|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Immensely helpful for what the letters actually stand for. Thanks!
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but change is good ^^
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